My Tapestry Of Dreams

It was woven,
through the years,
my tapestry of dreams,
by angels with gossamer wings,
soft white spun clouds
and love eternal.
My tapestry of dreams
was woven after you crossed that river,
leaving me on the other shore,
beneath weeping willow trees.
It showed me your love,
your smile,
the sparkle in your blue eyes
and then I could reach you again.
My tapestry of dreams,
takes me to you each night,
across the Milky Way,
especially when the cloak of loneliness is upon me,
when the shining memories return
and I have special dreams about you.
My dream catcher hangs upon my bed,
catching sparkles from moonbeams above,
where the stars twinkling in the dark,
carry me into the world of dreams,
to find you waiting there –
among my tapestry of dreams.

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Carry Me Away On Your Angel Wings

Let the memories of days past shine,
when the moon is bright and full,
I always know,
the glow of your love –
fills my very soul.
Then you come to me in dreams
and carry me away on your angel wings.
Make the past days sparkle,
when you and love were mine,
return in my memories,
make those old melodies play,
let me hear again those words of love,
upon the soft whispers of the spring breezes.
I feel overcome by emotion,
my heart trembling,
let the night descend with its beauty,
let my dreams bring you to me –
carry me away on your angel wings.

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When the Stars Shone

It wasn’t love until the stars shone,
there was sadness in my heart,
my soul had no music,
until the night skies opened wide
and the stars shone twinkling in the velvet night.

It wasn’t my life,
with you in it,
until you whispered words of love,
until my heart let you inside,
until the first passionate kiss –
finally the stars shone.

The music didn’t play,
there were not many words to say,
the colors were faded,
then you came along,
made me believe again,
the colors burst into rainbow hues,
we went dancing in the dark,
candlelight scented the air –
while outside in the night the stars winked and twinkled.

Even with you gone,
my heart is filled with love,
with memories of you and me,
I hear the music in my mind,
I see it all like in a movie reel
and it all comes back so clearly –
when up in the night sky the stars shine so brightly.

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Life Goes On

Spring follows winter
and winter just melts away.
Rainbows follow the sun,
once the wind blows the dark clouds away.
Loneliness becomes a thing of the past,
when someone finds love at last.
Always one season changes to another,
time keeps racing on,
calendar pages keep turning,
while the fires of love start burning.
We are actors upon life’s stage,
acting our parts with no cues,
thrown by emotions and events,
until we take our final bow.
The tides come and go,
the days into one another flow –
that is just the way it is,
as life goes on…

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In Dreams

In dreams I can be,
most anything I want to be.
In dreams my love,
you come back to me,
from all the golden yesterdays.
Dreams are for drifting,
along with memories,
dreams to fill the heart,
with joy and hope,
for a brighter day tomorrow.
in dreams we’re still,
loving and laughing,
walking hand in hand.
When dreaming is done,
but rainbows fill the sky,
I know that it will be alright
and I’ll dream another day once more.
Someday my dreams,
will carry me to your side,
where we will dance away –
across a thousand stars.

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Romance and Tango

Romance and tango,
moonlight and roses,
quiet times and starlight,
that make the night sparkling and bright.
Let’s dance the night away,
as the music plays,
melodies of long-gone romances,
while to one another,
we hold on so tight..
Romance and tango,
all night long,
in passionate embrace –
as the music plays.
Romance and tango,
make sparks fly,
just you and I –
the night and the music,
the perfume of roses,
wafting in the air.
No matter what the season,
no matter what the reason,
whether it be the spring,
when roses bloom
or in the summertime,
dancing beneath the summer moon.
When autumn leaves,
go swirling by,
we hold hands,
running against the wind.
In the wintertime,
side by side,
we sit cuddling real close.
Passions often flare,
then open up your heart if you dare,
let a true love inside,
kissing and dreaming side by side.
Romance and tango,
made just for you and me,
dancing and romancing,
as romantic tangos make us sway
and romantic melodies they play.
Romance and tango –
dreaming the night away.

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Gold From the Stars

The gold from the stars cannot be sifted,
the light from the moon turned on and off,
but golden memories can continue to shine,
always bringing silver tears
and trembling smiles.

As together we have walked the miles,
words quiet and hushed shared,
to keep the world at bay,
things to one another only we can say –
there is a hush over this world of ours.

While still holding your hand,
you seemed to slip aways from me,
the angels were calling
and I had to stay behind –
as you sailed away on the gold from the stars.

Someday I too will foloow that path,
knowing at the end you are waiting,
I stay behind dancing along with the songs –
that always make me feel closer to you.

Now the gold from the stars,
lighting up the night,
make it seem that you are shining your love down on me
and the twinkling stars reflect your smile
and in my dreams I know you’ll be with me.

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Wildest Dreams

In my wildest dreams,
I spread my arms out wide,
let the wind come and take me –
on a crazy magic carpet ride.

Thumbing a pick up on a cloud,
as it goes drifting by,
smiling all the while,
as birds in surprise echo their cries.

Then we fly, ever so high,
soaring with the eagles,
right up to a mountain top,
where I can reach up to take a star from the sky.

In my wildest dreams,
I travel far and wide,
searching for my heart’s content,
hoping to find happiness.

Gliding on my heartstrings,
so much to admire,
as the flight takes me ever higher –

in my wildest dreams.

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Let a Smile Be Your Umbrella

Let a smile be your umbrella,
when skies become dark and gray.
When the heavy rains come –
let it pour and let it rain,
let the winds blow.
Take the time to daydream,
even though the day is dark and dreary.
Don’t forget to wear a smile,
to make the rain go away .
So, when the day becomes like night
and the lightning flashes and the thunder booms.
take heart and have no fear –
let a smile be your umbrella
and soon the rainbow will appear.
The sun will come shining through,
for every storm comes to an end,
take the time to dance in the rain –
wearing your most fashionable smile.
When you meet people,
with their smiles upside down,
wave your hand,
give a friendly greeting,
so that their frown,
becomes a smile to match your own.
So, let a smile be your umbrella
and before you know it –
the sun will come shining through once more,
a rainbow will fill the sky
and all of your tears will dry.

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The Drifting Wind

The wind is my friend,
it pushes me along
and makes me want,
to spread my arms
and fly to the skies –
Into a whirlwind dance.
Bringing much joy,
just me and the drifting wind,
taking me over treetops
and making me feel so light.
I love the warm southern breezes,
but the cold north winds –
make me shiver.
Love to breeze along,
with the drifting wind,
it always fills my heart –
with the longing for adventure.
Never liked a day completely still,
when the drifting wind sleeps.
Love open windows,
that make curtains fly about,
always love spending time –
in good company.
The wind whispers secrets to me
and brings greeting from friends –
long gone but remembered still.
Creating ripples of waves,
upon the surfaces –
of lakes, rivers, seas and oceans.
Where seagulls dance merrily
and lazily drift along.
The spring wind that heralds in,
a season full of flowers blooming
and butterflies dancing by.
The summer breezes,
that make me delight,
in each cooling puff of wind –
on lazy summer days.
When autumn comes,
the north wind comes blowing in.
It sends colorful leaves,
high into a crisp, clear sky.
Until the winds of winter,
turn the world into ice and snow.
No matter the season,
the drifting wind is my friend,
it sings many songs to me.
Windy days just right for ,
dancing down the road –
just the drifting wind and me.

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