Round a Revolving Door

Interesting Pics for Posting 080

Came tumbling down the hill

just as spring bounced in

smelled the freshly mown grass

saw flowers springing from the ground

then I turned round

and summer was before me

the bees were buzzing

flower scent in the air

hardly dared to breathe

so all the beauty wouldn’t disappear

birds trilling in the air

perfumed nights

of shimmering stars

the moon beaming from afar

over the top of the hill

tumbling down the other side

what a wild ride

down at the foot

there I now sit

wondering where summer is going

and why fall is not far behind

just saw a pair of storks

packing for the south

leaving their nest

afraid of catching early frosts come September

soon I’ll be gazing at trees with flaming treetops

as leaves change to golden, orange and red

then I always want to spread my arms

catch the colder winds

and dance along with the swirling leaves

still in my heart there is sorrow

at end of each summer

wasn’t I just heading into spring

now going out summer’s back door

What is it all for?

like spinning round

a revolving door

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Softly Falling Rain


Tiny splatters

I hear the raindrops fall

like teardrops they cascade

along my window pane


soft gentle rain

like a sweet caress

running down my cheeks

as I look up into the leaden sky

rain 2

I look up toward the rain

seeing the silvery gray above

a fine curtain of rain

closing the world from me


rain ever so soft and gentle

I watch as the raindrops

splash against my window

wondering if they bring greetings to me


perhaps someone once dear to me

sends me love

as raindrops keep tapping

to say I love you

rain 2

rain brings daydreams

in a world now wet and shiny

waiting for the clouds to part

and for rainbows to start


each raindrop I greet

as it courses down the window pane

bringing me precious memories

from the clouds in the sky above

rain 2

and so I sit by my window

looking out into the rain

I hear gentle rainy day music

listening to it drip, drip, drip

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My Love, My Life

Spring Clouds and Flowers 016

How many times

I’ve said you’re my love, my life

even through the rough times

of each and every day

when I am afraid of what tomorrow will bring

you become my fortress against every storm


I sure hope I’m your love, your life

the one that you care the most for

for you are the one I adore

my heart is in your hands

it cannot be any other way

Interesting Pics for Posting 042

so take my hand

as we go down life’s road

there is still so much adventure

for you and me to share

all through the years

together we’ll be

keeping each other young and fair

Cool Riga Pics 136

so my love, my life

our love will always shine

as our hearts are pure gold

let our kisses be filled with passion

dancing cheek to cheek

always loving each other

I truly believe

our love was meant to be

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Days of Love and Sunshine

Summer 2012 007

Deep in the night

as she lay where she had tumbled

from the pedestal upon which

he had placed her

remembering the days of love and sunshine

now only storm clouds and rain

wondering if there would ever be

someone else like him

to pick her up and make her smile

wondering why she would want another guy

just to break her heart again

sipping wine by moonlight

fallen and broken the pedestal  smashed

smiles far between

memories so painful

she wanted to scream

and so she lay there

hoping perhaps to dream

but she knew that all of her best dreams

would be of him

the one who smashed her heart

to a trillion smithereens

no glue could put it all together

and she wished that her soul

could take a flight

to where her loved ones were

where they could help her

overcome the pain

instead the tears fell like heavy rain

a broken doll

no toymaker to repair

no one to care

remembering the days

of love and sunshine

hoping someday they’d come again

this time they would last

till then she’d push

those memories aside

till one day she could say

she’d create her own

days of love and sunshine

no guy need disturb

this, her house of bliss

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When Love Came


It came like a magical genie

through a stream of smoke

from a golden lamp

like so many colorful butterflies

flittering from flower to flower

in the summertime

it filled my world

with lovely music

like a bee serenade

on a lovely, sunny summer’s day

it made me smile

to think of your blue eyes

as blue as Egyptian skies

so many things

it brought to mind

and I find

that it gives my heart wings

and makes me want to fly

with the birds up high

beside the white drifting clouds

as they go floating by

it makes me hear old melodies

that fill me with memories

and I can imagine

the musical notes

flying about me

making me giddy with happiness

so incredible is this unbelievable feeling

the feeling that is love

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The Moon and the Stars in the Sky

Spring moon

Conversing with the stars

is easy to do

as they gently twinkle above

beaming brightly in the dark of night

I know the brightest stars I see

are smiles of loved ones

now in the world beyond

reminding me of gladder times

as the stars quietly whisper to me

of all that has been

and still will be

out came that golden orb

winking back at me

the moon is an old friend of mine

the witness to much romance

found in the moonlight

he never reveals the secrets

of lovers dancing beneath his glow

sharing secret kisses

delighting in their special love

when the stars and the moon

come together with night clouds

that go floating by

the shadows created

make lovely pictures

in the mysterious night

and the wind sends the clouds

sailing across the sky

past the stars and the moon

making me feel as if I could fly

when just for a moment

the clouds hide the moon

I know that very soon

it will come shining through again

and the magic will continue

long into the night

until the first sign of dawn

when the sky becomes a rosy hue

and the stars turn off their nightlights

the moon waits for the sun

in the very early morn

says good-night

until the dark descends once more

and another night of magic

will play it’s moon and stars serenade

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For The Good Times


Little things are the best

it’s the simple times

we remember

better than the rest

lazy days when there’s no hurry

hazy skies with a bit of a mist

making it seem as though we’re in a fairytale

and we can sit and dream

watching the clouds drifting by

as the birds dance through the skies

take the good times

and hold on tight

keep them in your heart

make a special memory

memories like diamonds shine

long into the darkest night

when things seem  to no longer  rhyme

and all you have on your hands is time

set apart those special moments

and share them with the one you love

and the good times will keep rolling along

never set out on a lonely road

always make sure you have

a warm hand to hold

so that the night won’t be so cold

make wishes upon stars

from way up far

for a tomorrow when you won’t be blue

and all of your dreams will really come true

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