Your Footprints


Your footprints are unseen,

yet still left behind,

like unseen imprints upon the pavement

or left upon the sand,

where the waves,

wash them away.

Your being is known to the wind

and I can hear your voice,

it speaks in the whispers of the wind –

as it blows through the trees.

It carries your name

and gently caresses my cheek,

the wind sends me dancing

and I can almost feel –

your dear hand holding on to mine.

On misty rainy days,

mysterious vapors rise into the air,

it is then that I dare,

to think of you

and softly call your name.

Hoping that you might,

step out of the fog –

to greet me with love.

in the wintertime,

the frosty air,

seems to stand still,

but I know and I feel –

you all around me.

Remembering on snowy days,

walking through the snow,

our word of love 

seemed to float through the wintry air.

The fates know and see all,

they know that someday,

for me, you will call.

Meanwhile, I can walk,

in the places where you once walked,

feel you close

and see you in my mind –

as precious memories still shine.

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Yesterday’s Shadows


It was a nostalgic afternoon

and thoughts of daydreams were flying..

I was searching through some photos

and realized that they were –

but shadows of yesterday.

Looking at the dear faces and places,

for a moment it seemed –

that they began to move.

I saw the little girl I once was,

running, laughing and playing.

My mom and dad were waving,

from a place far away in time.

The photos brought back fond memories,

of days that won’t come again.

It made me wonder,

how fantastic it would be –

to freeze moments in time,

upon a photo paper and have the action stop.

In today’s digital world,

we find ourselves uploaded

into a computer,

but the same is still true,

I can look at the pictures –

as they smile at me,

from the computer screen.

It seems like they were just taken yesterday,

bringing a fantasy to mind,

if the reflections we see

before us in the mirror –

are shadows of things –

that have just been.

In the blink of an eye,

are already a part of the past.

What a wonder it would be,

for perhaps a moment or two,

to step through the mirror,

to see if I could meet my past.

For a moment of loving reflection –

then to move on,

holding special memories,

deep in my heart

and let the shadows of yesterday,

rest until another time.

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When the World Closes In


When the world closes in,

I only want your arms to hold me,

I only want you to tell me –

that tomorrow will be a brighter day.

When the world closes in,

when the light turns to darkness,

when the colors all fade away,

when there is nothing left to say –

flash your bright smile my way.

Take me in your arms

and tell me that the future will be brighter,

that there will be more laughter

and fewer tears.

Hold me until the morning comes,

till the red sun peeps over the horizon

and the morning dew like so many pearls shines.

When the world closes in,

I want you to be there,

to tell the world it isn’t fair,

that life should be a scary thing,

together with our love –

we can make it a virtual fling.

When the world closes in,

I want you to kiss the tears away,

always tell me that it will be alright

and you’ll forever stay.

Never let the world take me away,

remind me of who I am,

that life is still fine,

that winter will finally turn to spring,

that the sun will shine again.


When the world closes in.

make me happy that you’re mine –

be there and never let go.

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Early Morning Rain


Bundled up against the wind,

I faced the early morning rain,

falling down so gently –

from a silvery, gray sky.

Autumn leaves,

dancing upon the wind,

feeling like the world –

has gone black and white.

No color anywhere,

my face wet,

with raindrops,

left upon my cheeks –

by the early morning rain.

Stirring up the mud beneath my feet,

bare tree branches swinging in the wind,

water rivulets,

running down their trunks,

like silent tears –

for the passing of another season.

A world that shines,

in the early morning rain,

gone a steely gray,

molten silver raindrops,

upon most everything I see,

filling the world with swirling mist,

like wisps of rising smoke,

from the ground,

then surrounding me,

like a cloak of mystery,

dark clouds hanging low,

over my head

and the early morning rain,

continues to fall,

as I make my way back home,

through it all –

along a path of colorful leaves shiny from the rain.

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Building Castles in the Sky


We often dream.

of castles in the sky,

when our everyday world –

makes us too weary.

When life and love like reality,

come crashing through the door,

to suddenly make the day –

seem gray and ordinary.

When we can’t find,

the love we seek,

we look for escape –

in castles in the sky.

There are different routes to take,

like daydreams, we can make

and so we look toward the clouds above –

to let fantasy take us on a magic carpet ride.

Those castles in the sky,

like passing clouds with white sails,

tinged with pink and silver –

bringing the hope of brighter days.

Ordinary times,

become extraordinary,

if we let our daydreams –

take us beyond reality.

Daydreams can take our thoughts,

to faraway places,

of loving days and friendly smiles –

so far from here in castles in the sky.

Daydreams and sweet times,

upon cotton candy clouds,

flying on the wings of doves –

over the twinkling stars above.

Daydreams building castles in the sky,

never stopping to wonder why,

living moment to moment,

opening our hearts to love and joy.

So as we make our way,

through life day by day,

let’s give ourselves the time to find,

the love and happiness we seek –


among those castles in the sky.

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Ever Dancing



Shall we dance

giddy with romance?


Life is but a passing phase,

that whizzes by us,

it gives us so much –

if we can sift out the rest.

Dancing through life can be divine,

if we keep our dreams in sight,

always try to take a dizzying flight –

to the endless sky and back again.

Loving every sweet moment,

as the seasons come and go,

taking a shining pearl from each –

to be remembered, to be treasured.

So that we can weave,

a path of our footprints,

throughout our lives

and when the sunset years find us,

smiling and content we can be,

picking up each precious pearl,

remembering how it all was.

Like watching a movie in our minds,

seeing all that life once gave us,

the laughter and the tears –

through all the loving years.

What we learned and what we loved

and how grand life really was,

with each twist and turn,

as the dance rhythm leads us ever onward,

as we turn about,

a special golden moment –

becomes a new and shiny memory.


Shall we dance?

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Giving Your Heart Away

heart garland

When you say I love you,

when you find that one true love,

when you’re ready to commit –

you give your heart away.

Love isn’t easy,

it takes so much time,

in between the pain and sorrow –

your heart beats in overtime.

Sharing and caring,

always daring to lay your cards on the table,

you will find –

those relationships take time.

Look for look,

eye to eye,

standing toe to toe –

Can you read the truth in their eyes?

Love never comes easy

and it never comes fast,

but when it hits your heart –

it’s like a bolt out of the blue.

Take the time to daydream,

find what you’re searching for,

try to look for your significant other,

don’t settle for any less.

You’ll know that love,

has arrived for sure,

when clouds remind you,

 of cotton candy fluffs.

You’ll know its love,

when the moon begins smiling

and the stars aren’t twinkling,

but they’re winking.

You’ll know its love,

when you begin to hear symphonies

and all the rock and roll melodies –

are love songs of old.

When love finds you,

you must be prepared,

to embrace it tenfold

and never, ever let go .

When love finds you

and kisses turn to passion,

when smiles are as bright –

as the sunshine on a summer’s day.

Your heart will begin to rejoice

and life will never be the same again,

then all the I love you’s will be so sweet

and you can give your heart away.

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