Can You Imagine


Can you imagine?

autumns without colored leaves

or winters with no snow

springs with no colorful flowers

summer without sunshine

rainy days without daydreams

and rainbows afterwards


Can you image?

life without love

days without joy

just drifting away


we must take life

as it come to us

to rejoice in all we see

in all we do

life was meant to be

lived to the fullest

to dance in the rain

to take a friend by the hand

and go running and shrieking

along with the wind

finding a reason to smile

each and every day

finding a way

to make our time worthwhile

to spread our arms like wings

and fly through the skies

daring to dream dreams

that make our hearts soar

so if you can’t image

life without the usual things

that we take for granted

each and every day

let’s start to treasure

all the days of our lives

shake off the tears and fears

and not worry about tomorrow

for we must never forget

that today is the yesterday we feared

losing hope perhaps on a gray day

that now has long gone away

treasure all the memories

we gather along the way

delight in the beauty of nature

and wear a great big smile

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Let That Golden Moon Shine

Moon niice

Let that golden moon shine

let it glow a mellow yellow

somewhere below

I know lovers stroll


Let that golden moon shine

softly radiating

creating a magical night

feelings of love so right

Sid Laptop 019

Let that golden moon shine

let it make your love mine

let’s stroll under its glow

see how it shimmers and shines

walking along the river

following the silvery path

of the moon from above

Just Recently Taken 103

Let the golden moon shine

it makes romance so fine

dreamy light from above

stars like diamonds glitter

holding hands

sharing sweet kisses

as sweet as raspberry wine


Let the golden moon shine

up above like a beacon of love

let it shine

let it make

the romance we have

yours and mine

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Poetic Words From Afar


A man who was a poet

sat upon a river bank

and thought how he was an outcast

so lonely without a friend nearby

just the soothing sound of the river flowing

and ducks and gulls bobbing on the ripples

he began a poem about the sight before him

his words were picked up by the wind

they were carried far and wide

another man who was a poet

sat on his front porch

he was enjoying the sunset

thinking of writing a poem

he strained his ears

to hear his muses sing

he was tired of his neighbors

who fought all of the time

this moment of peace surely wouldn’t last

then words drifted into his ears

they were sad, lonely but definitely poetic

and he took them to mind

now the poem started to unravel

I sit by the river all alone and despondent

admiring the reflection of the sunset

in the flowing river

so lovely it is

that it gives me new hope

these words and inspiration from the muses

in a way brought them together

though there were many miles between them

they had begun a poem that worked together well

and there was a sound like the tinkling of a bell

in the crystal clear air

as the muses began to sing

the poets continued to be inspired

and the wind picked up their words once more

and blew them into every poetic heart

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Weaving a Tapestry of Love


I’d like you to weave

your love about me like a tapestry

In bright and brilliant colors

reflecting how you feel

show me that you believe

in the love that we share

I’d like to see

a lot of red

to show me that your heart

was true and full of love

right from the start

as lovely as the reddest roses

growing on the vine

a lot of green

so that our love can always grow anew

with the changing of every season

the brilliant blue of summer skies

and the shimmering sea

where we walk along the shore

leaving footprints in the sand

that the waves wash away

returning again and again

to bring back our signature

time and time again

the yellow of the sun

shining down upon our love

purple for the special twilights we share

gazing at the sun going down

spreading streaks of pink and purple

across the skies

waiting for the night to come riding in

closing its dark curtain

upon the light of day

create a tapestry of love

reflecting the years gone by

and those still ahead

golden threads for all the memories

that we share

and new ones that will come our way

silver threads to make the tapestry shine

with so much love

that keeps us together

a tapestry of love

that can last the years

cast aside all the fears and tears

only smiles from now on

and while we grow old together

let’s forever be young at heart

let the tapestry

reflect the special love

between you and me

a reminder it will always be

and never will it unravel

bound by our beating hearts

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Lovers through the Centuries


Though you looked different

I would know you in a crowd

of a million faces

your eyes reflect the centuries

that we have known and loved one another

they say that you never part

and so it is true

we’ve walk together

the starry path of heaven

in love for all eternity

one by one we were called back

to live a new life

but our love is what binds

and even though the years may go

I know I’ll find you again

for your heart belongs to me

our souls are forever entwined

I came to be the day

you stepped into my life

never knew my heart beat

until there was you

we were made for one another

and so it will be

no matter how many years

come and go

one another we will find

my love you know

that my heart is bound to yours

we may lose sight of one another

but just for awhile

for we are true lovers

that will go on loving one another

through all the centuries that we live

and then spend eternity

together forever just you and I

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Only Words

Just Recently Taken 078

Only words to express

what we truly feel

what we see and how we think

words upon a page

drying along with the ink

words can flow

they can stutter

and they can stall

painters need colors

imagination and a clever swipe of the brush

poets need words

words that come dancing

easily prancing

as the muses fly about

as they sing and whisper

upon the wind

to poetic ears that strain to hear

every precious word

so that they can create a masterpiece

as the words fall on paper

expressing their innermost thoughts

emotions when they reel

while the poet steps out of reality

into the world the muses inspired

creating scenes out of a poetic mind

to delight the muses

and please the readers

show them a world

other than the one they know

express a million emotions

most poetically

for saying I love, I live, I want, I see

are only words drifting on the wind

instead it should be

I love more than stories can tell

the day we met for you I fell

you’re my love and my life

love you till the  end of time

I live life to enjoy

to dance under the moon and the stars

to enjoy every sunrise

and reflect upon every sunset

I want you more than words can tell

you are my life and my joy

nothing in this world

could please me more

than to have you by my side

on the starry path to heaven

I see so much more than there is to see

the world is one great big fantasy

colors so bright and vivid

they fill my world

my heart and soul

each day brings new joy

and fills the treasure chest of my mind

with sparkling memories

so when the muses inspire

let the poets write what they desire

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Many a Golden Sunset


Many a golden sunset

has come warming with an orangey glow

reminding me that evening is coming but slow

soon the sun will wink

beyond the horizon

making me nostalgic

with memories that shine

as the curtain of  night draws over the day

somewhere from far off

I hear an owl hoot

As if to say who, who are you?

my reply would be simple

I’m a dreamer

conversing with the moon and the stars

seeking inspiration

long into the night

till the sun returns with the dawn

bringing with it new hopes and dreams

and with my nighttime inspiration

with poetic words I’ll paint

the sunset and purple twilight

and the mysterious dark night

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