Drifting Along

Riga Holidays 003

I’d like to drift,
down a lazy river,
hear the water lapping,
against my wooden boat.

To drift and look up at a sunny sky
and watch the clouds drifting by.
To see the birds in flight,
floating down the lazy river.

I’d like to drift in dreams,
that take me to magical places,
like in wonderful fairy tales –
where all the endings are happy ones.

To get lost in memories,
that are so dear to me,
how very happy I’d be –
just drifting along.

Just to drift,
holding on to thoughts,
of love and friends
and memories made along the way.

Drifting beneath bridges so tall,
leaving my yesterdays behind.
Boldly facing a brave tomorrow –
seeking the happiness I long to find.

To drift,
as if there were no cares
and let my mind –
take me to where my heart longs to be.

I wish I could thumb a ride,
on a cloud that reminds me,
of a winged horse
and just fly away.

Just sailing along with the breeze,
over the tops of trees,
drifting, drifting –
just me and my dreams.

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Love from the Heart


Like flowers that need,
the sun and rain to grow,
so love needs to be nourished
and needs smiles to make –
the days so very bright.
Love requires,
so much that many,
think it so easy –
to say I love you.
Just three words,
nothing more than petals on the wind –
if they don’t come from the heart.

Love needs rainbows
and special thoughts,
it cannot grow,
if there are only,
three words to tell it so.
I love you,
can be said by anyone,
but it might not be true –
if it doesn’t come from the heart.

The day you find someone –
Do you find them in your heart?
Do your days begin and end
with your special love?
So bright and warm as the sun
or do they end cold and gray?
Like coals no longer,
with hot embers.
Love needs tender loving care,
love needs warmth and happy smiles –
love has to come from the heart.

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Everything Changes With Love


The day she met him,
nothing was ever the same,
the world looked so very different –
full of new hope and full of love.

He soon became the reason,
that she awoke in the morning,
the reason for her bright smile
and her joy in living.

With every heartbeat,
she hoped he felt the same
and when she looked into his sparkling eyes,
she knew he did.

The times they spent together,
where the stuff dreams are made of,
their world was so much brighter
and love gave them wings.

There were no gray skies,
only brilliant blue from now on,
if raindrops fell –
they were like quicksilver.

Nights of quiet passion
and shared kisses,
words of love,
so special and tender.

Strolling through the parks,
of the city,
she suddenly realized,
she had never really heard birds singing.

It was the day when hand in hand,
they strolled along,
the birds sang in chorus
and the sun rays danced.

The river flowed along,
reflecting the sun
and ripples like sparkling diamonds –
shone so very clearly.

During quiet evening walks,
the surrounding city neon lights,
suddenly seemed like colorful lanterns,
floating along in the dark.

Their love took them to new heights,
dreams left long behind,
were coming true,
the city seemed so magical.

Their love like a golden aura,
surrounded them and she smiled,
as she heard the birds singing –
in the city square.

Love can change so very much
and make the world a different place,
for those who love,
there are rainbows most everywhere.

So embrace love with all your mite,
never forget to say I love you,
dancing beneath the moonlight –
they sealed it with a kiss feeling so much bliss.

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Remind Me

Party 008

Remind me,

to love you, my friend,

remind me –

that life is wonderful indeed.

Remind me,

that as we go along life’s road,

we can sing a song –

of joy just you and I.

Remind me,

what life is all about,

when we sit side by side,

let’s always be content,

so that there is never any strife.

Never forget that this life,

would be nothing without you –

beside me day after day,

in sunshine or rain,

for your smile can outshine the sun

and you make any day much brighter.

Remind me,

that we have a life,

full of blessings and joy,

sent from heaven above

and then I’ll know,

what I’ve known all along,

that I love you so

and for my whole life long,

there is no one else like you

and that needs no reminding at all.

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Like Drifting Islands

Cyprus 29.10 - 11.11.07 066

They loved one another,

they really  did,

but time had slipped away –

now they were together yet apart.

There was always something

and the I love yous –

grew less.

The house became quieter,

they were like two people,

each living on their own private island,

close enough to reach by hand –

yet they could have been miles apart.

Lost in thought and worry,

each with an aching heart.

So day in and day out,

it had just become routine,

have a great day,

see you later

and life went on.

It was at some point,

when  late one night,

she saw his shadow,

Outlined by the window

and moonlight filled the room.

His shoulders were hunched

and she could hear his sighs,

yet, it seemed so difficult –

to just get up and reach out.

They had become like two drifting islands,

heading farther and farther apart.

However that night hearing his pain,

she did get up,

she did reach out

and it amazed her,

to discover that his pain was –

for what had happened to them.

Day by day being together yet apart

and that he longed to love her still.

Dawn was beginning to chase the night away

and the first sun rays peeped over the horizon.

These islands had finally drifted together

and slept sated and wrapped around each other –

oblivious to the new day.


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Never in Her Wildest Dreams


She never thought,

in her wildest dreams,

that she would find –

a love till the end of time.

Love had not always been kind

and she had been hurt,

burned so many times,

that love was no friend

and her heart –

was battered and bruised.

Then came the day,

when this new man,

came her way.

He was like a bright summer day,

that took all the sorrow away.

With time they learned,

to be the best of friends,

but never in her wildest dreams,

did she think that it would be,

a true love –

that had finally come her way.

When they were apart,

he was always in her heart,

when they were together,

she found herself breathless –

hanging onto every word.

They found themselves,

walking hand in hand,

kisses shared,

hearts pounding like bass drums.

Never in her wildest dreams,

did she think they’d fall in love,

the day he took her hand

and softly told her,

that she was the dream,

he’d longed for –

that she was the one he loved.

She felt her eyes fill with tears,

as she softly replied –

that she loved him too.

They were like two ships,

that had been tossed by a storm,

finally finding safe haven,

in each other’s arms.

Finding their way to love,

as if drawn by the bright rays of a lighthouse –

never in their wildest dreams.


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Let’s Dance in the Rain

rainy day

Let’s dance in the rain

and cleanse our spirits.

Dance as the rain.

comes pouring down.


Let’s dance in the rain,

turning all of our frowns,

upside down, smiling brightly,

filling the grey skies with a silver sheen.


Let’s dance in the rain,

like barefoot children,

laughing at the raindrops

and splashing in mud puddles.


Let’s dance in the rain,

no umbrellas over our heads,

no raincoats or boots

just bare feet able to dance free..


Let’s dance in the rain,

carefree and happy,

remembering the simple joy –

like a long-forgotten toy.


Let’s dance in the rain,

with no one telling us no,

watching the curtain of rain,

closing all around us.


Let’s dance in the rain,

nothing could be more delightful,

then the sweet-scented spring rain –

that makes everything glisten.


Let’s dance in the rain,

any kind of dance,

twirling about in dizzy rapture –

as the rain falls down.


Let’s dance in the rain,

nothing could be more delightful,

careful not to trample the spring flowers,

as the raindrops splash upon us –

until the rainbow stretches across the sky.

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