Smiles Do It Every time

smile 2

Take a look outside,

your window –

the day may not be sunny,

but if you put on a great big smile,

it will turn out fine.

Look at the birds,

doing the tango in the trees,

singing at the top of their lungs,

that should make you laugh.

Smiles do it every time,

they warm hearts

and make people

smile in return.

You can be sure –

that even in the saddest of moments,

a smile can say so much.

Reach out a helping hand,

to those in need

and give them your brightest smile,

you’ll see how great,

life can really be.

Smiles do it every time,

to even living creatures,

which in turn –

will react with love toward you.

Don’t ever let your friends,

sit about with frowns,

take those frowns

and turn them upside down.

Smiles do it every time,

they can make any day special.

Never forget to smile,

first thing in the morning

and take that smile –

to bed with you at night.

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When the Sun Shines Brighter

lido may 2011 026

In the spring

when the sun shines brighter

when everyone’s mood gets lighter

the days seem to just fly

from sunrise to sunset

flowers springing forth

buds on the trees

glittering with tiny raindrop pearls

that shine in rainbow colors

in the brilliant sunshine

comes more gentle rain

and the world becomes brand new

it’s such an exciting time

as nature comes alive

from its deep winter sleep

when the sun shines brighter

in the springtime

I feel so very fine

it’s such a lovely time

as each day gets longer

the weather warmer

the sky bluer

and the clouds go sailing by

it’s the time I love the best

when the sun shines brighter

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Beginning the Day

Sunrise 001

Never begin the day,

with your smile turned upside down.

Be sunny and bright

and the day will start out just right.

Never begin your day,

with a tear upon your cheek,

brush all your tears away

and make the day –

the way it really ought to be.

Never begin the day,

without looking on the bright side of life,

there is nothing better,

than feeling on top of the world,

each morning.

Nothing better than finding some joy,

in this life we lead,

so turn all of your frowns –

into brilliant smiles.

Take a delight in the world that surrounds you

and you will soon see,

that your heart feels lighter

and you can enjoy living –

while the sun shines brighter.

Your heart will also discover,

that it’s a nature lover

and even the gray days,

will bring happiness –

your way.

All of the raindrops,

will become sparkling jewels in the sun,

a rainbow bridge will stretch across a sky so blue –

you’ll know that love will find you so true.

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Tranquil Ponds


I walk by tranquil ponds,

lost in my memories.

By tranquil ponds –

to ease my mind.

Once we walked together,

just you and I,

while tranquil ponds –

reflected our loving smiles.

In the spring and summer,

dancing with the southern breezes

and picnics beneath the willow tree.

The seasons came and went,

the waters reflected,

the colorful days of autumn,

the green days of spring and summer

and the frozen white world of winter.

It was a place where we could dream,

beneath a weeping willow tree,

where nature could be free

and we shared blissful moments of our love.

Now alone I walk,

but you are still in my heart,

ever since you once left me –

standing by tranquil ponds waving goodbye…

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Swinging Through Life


Swinging high, swinging low,

life has its ups and downs,

still upon us the sun,

does glow.

Sure would like to find,

a place for some peace of mind.

Quiet times and many dreams,

thinking of new life schemes.

Thoughts racing,

like clouds blown by the wind.

Looking back at images –

wondering where the truth lies,

as time flies by.


Was it all like some dream?

Was it all real?

Can it be that yesterday has gone?


Today simply races on,

tomorrow still out of sight.

Try as I might –

don’t know what will be coming next.

Standing atop a hill,

feeling ever so fine.

Misstep tumbling down,

left all alone,

the smile turned into a frown,

seems as if all the good times have flown.

Living every day,

like a child on a swing,

the ups are the best,

but you can’t get them without the downs.

Swinging high and swinging low,

every day turning round.

Hold on to the dreams,

that you believe in.

For in life,

the moment that you come,

swinging in through the door,

you are already a memory,

that gets left behind.

Never forget to leave them laughing,

let them know you care.

Before  life is done with you,

don’t forget to take a bow –

like only you, know, how.

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Dancing in the Wind


Love dancing in the wind,

the harder the wind blows,

come autumn,

the better I like it.

So unlike summer breezes,

I spread my arms

and feel like a bird in flight.

I love to dance in the wind,

to twirl about,

as the wind blows all around me,

looking up at the sky

and the clouds that go by,

one by one –

like sailing ships through the sky.

Colorful leaves go dancing by,

creating a colorful carpet,

beneath my feet.

Love dancing in the wind,

refreshed with rosy cheeks,

like some puppet on a string,

enjoy having the wind,

pushing me along.

As I twirl and twirl about,

nothing makes me laugh so much,

as dancing in the wind.

That feeling of lightness,

as if I was weightless,

the wind pushes me from behind

and as I turn around,

it pushes me backward,

in a wild sort of dancing craze –

just the wind and me.

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Wrong Love

black rose 3

In her wildest dreams

in her craziest schemes

she still remembered him

and how he

loved her

then it all became

a nightmare

that she awoke from

one morning she saw

an image of him

going out the door

after it slammed shut

so did her heart

should have left him right from the start

that’s what you get

when you fall in love

with a circus clown

every day a new joke

every day a way to make fun of everything

under the sun

when he started on the tequila

down at Rosie’s

she knew the end had come

now when she’s finally through

loving him, that fool

she’ll take the crazy glue 

and piece together her broken heart –

save it for a love that won’t break it apart

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