Dancing With Moonbeams

Sid Laptop 019

What a wondrous thing it is

to go out on a moonlit night

seeing silvery moonbeams filter through clouds

blown about by the night breezes


down below they throw shadows

that seem to jump around

how lovely to bow before a moonbeam

and invite it to dance


dancing round among the moonbeams

like in some dreamy fantasy

here light and shadow mingle

truly a joy to behold


moonbeams light up the night

filtering down from above

if you let your heart believe

silvery fairies come sliding down upon the beams


they fly about

sprinkling sparkling silver dust

turning the night into magic

while you’re dancing with moonbeams

till the morning light

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Springtime 2014 030

Whisper to me

so soft and low


whisper to me

every evening before you go


whisper to me

words of love

tell me that you love me only


whisper to me

when we sit side by side

and make me sigh


whisper to me

and content I’ll be

tell me that you adore me so


whisper to me

never leave me

over and over again

hold me tight


whisper to me

while we’re dancing

croon loves sweet melody

and make me swoon


whisper to me

so that I’ll never forget

your sweet voice

it will stay in my ear

even if life should part us


so always whisper to me

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Memory Lane

Just Recently Taken 021

Ah, memory lane

you make me smile

a place where I can go

leisurely stroll


honeysuckle vines hanging down

the scent of jasmine in the air

tall oaks whispering in the breeze

that is a walk down memory lane


smiling faces

and dreams that come true

sun rays dancing about

your shadow walking with you down memory lane


times that like diamonds shine

photos flashing in your mind

happiness that never ends

that’s what you’ll find on memory lane


where rainbows arch across the sky

and clouds have silvery linings

everywhere you look

a new adventure round the bend on memory lane


come take my hand

and we’ll go strolling

while old melodies play

we’ll roll back the years on memory lane


nothing there is ever the same

roses in every garden bloom

there is no gloom, no drop of rain

down on memory lane


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The Magic of the City Night


The pace of the day was slowing

and according to the lowering sun

the night would soon come riding in

the pulse of the city at night would begin


so it was with every night

in large cities like New York

Manhattan’s business districts emptied

but the residential streets filled with people


they all came out

as the blinking neon lights called

like a river of people

they flowed this way and that


shoulder to shoulder

forward we’d march

each to their own

nighttime destination


there seemed to me a mist in the air

as the colorful neon surrounded me

colors everywhere in rainbow hues

as I ducked into a basement bar


here in the dark interior

to forget about life for awhile

the drinks were flowing like from fountains

and people were laughing and dancing


this atmosphere made me forget

and dear friends called round after round

soon I was dancing with laughing faces

and everyone seemed to be a friend


far into the night

the music would pulsate

heart beating along with the drums

let’s drink to the night and to life


soon it seemed as if it was another world

here in this artificial magical cave

where people came and went

and it seemed the party would never end


I wondered in how many cities

this scene was familiar

most likely in Rome, Paris or London

and time seemed to retreat


soon it was the moment

to return to reality

stepping out into the street

the night was drifting away


I wondered where I was

was it Rome, Paris or London

and then the first rays of the sun

created a city of gold


thousands of windows

that had looked like empty eyes

in the dawning light

now shown with golden light


they sparkled so bright

that my eyes began to tear

then I knew this could only be

the early morn in Manhattan


and I smiled that I had forgotten for a moment

and as the magical sun rays

rose up higher finding their way

to peep through the spaces between the skyscrapers


I made my way through the early Manhattan dawn

where it seemed I was in Eldorado

and had found my gold

walking in the still empty morning streets

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Closed Door

elusive dreams

Ever since the door on love

closed to me

my heart keeps leading me

back to your front door


it is there that I stop

knowing the door to me is closed

no one waiting to see my smiling face

no one there loves me


yet, I cannot think that love

can end so suddenly

surely if there was a spark

it is there, somewhere in the dark


and so I spend my days

wandering about

my heart longing for the love

behind that closed door


perhaps if our two eyes met

in sudden surprise we’d be

then perhaps you’d remember me

and love’s door would open wide


I just cannot hide

there is nowhere to go

you are in my mind, my thoughts

you are there behind that closed door


I stray not knowing the time of day

be it morning , noon or night

my heart has a mind of its own

and my feet keep walking back to you


across the street upon a park bench

I’ve become mesmerized by your door

I sit and I ache and I long for you

but the door never magically opens


then one day I was passing

my heart heavy, eyes misted with tears

blindly I stumbled along

looking up your door was open

breathlessly I ran up the stoop

and stepped inside

there you were, a sight to behold

the rays of the sun caught the glint in your eyes


you looked at me in great surprise

this woman who you brushed aside

then your face softened and you smiled

“We were once in love, weren’t we?”


and so I found my way

back into your loving arms

there to stay forever more

gone the days of the closed door

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Sing Me a Song

piano keyboards

Sing me a song

tell me that you care

bring back the joy

of loving everyday


bang those drums

make my heart beat

strum that guitar

make my feet tap


bring some joy

into this world of mine

hold me and rock me

like in the days of old


never forget

that you and I

were born into this world

to walk it together


you know that together

we always make it better

so bring on the songs, the music

make me want to sing along


soon spring will be peeping

over the windowsill

the sun as warm as your love

and shining just as bright


chase away the gloom

bring the broom and sweep away the blues

compose a rock concerto

the way only you can do


let’s hear the music

fill the entire room

from corner to corner

as the shadows roll away


so sing me a song

as loud as you know how

bring on the happy times

for in our lives the best of times is now


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The Windmill of Love


That which we know as love

can be fickle or true

like the spokes of a windmill

love goes round and round


a love that isn’t true

will make a believer out of you

a foggy mist all around the windmill knows

to turn whichever way the wind blows


love is a mystical thing

it comes and goes

people appear into our lives

going round like through a revolving door


the windmill’s of love keep turning

our whole lives through

our hearts keep beating

searching for a love that is true


when at last our hearts find a home

the windmill stops turning

standing like a sentinel

guarding our hearts


we keep close all who are dear to us

never letting strange winds blow them away

and love’s windmill keeps turning our way

only when warning signs need heeding


remember to keep refueling

love’s windmill as the years go by

fill it full of precious memories

to treasure till the day you die

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