Dancing with the Summer Breeze

Pink White Roses 002

I want to dance,

along with the summer breeze.

Flit along with the butterflies,

that go dancing from flower to flower.

Along with the bumblebees,

I want to dance,

to spread my arms

and catch the summer breeze.

To see if I could fly,

along with the birds and clouds,

that go floating by.

I want to dance,

with the summer breeze.

A dusty country road,

to go rolling along,

with a free-flowing river.

I want to dance,

with the summer breeze,

see where it will take me.

I love to watch,

the tops of the trees,

waving at me in the breeze.

I love to see the birds,

twittering and chirping,

as they fly along –

carried by the summer breeze.

I want to be,

as free as them all

and dance along with the summer breeze.

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Autumn Sounds

buds spring 045.jpg

Sounds I hear sounds,

they’re the sad sounds,

of the change of the wind

and the soft swish of the leaves,

curled up and falling from the trees.

Summer days are coming to an end,

harvest time is here

and the autumn is flying in.

Flocks of birds in the sky,

geese honking their farewell,

even nature starts to look different –

the summer colors becoming less bright.

Soon leaves will be flying about

and I’ll be walking along,

on a carpet of brown, orange, yellow, and red.

In the woods, the first mushrooms appear,

pinecones are everywhere

and tall oak trees,

are dropping acorns to the ground.

Squirrels scampering about,

it seems all of nature,

is getting ready for autumn to come.

I still see green outside my window

and it seems that I,

don’t want to look away,

because I know that the next time I look,

the view will have changed,

and autumn winds will have blown in.

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Autumn is Coming

marigolds 2

I was walkin’ down a country road,

just whistlin’ a mindless tune,.

when the wind started blowin’

and a golden leaf blew down

at my feet and I realized –

that the autumn was a-comin’.


Oh my dear,

I greatly fear,

that summers at an end.

Soon the days will be growin’,

so much shorter

and the nights will be,

so much longer.

I feel so lonely

that I could cry

and I wonder why?


The autumn colors so very bright,

in the hazy sunlight,

squirrels chasing acorns,

the north wind,

playing with my hair.


There will be bonfires to warm us,

nights of holding hands

and scented candles flaming,

while the snow swirls by the windows,

bare treetops waving in the breeze.


So my darlin’,

take my hand,

let’s walk down the country road,

a ways.

Among the swirls of reds, oranges, and browns,

while the golden sun is still warm upon us

and the trees are not bare yet,

let’s go a-runnin’ through the woods,

dancing with the swirling leaves,

before winter comes a-knockin’,

upon our door.

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Summer Skies

Summer 2012 031

The road through winter,

so very long still,

snow and ice beneath my feet,

the north wind whistling in my ear,

I close my eyes

and think of summer skies.


Up above not a single cloud,

all fogged up and gray,

the branches of the trees,

like wrinkled old hands,

reaching up toward the heavens,

I look up with tired eyes –

wishing to see summer skies.


Down by the river,

slushy snow all around,

the water still partially frozen,

no ducks and no gulls,

no green grasses upon the bank

and wildflowers don’t grow,

my eyes see how dismal it all looks

and I long for summer skies.


Up above a storm is brewing,

across the sky, dark clouds rolling,

haven’t seen the sun for many a day,

silvery snowflakes come dancing down

 and as I sigh and roll my eyes,

I remember how very different it all is –

when up above I see summer skies.

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Precious Moments


Life gives many precious moments,

times that fill the heart with gladness,

times that bring sorrow.

There are never guarantees,

for a brand new tomorrow,

so embrace the life you have,

to live each day with joy,

to live each day right,

hold on to the love you have

and the sunshine will always shine so very bright.


Life’s golden moments.

always seem so right,

they leave many precious memories,

as each day goes sailing by.

Hold onto the one you love,

those special moments go by so quickly,

Remember to store them in your heart,

to save for any rainy day –

that might come your way.

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Remembering You


It has been some time,

since you went away.

The summers we spent,

are forever in my memory.

When I get nostalgic the memories of you –

come to mind like waves rolling in from the sea.


Wet sand beneath my feet,

the sun reflecting sparkling diamonds,

that shimmer and shine upon the waves.

Seeing you beckoning to me,

to come for a swim in the sea.

So many sparkling memories,

always at the seaside for me,

someday I know,

that when your hand I’ll take,

we’ll step together –

into the Sea of Paradise.

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The River


I wondered how it would be,

if like a river my life,

kept flowing without a memory –

just on and on till eternity.

No photographs to smile about,

just reflections on the water,

no friends or family,

just trees along the way –

waving farewell with the breeze.

Life upon the river,

is without worry or doubt,

gulls dancing on the ripples,

ducks paddling near the shore,

fishes swimming and frogs hopping –

boats rowing down the river.

Yesterday’s dreams,

laid down by a rock,

gathering moss,

but the river knows,

that its dreams will come true,

when it reaches a waterfall,

to go swirling down in ecstasy.

The seasons dictate the river,

in autumn carrying falling leaves,

like colorful boats along,

the winter silences the river,

making it frozen in time,

then along comes the spring

and with the spring thaws, it breaks free,

to go tumbling along,

unchained and unbound –

all through the summertime.

It is a free soul of its own,

flowing on and on,

from city to city

and if it pleases through cities,

where people love to dream,

by the river –

here today flowing on tomorrow.

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