A Song of Love and Promise

Summer 2012 113

Promise me you’ll stay for a lifetime

and love me with passion

promise me to always be true

never make me blue


give me your love everyday

as the sun rises and sets

because life’s so very short

hand in hand throughout the days


promise me that you’ll be there smiling in the mornings

holding me tight when night falls

promise me that your smile will guide me

by my side you’ll always be


promise to hold my hand

as we walk down life’s treacherous byway

never let me fall

promise me you’ll hold me as tears course down my cheeks

kiss all my fears away

promise me you’ll give your sweet love

as the curtain of darkness falls upon each day

promise me that it will be you

who’ll love me till the end of time


give me your love everyday

as the sun rises and sets

because life’s so very short

and every moment’s a golden memory

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Playing His Guitar


He sat softly strumming his guitar,

plucking the strings,.

As the notes fell like stars,

upon his being so very lonely.

Thinking about the girl,

who had broken his heart.

She had come like a lovely surprise,

unexpected and an absolute delight.

Then just as suddenly,

this girl had stolen his heart

and taken it with her when she went away.

It threw him for a loop,

made his world rock and sway.

He had but two things,

which he treasured the most.

They were his heart and his guitar

and so here he sat,

wondering why love had to be so sad.

Weeping and all alone,

he wrote the greatest love songs –

but couldn’t find a love of his own.

It brought a little smile,

as he kept right on strumming,

sweet accords like mellow wine.

He so longed for a love,

who would be just content,

to love a song writer,

who would sing all of his love songs –

just for her.

She’d be content to sit and listen,

dreaming wonderful dreams of a love so true.

The words and the music,

would never make her blue.

For they would come from the heart,

of a musician with a heart,

full of love and passion.

He kept on playing all the day long

and as the sun sank low,

the purple twilight came,

with a melancholy sadness all its own.

The music soon made the aching much less,

perhaps tomorrow he’d find a new love

and his heart would be whole again.


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When Our Dreams Have Wings

Summer 2012 092

When our dreams have wings,

we can do most anything.

See this world,

in rainbow colors

and know that something good,

is just around the bend.

When our dreams have wings.

we can be like birds high above,

seeing the world,

while daydreaming on clouds sailing by.

When our dreams have wings,

we have happiness –

which never fails us.

We can see the positive,

about most everything

and know that there is always hope –

just beyond reach.

That someday,

everything will fall into place

and we’ll have a big smile on our face.

When our dreams have wings,

they keep us always on top of things,

we never fail to remember

and we never give up –

till our best dreams come true.

When our dreams have wings,

our hearts are lighter,

our days much brighter.

We live and love much more intently

and never but never,

forget to sing a merry tune.

We must wait,

someday surely our lives will be great.

In the mean time we hold on,

we live, we wait,  we hope

and before we can even realize,

the time we spend with family and friends –

is the best of times in our lives.

Each day there is some sun,

the clouds above do have silver linings.

If we keep on dreaming,

if we keep on loving,

if we keep on living and believing.

Treasuring all that we already have,

soon we’ll see,

that sometimes what we have is enough

and that fulfilling another dream or two,

is just adding some magic to our lives,

that are already filled with riches and blessings –

when our dreams have wings.

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Let Me Hold You

Interesting Pics for Posting 042

Let me hold you,

if only for awhile.

Life has not been kind

and I know our love has gone.


Let me hold you,

for a moment longer.

Long after I’ll be aching –

for the kisses I’ll be missing.


Let me hold you,

so that I’ll always remember,

how your arms around me felt –

deep into the velvety night.


Let me hold you,

so when I’m alone,

I won’t be frightened –

with no one to love.


Let me hold you,

so you can hear how my heart beats,

like a caged bird –

struggling to get free.


Let me hold you,

so I have these moments,

to remind me of when,

our love was new.


Let me hold you,

so that you’ll know,

the pain I’m feeling –

perhaps then you won’t go.


Your eyes now so distant,

your smile so cold.

Can it really be?

That love like a candle,

can stop burning bright.


Let me hold you….

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Every Time She Looked

Riga Holidays 027

Every time she looked,

he couldn’t get any better.

He was the guy she adored

and her world belonged to him.


He’d be there keeping her from being sad,

through the every day,

through the good and the bad.


She could count on him,

from friend, to lover, to husband

and their love was forever sealed.


He was always there,

never did she have to fear,

from baby to baby,

from year to year.


She knew he would be there,

giving her the love she needed,

holding her hand and loving her.


The years that went by,

didn’t matter to them.

They were always together,

through rain and through shine.


The kids grew up,

the grandkids came.

They grew old together

and still in love.


Now as the twilight years have come,

their love has mellowed like fine wine.

Together they’ve built a life,

overcoming every strife.


Even now her husband,

still looks to her as he once did.

The years haven’t taken a thing –

every time she looked.

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Teddy, My Friend


When doubts come upon me,

in the dark of night,

when nothing seems right anymore,

then I take you and hug you –

my dearest friend from so long ago.


A steaming cup of black tea beside me,

as the twilight fades from the sky.

The stars come out to play,

holding your soft body close –

we sit silent in the dark.


It seems then that if you could whisper to me,

you would say, “Be glad for the life you’ve been given”.

“I have sparkling eyes that don’t see

and a mouth that cannot speak

and I’m just full of foam with no heart that beats”.

Still Teddy, I still love you so.


As we sit by the window,

the moon lights up the night

and I look at Teddy with a fond smile.

He was there when I was little,

he dried all my tears,

he has seen me grow and I know –

that he can still comfort me.


So even if it seems silly now,

the two of us here.

Teddy can still make me smile,

make me remember the many blessings,

that I should be counting instead of tears.

So I’ll put behind all my fears

and as Teddy sits in his place of prominence,

upon my dresser,

I’ll go forth to face life,

with joy and a zest for living.


So Teddy, my friend,

thank you once again,

for putting all the pieces in place.

For mending a heart that was shattered once more,

for reminding me what life is worth

and that I’m the best there is,

with you it’s been put to the test

and your love does the rest.

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Love Always Shines

Just Recently Taken 078

Like a long winding river,

my love flows for you.

Like the southern winds,

that warmth blow,

you make my heart glow.


Like the sun that rises in the sky,

I see the love shine in your eyes.

Hand in hand this world we can roam,

together in love,

we can make a home.


The light of love,

the brightest shines,

when love is true,

you’re never alone and blue.


So take hold of the hand,

that reaches out to you.

Never let go of the love,

warming your very heart and soul.



No sun could shine brighter,

no mood could be lighter.

Always your loving smile,

like waves upon the ocean,

sends your loving vibes to me.


As time goes by,

no matter what it brings.

With you I can be sure life will be grand

and my heart takes wing,

begins to sing.


So promise me true,

always beside me,

for even as the years roll by,

forever young and in love we’ll be.

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