The Colors of My Soul


The colors of my soul

set my mood

and send my thoughts dancing


when my soul is white

I think of magical things

like fairies with wings

and wood nymphs


I write of green forests

and babbling brooks

the beauty of all nature

that I see all about


when my soul is black

dark and mysterious am I

I write of thunderstorms

and the romance of the night


the stars and the moon

are all friends of mine

they create a show so very fine

I hear lovely night music and muses sing


when my soul is blue

so melancholy am I

thinking of precious memories

and moments in the past


of place and faces

that I miss

and it all gets swirled

in a foggy mist


when my soul is green

I think of the sparkling sea

of the white-capped waves

that wash upon the sand


footprints along beaches

and the beauty of the dunes

sun and fun

with everyone


when my soul is purple

poignant thoughts come at twilight

as the last streaks of light

are seen in the sky


I write of my feelings

and emotions that are so high

as evening approaches

at twilight time


when my soul is yellow

that is the best of all

it brings me much happiness

under sunny skies


then I write of white clouds

that sail on by

of the joy and love

that each new day brings


the colors of my soul

are what guide my emotions

they play with my thoughts

and muses always inspire


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Remembering You

broken heart

I remember loving you

it seems for a lifetime

you have been by my side

never farther than the reach of my hand


these memories will sparkle

and remain close to me

it was without any warning

that you broke my heart


now it seems that days

drift by without meaning

How can there be any meaning?

when even love was, but imitation


I wonder

if a new love has found you

I wonder if you tell her

you will love her forever


forever has lost its meaning

you once promised me

a love till all eternity

then crushed my heart beneath your feet


the last roses you gave me

died the day you left

they stand as a symbol

in the vase, a symbol of the death of love


each day I watch

as another dried up petal falls

this is the time I need for healing

for once the last petal has fallen


my tears will all have dried

my heart will be patched-up

your photos burned

another lesson in love I have learned

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In Dreams


In dreams you come to me

from the long ago

back from the past

where we lost each other


your dear face as always

smiles back at me

you try and tell me something

which I never hear


with the morning light

I awaken haunted by you

waving to me

at the end of an avenue of blossoming linden trees


then the day takes me on my way

thoughts of you locked in my heart

wondering when the day is through

if you’ll emerge out of the dark


funny how eager I now seem

to lay in my bed and dream

for that is where I can find you

that is where I can still love you


sitting by my window

I look toward the stars

that wink and blink from afar

and I wonder where you are


perhaps if you and I

are still under the same sun

we’ll find one another again

for you always were my true friend

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Crazy Love



This crazy love of ours

like a carousel out of control

you come and build me up

put me on a pedestal

then just as quickly

you are gone

and I’m left waiting, waiting

Is it worth my time?


This crazy love of ours

it comes and it goes

spinning like a top

you started it going

you took my breath away

now I wonder

if one fine day

I’ll be left alone

and aching


This crazy love of ours

Where did it start?

I think it was the day

you came and took my heart

now my days cannot begin

without a smile from you

and the days that start

when you’re not here

are the days

that have no beginning

and no end


This crazy love of ours

has my heart beating double time

my head spinning

making me fly above the clouds

come kiss me and set my feet on the ground

tell me that you love me

make my happiness

know no bounds


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Losing You

black rose

You were my only dream

the only truth my eyes could see

no matter where I looked

your love was warm and tender

promises never ending


You were my day and night

my morning sunlight

you were all this to me

if you can believe

on you I did rely

feeling safe and sheltered

from storms in the night


Then in one swift moment

a cloud hid the sun

and when I could see

through misty eyes

you were gone

so suddenly

as if you were only a dream


Leaving behind a world dull and gray

for you never believed

never thought it could be

all that you were to me

and so I go on alone

feeling adrift like upon a rough sea

forever to have

you only in the treasured photos

that I keep

and in the memories stored in my heart

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How Will It Be

Summer 2012 013

How will it be?

when the morning doesn’t come

and the night no longer caring

closes in


How will it be?

when time stands still

when waves no longer rush to shore

and the trees don’t dance in the wind


How will it be?

when the mirror

no longer shows our reflections

and our footsteps

no longer leave imprints in the sand


Only clouds gathered

in a leaden gray sky

wondering why

we no longer walk side by side

wondering why we have gone away


How will it be?

when we join the angels

in the heavenly choir

I know we will then love eternally

just you and I

tangoing from star to star

making them like diamonds shine

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From a Foreign Land


Somewhere in the past

you had heard of my homeland

you knew where my life had begun

and you were glad to learn more

I was so blissfully happy

to know that your love

was so very true

that you wished to seek

to see, to follow my footsteps

that I had once taken in the land

that was foreign to you

I spoke of the avenues

and the boulevards

the faces and places

once so very dear

now an ocean away

and as I spoke

I saw your eyes fill with love for me

to get to know my roots

was so very important to you

and then so tenderly you kissed me

and my hand trembled in yours

you were dreaming along with me

and at last I was home once more

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