Your Smile Like the Sun


Your smile makes my world so bright

never can I frown

when you’re around

smiling like the rays of the sun

feeling low or down

the tracks of tears

rolling down my cheeks

I need to see you smile

with eyes twinkling

like the sun coming out

after the rain

soon all the bad feelings

have disappeared like footprints

that the waves of the sea wash away

your smile brings a brighter day

together we can weather

all the rainy days that gather

as long as you keep on smiling

making rainbow bridges across the sky

when my days are so gray

nothing much to say

as heavy as a silent bell

your smile makes me sing again

nothing in this world

can matter to me

more than the love we share

your smile tells me that you care

then my heart takes wing

my soul starts to sing

love songs just for you

melodies that bring memories

of our precious love

keep on smiling like you always do

keeping our love so true

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Making Love a Fantasy

Horse winged

Let’s make our love

a fantasy

that can make us as happy as we can be

let’s pretend that we can dance

from star to star

while the moon winks down at us

let’s pretend we have wings

and our love can take us

to the highest heights

taking a ride

through a glittering night sky

when daytime comes

let’s hitch a ride

on a great big cloud

that’s floating by

let’s hold hands

as we soar over many lands

setting down by the ocean

watching dolphins dancing

upon the waves at play

make wishes on starfishes

and enjoy our love

soar back on the wings

of an eagle

so great and mighty

let’s do it

let’s make our love

a fantasy

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Life Like a Never Ending Story



Life like a river flows

it never slows

hitting the rapids now and then

no matter how we try to guess

we never know when

years like birds

fly across eternal skies

life’s a never ending dance

a ride on a swing

which takes us up and down

here we see ourselves coming

soon we are already departing

always changing

never rearranging

and we follow along

as the carousel of life

goes round

reaching for and seeking

what our dreams

and happiness bring

until that final curtain

when we take our bows

and our souls

take flight

while our hearts sing

entering another dimension

dancing through the starry sky

wondering if we’ll return

so life may once again begin

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Quiet Thoughts


Quiet thoughts ease my mind

when the day has been long

the road has become rough

and my thoughts are chained and bound

it’s hard to be inspired

when your world has turned upside down

then it’s great to commune with nature

where everything is quiet and still

I can think quiet thoughts

and ease my mind

from the weary day

that has just ended

I take a walk outside

in my garden

there I can get the inspiration I need

the sky above shines a light down on me

and the moon is beaming

my troubled mind

can find the satisfaction it needs

quiet thoughts

to ease my mind

renewed inspiration

to pass the time

I find I can put it all together

once more

just as long as I let

my troubles go away

and remain with quiet thoughts

quiet times

muse inspired

and in the night

to find

love desired

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The Sun and the Moon

Summer 2012 007Sid Laptop 019

He came shining out

as nighttime came

just as they passed each other by

she fell in love

he winked and she felt warm all over

when he was around

it was time for her to sleep

sometimes in the early mornings

they would stay up in the sky together

side by side

and just after twilight time

they would pass each other by

he loved her brilliant smile

she loved his changing ways

she only wished that they could shine together

it just wasn’t meant to be

but it sure was a good feeling

that they were both celestial orbs

that people adored them

and poets wrote about them

inspired by their muses

songs were sung to honor them

and yes, that made it all worthwhile

in this love affair

between the sun and the moon in the sky

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Summer Pleasures


It was summertime

that was all that mattered

as it flittered and fluttered

from flower to flower

in a green meadow

it had all summer to dance

all summer to love and romance

there was nothing to stand in the way

except for a rainy day

the sun blazed above

the sweet smell of berries

and new mown grass\

It was summer

and summer was for fun

it had a coat of many colors

all orange and green and yellow

high, high up in a blue summer sky

past clouds drifting by

down back into the meadow

where the red poppies

and yellow daisies beckoned

from clover to clover

in a dance that made it so dizzy

summer always made it seem

that this dream

would go on and on

till even eternity

but alas it knew

that it had but one summer to live and love

for fall would come

and its life was so short

but oh, to dance and to be merry

for as long as it could

made this butterfly so very happy

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Love for the Creature

Happy Halloween!


They told her not to go

along the hillside

past the cemetery

simply because you never know

what lurks in the dark

spirits have been known to show

beneath the moonlight

among the gravestones

but she simply laughed

and off she went

the night was lovely

the moon was full

as she reached the top of the road

something slippery

something unknown

made her feet go flying

and she tumbled down the hill

through a gap in the cemetery fence

thump went her body

and then she blinked

some kind of odd room

with lit torches against the walls

surely she hadn’t tumbled

into a crypt

looking about with relief

there was some kind of wooden door

or so to her it seemed

then she heard a tap, tap, tap

like someone bored

tapping their fingernails

against some wood

the hair stood up on her neck

as she turned toward the sound

there he sat so tall and proud

his bald head ending in a long thin face

the chin rather sharp

eyes like burning embers

blood-red lips

and he looked at her and said,

“Good evening, thank you for dropping in”.

as she listened and saw his malevolent grin

she backed up doing a tip-toe dance

toward that wooden door

but when she had given distance

between him and her

there was no longer any door there

at least she didn’t think so

then he blew her little mind

when he said.

“Not many drop by, not any more,

and it is so lonely down here”.

with that he laughed a maniacal laugh

and his eyes dangerously glittered

in horror she realized

she had fallen into a crypt

it was just her and this creature

alone perhaps forever more

then the thought came

to tell him of things he never wanted to hear

and she found herself

telling him of the world about

of love, of happiness

on and on she babbled

he first looked startled

and then simply surprised

then he tapped his long fingernails

on the wooden table beside him

laughed that awful laugh and said,

“Would you, could you love me?”

at first she wasn’t sure if she had heard right

then quickly she replied,

“Of course, I could love you”.

“In fact I think I already do”.

and yes, for some inexplicable reason

she felt compassion and something more

for this creature living alone in this crypt

as soon as she had thus replied

he sat up taller and looked into her eyes

at that moment behind her

that wooden door creaked open

and she felt the cool night air

“Do come and see me some time”,

the creature said.

then she slowly walked over to him

and took one of his cold hands

with the amazingly long tapered fingers

and the sharp, long nails

it was so dry and papery

and she held it to her heart,

“You know I do love you, you were meant

to be loved”.

His eyes gleamed and he smiled a most ghastly smile,

“Then you must come visit me often and I’ll tell you tales from my past”.

she found herself agreeing

and then quickly ran to the door and out

the wind had picked up

as she made her way up the hill

she looked back at the crypt

that looked dark from this side

but she knew that creature was there

and she shed a tear for his loneliness

she knew that even when she got home

and later in the light of day

she would think about him

and their strange friendship

and she would return

the following night

with a bottle of wine

to sit curled at his feet

and listen to the tales of centuries past

while hurting for and loving this strange creature of the dark

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