Never in Her Wildest Dreams


She never thought,

in her wildest dreams,

that she would find –

a love till the end of time.

Love had not always been kind

and she had been hurt,

burned so many times,

that love was no friend

and her heart –

was battered and bruised.

Then came the day,

when this new man,

came her way.

He was like a bright summer day,

that took all the sorrow away.

With time they learned,

to be the best of friends,

but never in her wildest dreams,

did she think that it would be,

a true love –

that had finally come her way.

When they were apart,

he was always in her heart,

when they were together,

she found herself breathless –

hanging onto every word.

They found themselves,

walking hand in hand,

kisses shared,

hearts pounding like bass drums.

Never in her wildest dreams,

did she think they’d fall in love,

the day he took her hand

and softly told her,

that she was the dream,

he’d longed for –

that she was the one he loved.

She felt her eyes fill with tears,

as she softly replied –

that she loved him too.

They were like two ships,

that had been tossed by a storm,

finally finding safe haven,

in each other’s arms.

Finding their way to love,

as if drawn by the bright rays of a lighthouse –

never in their wildest dreams.


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Let’s Dance in the Rain

rainy day

Let’s dance in the rain

and cleanse our spirits.

Dance as the rain.

comes pouring down.


Let’s dance in the rain,

turning all of our frowns,

upside down, smiling brightly,

filling the grey skies with a silver sheen.


Let’s dance in the rain,

like barefoot children,

laughing at the raindrops

and splashing in mud puddles.


Let’s dance in the rain,

no umbrellas over our heads,

no raincoats or boots

just bare feet able to dance free..


Let’s dance in the rain,

carefree and happy,

remembering the simple joy –

like a long-forgotten toy.


Let’s dance in the rain,

with no one telling us no,

watching the curtain of rain,

closing all around us.


Let’s dance in the rain,

nothing could be more delightful,

then the sweet-scented spring rain –

that makes everything glisten.


Let’s dance in the rain,

any kind of dance,

twirling about in dizzy rapture –

as the rain falls down.


Let’s dance in the rain,

nothing could be more delightful,

careful not to trample the spring flowers,

as the raindrops splash upon us –

until the rainbow stretches across the sky.

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Dancing Among the Stars

stars above

I danced among the stars

and became so bright,

like a white water lily –

blooming in the night.

Having escaped my fate,

I was just me,

so very aware to be.

I cannot tell you what color,

the stars were,

either gold or silver,

no one will they tell,

my eyes were full,

of their wonder

and my happiness overwhelmed.

On such nights I long to return,

to the stars up above,

to learn the secrets,

that they hold,

so that I can hear –

all the star stories that can be told.

While sweet night music,

plays on and on,

once again I dreamed,

that I was dancing among the stars,

they were all around me

and it seemed like a fantasy,

when I awoke in the morning light,

I knew that during the night –

I had truly taken a flight.

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The Bridges of Life

Riga Holidays 003

We cross many bridges in our lives –

some bring us to happiness,

some to tears

and some we’ll never forget.


In my memories, I see

a tall bridge

with the shining sea

beneath it.


Often we pass these bridges

because of broken hearts.

When we need to find

a new start and leave the past behind.


Tears and fears which remind us of yesterday

but longing to forget it all.

Leaving bridges behind

which once brought me to you.


There are bridges

that span mighty rivers.

Bridges that we can walk upon –

to dream and to reflect.


Bridges which make us remember,

things dear to us.

Most special are rainbow bridges

stretching across the skies,

once all the rains have dried.


Remembering many bridges

once left behind.

Only to regret

because the heart beats there still.


Wondering if there really was a time –

so simple then.

When crossing bridges

meant positive changes.


Can it be that there are bridges

which will never fade from memory?

Where beneath rivers flow

and old paths beckon.


Bridges across many miles

leaving behind a lot of smiles.

Many loves remain,

longing for our return.


Bridges that we remember

throughout our lives.

We’ve crossed perhaps in regret

and long to go back again.


Bridges which are best left in the past

but return in our dreams.

Of days long gone

but never forgotten.


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Remembering You

black rose

I remember loving you,

it seems for a lifetime,

you have been by my side –

never farther than the reach of my hand.


These memories will sparkle

and remain close to me,

it was without any warning –

that you broke my heart.


Now it seems that days,

drift by without meaning –

How can there be any meaning?

when even love was, but imitation.


I wonder,

if a new love has found you.

I wonder if you tell her,

you will love her forever.


Forever has lost its meaning,

you once promised me,

a love till all eternity –

then crushed my heart beneath your feet.


The last roses you gave me,

died the day you left,

they stand as a symbol,

in the vase, a symbol of the death of love.


Each day I watch,

as another dried up petal falls,

this is the time I need for healing,

for once the last petal has fallen –


my tears will all have dried,

my heart will be patched-up,

your photos burned –

another lesson in love I have learned.

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Love You Forever

More roses 004

They met just as she,

stepped over the threshold,

into adulthood

and she remembered perfectly,

that it was his smile,

that made her fall in love.

The first time when they were dancing

and he held her so tight,

was the moment she’d been longing for –

as he whispered into her ear, “I love you”.

Soon they were together

and loving one another,

after they wed,

in her parent’s garden,

they no longer said good-bye to one another,

they parted with love you forever.

Time went on and their love blossomed,

the worries of the world,

always faded every time,

they closed the door –

behind them at the end of the day.

The nights were so magical

and their days began with smiles,

as they parted for the day,

love you forever sounded.

Upon a dark and stormy night,

as the hours passed,

his last words kept echoing in her mind,

then as she sat beside his bed,

after the car accident,

on that stormy night,

just before he closed his eyes,

for the last time in this world,

he looked right in her eyes

and said, “love you forever”.

Returning home alone,

she wondered how it would now be

and that night wandering,

through the empty rooms,

she tried so hard to chase away the gloom,

when a whirl of wind surrounded her

and then his arms wrapped around her tight,

suddenly everything felt so right,

as he whispered in her ear,

love you now and always,

waiting for you on the other side,

love you forever.

When she felt that he was gone,

she wondered how she would go on,

for every day that she lived,

she would hear his words in her ear – –

love you forever.

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Faithless Love

black rose 3

She stumbled downstairs,

with early morning blues,

her head and heart aching,

her eyes burning red.

She wondered was it just last night,

they told her he had gone,

gone to who knows where –

How did he dare?

The ring on her finger,

still all shiny and new,

the pain in her heart –

as old as time.

Is it over forever?

Did she not mean

more to him?

Had she just been a toy

to fill his life with joy?


faithless love,

crushed her heart,

her very soul –

with the closing of the door.

For many moons,

she would often wonder,

what it was that made him,

push her aside.

Like a coward, he had run,

but first, he’d vowed to love,

love her for now and always –

his kisses full of passion.

Now left alone,

with memories,

doubt and thoughts,

of his faithless love.

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