Little Red Riding Hood


She was all grown-up now

and they called her Red.

Grandma was a spry ninety-one

and had left the cottage in the woods.

Even though the forest wasn’t far,

Red and grandma,

lived in a condo,

by the sea.

There were times,

when Red longed for the old days.

The walks in the forest

and grandma’s cottage in the glen.

Lounging by the sea,

watching the seagulls at play.

Red and grandma soaking up the sun –

watching the shimmering waves.

Red was lost in thought,

she longed to see the forest once more.

But grandma said that nowadays,

who knew what lurked among the trees.

So Red daydreamed the days away,

wondering if the wolf was still there.

If he was just as handsome and debonair,

or if he’d become grey,

if he had had sons –

Who were all as handsome as he?

It set her imagination dancing,

along came a hot August night.

Hardly a breeze stirred the curtains,

at the open windows,

the full moon shone bright

and the sea was molten silver.

Red tossed and turned,

as sweat dripped down her body.

Her thoughts so full of longing,

full of the wolf of yesterday.

Finally she slept,

a restless sleep

and began to dream.

A dream so unreal,

it was dark

and took some time for Red’s eyes to adjust.

Before she realized she was in the woods,

back where she belonged.

Ever faster she walked onward,

the years seemed to run backward.

Then as the last branch and bush was pushed back,

Red stepped out into the glen.

Grandma’s cottage,

looked like something from a fairytale.

All aglow beneath the full moonlight.

It was abandoned,

the windows dark,

no sound all around

and Red moved forward.

She reached the door,

yanked it open

and stepped over the threshold.

Like stepping back in time,

everything was still.

Moonlight filtered from the windows,

dust particles danced in the air

and Red roamed about,

remembering the yesterdays.

Everything was the same

and startled she saw her reflection,

in grandma’s old antique mirror,

but it wasn’t a little girl shown there

and sadly Red had to admit –

that time had flown.

Suddenly a noise made her turn about,

there silhouetted in the doorway,

was the wolf.

Charming as ever,

a top hat tipped to one side.

Dressed in a tux,

looking ever so handsome was he.

Red stood eyes wide

and knees trembling.

The wolf gave a sly smile

and said, ”Been a long time Red. Looking good.”

Red gave a soft sigh,

the wolf extended a large paw,

”Come dance with me in the moonlight.”

Red moved forward as in a trance

and took the wolf’s paw.

The next thing she knew,

they were in the glen.

The moonlight shining so bright,

there was music playing

and she and the wolf began to dance.

Red danced as she had never danced before,

the wolf’s shiny eyes looking into hers.

Suddenly a loud clap of thunder was heard

and lightning flashed across the sky.

Red woke up and wondered,

her wolf had seemed so real.

Her heart still beating to the rhythm of their dance,

outside a storm was brewing,

rain pounded down

and beside her on the pillow,

was a single red rose.

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Coming Out of the Dark

Lilacs and Tulips 012

You exhilarate me,

you make me feel alive,





When you’re away,

there is nothing ever to say,

the days just melt one into the other,

so emotionless,

as if I were a puppet,

waiting for you to return

and pull my strings.


But a puppet has feelings too,

a puppet has a wooden heart,

it may not cry,

when you toss it aside,

but then no one really sees,

the tears that trees cry –

just trying to stay alive.


When my waiting is done,

you call and I run,

like a fool without a head,

straight to your arms,

so you can hypnotize me,

with your charms.

Waiting for you,

to make me alive again,

make me feel,

make me laugh and cry,

such a fool am I.


it was an alarm,

a wake-up call,

when you didn’t commit to me,

I wondered what would be,

when you no longer came,

dull and drab,

like a doll sitting on a shelf,

unloved and unwanted –

a puppet tossed in the corner.


Its strings cut,

but I, I was alive

and I wanted to live and to love,

you came around to find

a different kind of woman,

one who knew her worth,

who held her own parade,

made it all seem a charade,

willing to go dancing in the rain.


One who wanted it all,

or nothing,

one who wasn’t willing to wait,

who wanted full,

unconditional love,

just for her.


Then you laughed,

it seemed to you,

so preposterous,

to my horror I realized,

you were never alone,

the times you didn’t come,

it was all a game you played

and here I was now,

before you –

an unwilling player.


So I sent you on your way,

you still had a lot to say,

but it all fell on the deaf ears,

of a woman,

who was passionate,



who would find a new love,

someone who would make her,

the goddess –

that she longed to be.

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Leaving Only Memories Behind


Love was always special,

different between you and me.

So it’s the good times,

I’ll remember

and the days bright and sunny.

The laughter and the joy we shared,

the love that kept us together.

You were always the voice of reason,

the one who kept me from falling apart,

always there –

when the rains fell from the skies.

Then one day we knew,

our love would lead us in separate ways.

You were content,

to stay where you were –

I wanted to roam the world.

To see what I was missing,

sometimes wanting to turn back,

remembering when we were kissing.

Our friendship was what kept us together

and wherever I was,

it was so great to hear your voice –

telling me that you still cared.

Then one day your voice was stilled,

you had left for the world beyond.

Yet, I know that you are nearby,

our friendship, just like our love will never die.

Sometimes I look upwards,

at the sparkling stars above

and I believe you’re there.

Another of the angels,

who  watch over me.

So I’ll keep the memories,

locked tight in my treasure chest.

Reminding me of how wonderful it was,

choosing to remember with smiles,

instead of tears

and so it will be throughout the years.

