Autumn Song

marigolds 2

Autumn comes with magical colors,

everywhere we look,

leaves of red, orange, yellow and brown –

crunching leaves beneath our feet.


Orange pumpkins by the roadside,

soon will wear their Halloween smiles,

piles of colored leaves,

making fun for laughing children.


Let’s go dance with the autumn breeze,

chase the falling leaves.

Let’s cheer for the crispy air

and wave as birds take wing.


Clouds like big sailing ships,

blown across the sky,

still blue sunny skies to delight –

before the rains of autumn fall.


So much to please the eye,

still a lot of green,

I know in the twinkle of an eye,

nature’s paintbrush will change it all.


Let’s go dance with the autumn breeze,

chase the falling leaves.

Let’s cheer for the crispy air

and wave as birds take wing.


Then all around colors will appear,

making autumn so real,

apples fill the market place,

their scent upon the autumn air.


So many things that autumn brings,

like squirrels with chubby cheeks,

full of nuts and acorns,

ducks on golden autumn ponds.


Let’s go dance with the autumn breeze,

chase the falling leaves.

Let’s cheer for the crispy air

and wave as birds take wing.


The pleasure of autumn flowers,

sharing their beauty,

filling our hearts with joy –

before the winter sets in.


Let’s go dance with the autumn breeze,

chase the falling leaves.

Let’s cheer for the crispy air

and wave as birds take wing.

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Dancing in the Dark

dancing 2

Just you and me,

he whispered so close,

just you and me –

in a world of love and romance.

He gave her roses,

with the scent of the sweetest perfume,

a glittering bauble or two,

but she said –

all she want was to be held close.

As he held her,

he whispered of his love,

always near and always dear.

Love by scented candlelight,

their love in full bloom,

as the sun set and twilight came.

Nothing like holding tight,

dancing in the dark,

dancing close,

just the two of them –

expressing their undying love.

Now and forever,

dancing in the dark,

dancing till the morning light,

it was never clearer,

that their love,

sparked flames,

that lit up the night sky.

They left behind,

blazing trails,

that made the broken hearted cry,

never knowing such love.

Hand in hand,

kisses full of fire and longing,

nights of passion,

leaving smoldering embers,

in the morning light,

on and on –

dancing in the dark.

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As the Weather Gets Colder

buds spring 084

The weather is getting colder,

the winds much bolder,

as swirling leaves go dancing by,

I reach for your hand so warm.

Love knows no seasons,

but it is ever so much warmer,

when you need to cuddle –

to keep away the chill of autumn.

Let’s take a walk.

through the scrunching fallen leaves,

let’s hold hands

and kiss as the cold envelops us.

Love can warm most any heart,

best it be yours and mine,

when I have to close the doors and windows –

against the chill I want you to be there.

Let’s make the autumn and winter,

a warm memory,

with candlelight and sweet wine,

with kisses that speak of passion.

Let’s weather the colder seasons together,

to make it through the rain and snow,

to melt the icicles by our windows,

just from the kisses we share.

So as the weather gets bolder,

come and hold me until the spring,

comes round again

and I won’t feel the cold oh, no.

Remember only you and I can make it,

through the autumn and winter together,

our love will see us through –

the paths of falling leaves and snow.

When the spring,

once again comes over the windowsill,

Our love will be ever stronger

and we’ll have weathered it all.

So let’s settle in as the autumn has arrived,

the magic of winter is still ahead,

we’ve got plenty of time for romancing –

so light the candles and kiss me my love.

In our magical world,

outside the leaves may swirl by,

the snowflakes and the north wind blow –

but we know in our love we’ll glow.

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Only Words of Love

Red Roses 001

Silently sitting and dreaming,

in the purple twilight,

I think of our love

and all the years together that have flown.


I could sing you a song,

of love so very true,

but I’d sound crazier –

than June bugs in the summertime.


Grasshoppers make a sweeter sound,

so you see,

all I have are words –

to steal your heart away.


Come night or day,

your smile lights my way,

your eyes shining so bright,

always give me delight.


Only words to express,

all that I feel inside,

but I cannot chain you to me,

it must a real love be.


If you love me true,

I’ll never make you blue,

with you by my side –

life is a real carousel ride.


So accept my words,

of love that I offer you,

to make you see the truth –

as you look into my eyes the very soul of me.


With bated breath I wait,

for your response,

then your passionate kiss,

makes me realize.


You really love me true,

a man of few words,

your actions speak instead,

you loving me, me loving you –

for all eternity.

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Night Comes Riding In

Sid Laptop 019

As the curtain of night falls,

come the sounds of voices,

from far away –

biding one another good-night till the morning light.

The road is quiet and still,

stretching past houses and fields,

even the river now flowing much slower,

like a black ribbon stretching onward,

waiting for the moon above –

to make a silvery path across the water.

The rush of day is over,

no more sounds of footsteps,

quietly the day draws away,

a lone whippoorwill,

sits listening to the stillness

and begins its nighttime serenade.

The wind softly whispers,

through the shadowy trees

and clouds drift across the sky.

So different so mysterious,

is the nighttime,

when it comes calling,

along with soft lullabies

and songs that sing of sweet love.

There is a kind of beauty,

with thoughts of a giant paint brush,

coloring the sky in black

and yet, I know,

that somewhere the sun is shining,

but I am content to let the night soothe me,

like a song with words forgotten,

but the melody plays on and on,

there is such beauty, such romance –

when the nighttime comes riding in.

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Sad Goodbyes

birds mig

The morning came,

with the plop of rain falling down.

There was silence from the window,

only the raindrops like tears coursing down

and I missed the bird choruses so.

Now my apple tree stands empty,

offering the last apples.

There are no birds dancing on the branches,

mo songs to be sung.

Autumn has settled in

and the song birds have flown.

Such an odd silence,

taking a walk in the woods.

A lonely woodpecker,

can be heard knocking on wood.

The parks give me some comfort,

pigeons are old friends,

they never leave.

I wonder if it’s possible –

to teach them to sing?

Their coos so comforting,

as I feed them bread.

The ponds are full of ducks,

still swimming before the water,

becomes silent and still.

Gulls still fly in from the sea,

seeking fish at the market.

In my garden the crows, ravens, and blackbirds,

hop about or fly overhead cackling.

I saw the last of the migratory birds,

flying overhead.

One of them turned its head,

as if in silent good-bye –

until it be spring again.

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With Only One Hello

Party 008

Their love began,

with only one hello,

one sparkling smile

and Cupid’s arrow.

It was an ordinary day,

the sun was in the sky

and long afterwards –

she’d be wondering why.

Why was it that his hello,

made it all seem so right,

made her heart,

skip a beat.

For them it took one day

and a simple hello,

to know that they were meant,

for each other.

Life can be so funny,

not always sunny,

but there are moments –

which we remember a whole lifetime long.

How pleasant,

to be able to treasure,

a love so special –

that began with a single hello.

Their first kiss,

was so volatile,

it wasn’t to be missed

and they enjoyed every moment they kissed.

Love walks, love talks,

daydreams shared,

moonlit strolls

and a love so true.

To some it seemed odd,

that they could never part,

but when true love shines –

it’s like the morning sun shining at dawn.

When true love glows,

it’s like a burning fire,

that can even melt –

the coldest winter snows.

The seasons may come and go,

but only love knows why it is so,

that the moments spent together,

are engraved in the stars forever.

Long afterwards,

when the years have flown

and silver threads replace the gold,

together they’ll remember –


it all began with one hello.

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