The Colors of My World


The colors of my world,

have become so much brighter,

since the winter snows melted away.

Out of the gray, white world came colors,

as spring came dancing along.

The skies turned into a brilliant blue

and cloud in many sizes and shapes,

came sailing along.

Everywhere it’s a joy –

to look all about,

with crocuses of blue

and tulips of red.

Birds singing in chorus,

my heart feels so light

and my mood’s alright.

The colors of my world,

have sent the gray

and dreary days away.

Sunlight, like shining diamond ripples,

upon the river,

ducks and gulls,

content and happy –

dancing upon the waves.

Rafts of ice heading for the sea,

suddenly the world –

has become like a fantasy.

My smile so very bright,

rejoicing each and every day,

in the colors of my world.

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That Smiling Picture of You

me yellow rose

I have a smiling picture of you –

That makes me feel happy,

any time I’m blue.

It makes me smile,

when you are not near,

because to me you are so dear.

I have a smiling picture of you –

that keeps me company,

when you are far away.

I fall asleep gazing at your face

and then in my dreams,

you come to me.

All I have to do is look at –

that smiling picture of you.

How much joy can one photo bring,

no one could imagine,

but there is something –

about a smiling picture

of the one you love.

It just sort of brightens each day

and reminds me of the smiles we share,

whenever you are near.

So thank you for giving it to me

and I will treasure it always.

There can never be anything more precious –

than that smiling picture of you.

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A Poet and a Painter

Cyprus 29.10 - 11.11.07 369

As a poet walked along the sea shore,

he admired the rolling waves

and how the sun reflected upon the water.

The poet came upon a painter,

who, was staring out to sea.

He said to him,

how great it would be –

to paint what I see.

The painter answered –

you and I are very alike.

You paint with your words

and I with my hands.

The poet very much surprised

and sat down beside him.

Then the painter told him to speak.

The poet spoke of sunrises and sunsets.

He spoke of rolling seas and majestic mountains,

and of the wonder of nature.

The painter painted,

inspired by the poetic words.

When the afternoon was done,

the painter put his brush down.

Then the poet saw, that his words

had turned to color.

He saw a mountain, the sun shining upon the sea

and the sky a brilliant blue

and in awe and amazement,

he thanked the painter,

for he had shown him how alike they were.

When inspired the poet painted a picture with words

and the painter with colors upon an easel.

They shook hands

for the partnership they had found

and the friendship they had gained.

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When the Angels Came

Summer 2012 007

The day that you went away,

when the angels came

and left me behind.

All the world cried that day

and the rains came pouring down.

Never thought I’d see another rainbow

in the dark and windy sky.

My love, you didn’t leave me behind,

though heavens portals are closed to me.

Someday open they’ll be,

so for now stay by my side.

Happy together in memory we’ll be.

I know you are not far away

and the angel choruses

sing high above.

They sing for you and for me,

they sing for our love,

that continues to blossom and grow.

For we are still one, you and I.

We have a love for all eternity.

Come to me in the dark of night

and sit by my side.

Hold my hand and let me feel you near.

For you are still to me so dear.

Bring on the rainbows,

bring on the sun in the sky.

I know when the nighttime comes,

you and I will walk side by side

beneath the glittering night sky

and content I’ll be,

even though, you are not on this earth with me.

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To Be a Wave upon the Ocean or Sea


To be a wave upon the ocean or sea

part of the eternal scheme of things.

To see distant shores,

in far away and foreign lands


To be a wave upon the ocean or sea

dancing with dolphins that jump up from the deep.

Being one with the creatures beneath the waves

living so free and wild.


To be a wave upon the ocean or sea

simply living carefree.

Here today and gone tomorrow,

washing upon a thousand beaches


To be a part of the drama of violent storms

as lighting strikes and waves crash.

Until finally spent lazing against the shore

of some private cove.


To be a wave upon the ocean or sea

never knowing what tomorrow will bring.

Shining like a diamond under the sun,

steely gray under stormy skies above


To be a wave upon the ocean or sea

and see magical castles upon tall cliffs.

Mysterious lighthouses on remote islands

that send their beams far into the night.


To be a wave upon the ocean or sea always on the move,

a part of the secrets and many treasures,

that the deep holds in its grasp

and see the mighty ships go sailing by.


To be a wave upon the ocean or sea

and be one with eternity.

As time goes flowing by

the beauty of white-capped waves remains.

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Purple Twilight


Purple twilight come take me

and embrace me in my melancholy world.

Let me in my solitude

reflect on days past.


Purple twilight is the color of my soul

when my world has gone black and white.

It then seems I’m searching

for the smiles I left behind.


Purple twilight is the color of my sky

when I’m lost among my memories.

Wandering through lost dreams

and wondering if it’s reality or fantasy.


Purple twilight don’t leave me

wandering too long in a tear-misted forest.

Let me find my way back

to the sunny days once more.


Purple twilight you make me cry.

Please let me go

and smile once more,

dancing beneath the sun.


Purple twilight you’re no friend of mine.

You make me frown

and turn my bright days dark,

making tears fall.


So purple twilight I will break away from you.

Find the peace  I seek and

let love warm my heart,

leaving you far behind once more.


Purple twilight you’re no friend of mine

for you make me long for what I cannot have.

Remember that which I’ve stored away

in my heart just for a rainy day.


Purple twilight I’m starting to smile

as my tears dry one by one.

You’re fading away like you should

and I see the rainbow overhead.


Purple twilight

the stormy clouds have all rolled away.

Doing the happy dance again and the silvery moonlight

now reflects upon my joy.


Purple twilight, I’ve replaced you

with brighter colors of a different hue,

No longer am I feeling any pain,

my smile is now as bright as the sun after the rain.

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Our Hearts as One

Cool Riga Pics 136

In the cold of winter,

when your heart is beating against my heart.

The winter chill

creeps right back over the windowsill.


On frosty winter mornings

it’s thoughts of your love

that keep me feeling toasty warm.

Until you’re back in my arms once more.


When the snows have all melted

and the spring rains come

each raindrop that beats against my windowpane

reminds me of you.


The skies suddenly clear up

as a rainbow bridge stretches across.

Shimmering and glittering raindrops

make me think of the love glowing in your eyes.


Then as nature comes alive

so does our love revive.

As we walk hand in hand,

refreshed by the spring rains.


Together once more,

we’ll sing in the summer.

You and I by the sea

under the golden summer sun.


Heart to heart,

hand in hand,

together our footprints

follow along with us on the sand.


Wild flowers in the meadows

nod their heads in greeting

as the autumn winds

come blowing in.


As we go on

loving one another,

each new season

give us another reason to celebrate.


The special love we share,

so even when the winter returns

we will cuddle together

by the glow of scented candlelight.


Once more we’ll hibernate till spring.


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