You left me one last gift,

half dreamy, still partly asleep.

I saw your face so clearly,

you seemed content and happy,

as you gave me one last kiss from above.

Death never takes love from us,

instead it makes the feelings stronger.

Leaving in our hearts a warm glow,

memories which we save,

for a whole life long

and now and then they make us smile,

this I truly know.

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Down by the Riverside


I can still see it all,

when we were teens,

you and me,

after school we would shoot out the doors

and away down the street,

straight to the riverside.

where the sunlight was bright

and we would laugh and play,

like children gone wild.

We loved to swing,

trying to fly high into the sky.

Your eyes shining with love,

kisses as sweet as cherries.

We sat on the grass,

watching the river flow by,

seeing the ripples shining like diamonds,

beneath the sun.

The comfort of your hand in mine,

for us everything in this world was fine,

oh, life was going to be grand,

growing up and parting –

was not in our plans.

Wonderful summer days,

the river, you and me,

promises made so special,

from sunrise to sunset.

Dancing by the riverside,

in grass still wet with dew

or in the mellow afternoons,

as shadows grew long,

we’d sing a favorite song.

it was a bittersweet day,

when the doors of high school,

shut behind us forever.

The days of bliss by the river

and our love gone with one kiss.

Even though you I will miss,

I’ll keep you in my heart,

though you will have strayed so far

and keep the memories of us alive –

dreaming now alone by the riverside.

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Life’s Melodies

piano keyboards

Life is full of melodies,

some soft, some loud,

Some send you to the skies

and some steal your heart away


I know there must have been,

an angel choir strumming melodies,

of lovely times and wonderful fantasies –

on the day I was born.


Mom was overwhelmed

and well I was content,

then came dad –

with a handful of roses.


Life’s melodies,

follow us each step of the way,

I can softly hear some refrains,

thinking of my sunny childhood days.


Life goes on

and like a river it does flow.

Musical notes trailing happily

and they’ll fill my soul, I know.


With each memory,

that shines ever bright –

I can hear some melody

which makes it all just right.


If we think about it for a moment,

life’s melodies like footprints,

there are glad, sad and wondrous moments –

where every accord and crescendo does resound.


As life goes on,

try and hear what your life’s melody,

is playing deep in your heart –

for it can lead you to your true love.


Life’s melodies,

so precious and dear,

maybe a tear with a golden moment –

that has gone by.


Look up in the sky

and try to hear a soft tinkling,

as life’s melodies –

soothe us our whole life long.

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An End to a Love Story

broken heart

The silence seemed shattering,

there were no more words to say.

Silently like creeping spiders,

spinning their webs,

they sat,

one looking at the other.

No spark, no magic,

there w as nothing that remained –

of the yesterdays they left behind.

It was the classic scene,

as in any movie,

that time had played its game

and it was time to move on.

Neither he nor she was willing to be,

the first to say good-bye.

There were memories,

of days spent in the sun.

Days when comfort was,

meant for just the two of them,

then came the storm clouds

and the gray days took over.

The words of love they shared,

just drifted away,

like waves upon the ocean.

Suddenly there was a void,

so big that nothing could fill it.

There were only regrets

and thoughts of what could have been.

Three sunrises, three sunsets,

three years of bliss,

had been theirs,

until that fateful day,

when the embers had grown cold.

They had tried so hard,

to make them glow again,

but if words could do nothing,

if there was no longer any closeness,

then it was time to move on.

He was the first to walk on over

and reached out for her hand.

She took it trembling,

tears in her eyes.

They knew this was good-bye,

forever more –

there would be no more passion,

no more words of love.

For them the final curtain,

had fallen and with it their compassion.

How it had all happened,

they both weren’t sure,

but somewhere along the journey,

they had lost that golden thread –

that had kept them together.

So now all that remained,

was to gather their souvenirs,

to remember the good times,

to not let the bad –

leave footprints on their souls.

So with many sad sighs,

they parted with one last kiss,

a kiss that sealed their fate,

knowing in their hearts,

that as much as they wished it wasn’t so –

their love had died.

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As the Weather Gets Colder


The weather is getting colder,

the winds much bolder,

as swirling leaves go dancing by,

I reach for your hand so warm.


Love knows no seasons,

but it is ever so much warmer,

when you need to cuddle,

to keep away the chill of autumn.


Let’s take a walk,

through the scrunching fallen leaves.

Let’s hold hands

and kiss as the cold winds blow about.


Love can warm most any heart,

best it be yours and mine.

When I have to close the doors and windows,

against the chill I want you to be there.


Let’s make the autumn and winter,

a warm memory,

with candlelight and sweet wine,

with kisses that speak of passion.


Let’s weather the colder seasons together,

to make it through the rain and snow,

to melt the icicles by our windows,

just from the kisses we share.


So as the weather gets bolder,

come and hold me until the spring,

comes round again

and I won’t feel the cold oh, no.


Remember only you and I can make it,

through the autumn and winter together.

Our love will see us through,

the paths of falling leaves and snow.


And when the spring,

once again comes over the windowsill,

our love will be ever stronger

and we’ll have weathered it all.


So let’s settle in as the autumn arrives,

the magic of silver-white winter is still ahead

We’ve got plenty of time for romancing,

so light the candles and kiss me my love.


In our magical world,

outside the leaves may swirl by,

the snowflakes and the north wind blow,

but we know in our love we’ll glow.

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