Only You and You Alone

Roses 023

Only you have the power,

to bring me to heaven and back.

The song I sing to you,

has no words,

only my heart beats,

in rhythm


My feelings for you,

only you,

give me wings to fly,

when you are near,

so close to me

and dear.


When you go away.

you take the sun.

the joy from my days

and I wither like a flower.

so very thirsty for love –

only you can make me live again.


You know how to make the stars,

in the night sky shine brighter,

how to make the moon,

illuminate a golden glow.

Dancing with you,

the moon and the stars,

seem to play a symphony,

a symphony of love –

just for you and for me.


Never pass me by,

without a brilliant smile,

for in your smile are the roots of my happiness

and in your love –

like a flower I blossom and grow.

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Autumn Dance

buds spring 042

Oh, my friend,

it hasn’t been too long –

when we saw the changes coming.

We embraced the colors of autumn,

dancing with the wind,

as around us colors swirled –

yellow, orange, red and brown.

Dancing with our arms outstretched,

wanting to fly to the skies –

till we were surprised,

when lacey white snowflakes,

went swirling by.

The trees almost bare,

waving branches in greeting.

While beneath our feet,

leaves swirl all about.

Come the rainy autumn days,

making the leaves,

appear like colorful jewels,

shining beneath the hazy sun.

Down by the river,

still swiftly flowing,

ducks and gulls bob upon the ripples.

The colors of autumn,

quickly disappearing,

beneath a blanket of white,

the river now lies still,

in frozen splendor,

while we journey,

through the dark, dreary days,

into a blooming spring.

But hey, my friend –

I’ll be waiting for another dance,

when the following autumn,

comes rolling in.

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The Heart and the Rose

Red Roses 001

Though lovely in its beauty,

the queen of flowers,

has sharp thorns,

that will prick you –

if you touch it wrong.


Though love isn’t a rose,

when love grows cold,

it can prick the vulnerable heart

and make it bleed just like a rose would.

The heart now wounded and crushed,

like rose petals beneath uncaring feet.


Lying mortally wounded,

in the long, dark night,

the bleeding heart cries,

waiting for a warm embrace,

the answer of a passionate kiss,

alone and frightened,

beat by beat –

waiting for the morning light.


Like the rose that has been tossed aside,

wilting bit by bit,

the heart rallies on,

battered and bruised,

waiting to heal –

hoping once again to feel.


The rose bush will bring forth,

new blooms each season,

but a betrayed heart,

finds it hard to love again.

Yet like the rose,

it lives anew,

it exists, it is,

for if it wasn’t –

then it would die.


Like the rose,

that wafts perfume in the air,

is admired for its beauty,

thorns hidden away,

but be careful to reach out and touch.

So a heart now so vulnerable,

will reach out for a loving touch

it will love and it will blossom,

but deep inside lie the memories

and if betrayed once more,

like the rose it will sting –


beware the heart and the rose.

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Raven as Black as the Night


Came the purple twilight,

a time so melancholy,

when memories of days gone by –

play with my mind.


Unusual and dark night,

preparing for a stormy time,

I see there up above –

streaks of black clouds fill the sky.


Seemingly a haunting night,

when sprits roam about,

it often filled my heart with dread

and then I saw him atop of the oak tree.


There as the moon shone bright,

at the very top  of the old oak tree,

swinging in the wind –

a raven just as black as the night.


It cawed loudly

and the sound echoed all about.

There spotlighted by the moon,

it sat hunched looking into the dark.


Then those clouds that streaked across the sky,

hid the moon from sight,

but I knew that raven was there –

as I looked up to see its eyes glowed like two red hot embers.


Lightning flashed but for a second,

then the wind picked up,

out came the moon

and the raven held on tight.


It seemed to be dancing,

as the upper most branch,

bent this and that –

blown by the wind.


A most ghostly effect,

as those dark clouds stretched across the sky,

shadows grew long beneath the light of the moon

and that raven mournfully did cry.

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Dancing Away Sorrow


Sorrow is only something we borrow,

when our hearts are battered,

when love has forsaken us,

but it’s best to dance away the sorrow.

When you last kissed me,

saying you were going away,

I told you to stay,

stay for one more dance,

as we swayed together under the dark lights.

Dancing away the sorrow,

knowing your arms,

will no longer hold me,

but I will still be,

walking now alone,

with a heavy heart,

remembering what you were once to me

and the last dance together we shared.

Dancing away the sorrow,

until the light of a new morrow,

hold me tight one last time,

let me dream of when our love was new.

It isn’t me and it isn’t you,

it’s just a dream that died,

burst like a balloon in the sky.

Our love was much too fragile,

it couldn’t survive the thunder storms,

so it’s better for you and for me –

that separate ways we be.

So hold me,

while we share this dance,

all through the night,

once more you and I,

then when the sun shines upon us,

we can go each our own way,

remembering all we shared –

holding tight to the memories in our hearts.

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Summers Are Made for Rockin’

Spring Joys 022

I remember,

summers of long ago,

when days were carefree

and full of joy.

Lazy summers,

spent on beaches –

just lying in the sun.

Nothing could stand in the way,

of a wonderful day,

old rock tunes

and jumping among the waves.

Summers just got harder,

when the days of youth flew by

and life’s burdens –

took most of the happiness away.

Now summer has come again

and brought its beauty,

the days remind me of those,

from my childhood.

So I say,

let’s not waste another moment,

life still has lots to give –

let’s rock this summer while we can.

Let’s rock this summer.

enjoy each sunny day,

sing our cares away

and wear the happy smiles of yesterday.

Just kick off your shoes

and dance beneath the moon.

Let’s rock this summer

and let the sunshine in.

Just sit back and lick an ice cream cone,

take a look around you,

as flowers bloom

and butterflies flit across the skies.

Let those old rock tunes,

fill your heart with magic,

soon you will see –

that summer can be fun indeed.

So let’s rock this summer,

summers were made for rockin’.

For feeling groovy

and doing a dance or two.

Let’s rock this summer,

bring back the happiness of yesterday,

summers were made for rockin’

and enjoying each and every day.

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When Love Ended


Inspired by Joe Cocker’s song “Leave Your Hat On”


Our love ended,

the day I understood,

you were a dashing dandy,

but not in love with just me –

you can leave your hat on.


It came on a day,

when walking in the park,

you swept off your hat,

for a pretty face passing by,

as far as I’m concerned –

you can leave your hat on.


We were dining one fine night,

you were such a dashing sight,

with your hat tipped low upon one brow,

how was I to know,

it was all a gallant show –

you can leave your hat on.


Dancing in the dark,

the brim of your hat,

touched against my forehead,

as you pulled me close,

I rolled my eyes,

no Fred Astaire were you –

but you can leave your hat on.


And so it has been,

as long as I have known you,

you and your hat are dashing,

but for me I lost love long ago,

so don’t think me cruel,

leave me as you once found me –

you can leave your hat on.


Friends we can always be,

don’t forget about me,

in nights that are lonely,

you can come to call,

I still love to see your bright eyes,

smiling and laughing at me,

together we can weather every storm

and be so very strong –

just leave your hat on.

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