Romance of the Harvest Moon

Sid Laptop 019

The harvest moon like a yellow orb

playing with night clouds

for shadow and light

as winds whipped about

somewhere in my memories

I saw your face in the sky

a moon so mysterious

full of promise

full of sweet hellos

from the starry night skies

your face reflected up above

while the moon shone brightly

I think I saw the shadow of your smile

just beyond the harvest moon

making me so dreamy

with memories of long ago summer times

of when we’d wander

hand in hand just you and I

hoping that the summer

would never fade away

like the golden harvest moon

in the dark night sky

you’ll become a memory too

as the days turn to autumn

bringing me pictures from the past

so dear to my heart

always reflected brightly

from harvest moon to harvest moon

as much as I try

there are so many memories

that will never die

for just one more glance

one more moment

to remember when love was new

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A Most Tuneful Wind

Springtime 2014 010

Sweet whistling

like the sound

as the wind

passes through organ pipes

games with the whistling wind

on windy days

it softly whistles

through tree tops

and mildly plays with my hair

as I walk along reminding me of an old love song

on stormy days

it seems to be angry

and its whistling

turns to howls

as the wind shrieks along

I like it best

down by the riverside

as it makes ripples upon the water

and gulls alight on the waves

they go flowing along with the river

and the wind gently whistles

a traveling tune

as the gulls are joined by ducks and geese

I love to listen to the wind

as it blows in the night

all the fragrant scents are so much stronger

in the dark and last longer

as I listen snug and cozy in my bed

I hear lullabies from long ago in my head

on stormy nights

as the wind whips to a frenzy

it puts on quite a show

blowing the dark clouds

through a mysterious night

it reminds me of times so long ago

playing with my memories

when I hear a certain tune

under the full moon

love to go down the road

just the whistling wind and me

enjoying being fancy-free

doing a nice two-step along the way

nothing could be finer

than a tuneful whistling wind

would love to learn that melody

it certainly seems to speak just to me

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The World Keeps Spinning Round

Summer 2012 007

Clouds are clouds

they drift through the sky

some are silver-lined

they’re there to delight

to please the eye

in different shapes and sizes

but clouds remain clouds

the world keeps spinning round

fairytales are fairytales

they delight children

and amuse the adults

but fairytales never become real

they’re simply fantasy

but we can still try

to live happily ever after

‘cause the world keeps on turning

seasons bring changes

they come and they go

there is no rhyme or reason

to the changes they bring

seasons will forever do so

as long as the world keeps spinning

Ferris wheels are Ferris wheels

they go round and round

they’ll never take us anywhere

but will give us a bird’s eye view

of everything far and wide

as the world keeps going round and round

carousels are carousels

with colorful wooden horses

the horses will never come to life

but we can take a fun-time ride

and perhaps one day

catch the golden ring

as the world continues spinning

we are who we are

each one of us individually

having a purpose and goal in life

all of us with a different thought

living in this world

that keeps going round and round

while always new adventure is found

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This Feeling of Love

me yellow rose

This feeling of love

made me as high as a kite

gave my imagination wings

I wanted to fly to the skies

glide along with the clouds

that had a shimmery slivery glow

there was no more fight

left in me when I surrendered to your love

this wondrous feeling

made me want to dance with the wind

spread my arms and twirl about

hoping to fly like birds up above

it made so giddy

as I breathlessly fell into your arms

wanted to sing

all the best love songs

just for you

this special feeling of love

made me want to dream

under the twinkling night stars

made me think that the moon above

was winking at me

your hand in mine

as the new harvest moon shines

a feeling most fine

knowing you are here

knowing you are mine

it made me quite delirious

this feeling of love

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Life for the Good Times

Summer 2012 084

Life it was meant

for the good times

and plenty of sun

for lots of fun

putting all the worries behind

and smiles every day

that passes you by

it means waking in the morning

greeting the sunrise to a brand new day

and walking with a step so light

lending a helping hand

to the ones in need along your way

sharing hugs with family and friends

taking your love by the hand

dancing down a country lane

never mind what the neighbors think

most likely they’re not living life right

always take the time to slow down

when the long shadows

of golden afternoon stretch before you

sit side by side

waiting for the sun to say good-bye

sending in the twilight

get ready for inspirational evenings

and nights meant for sweet dreaming

let life rock you and roll you

you’ll see that you’re in good company

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When the Night Comes Riding In


As the curtain of night falls

come the sounds of voices

from far away

biding one another good-night

the road is quiet and still

stretching past houses and fields

even the river now flowing much slower

like a black ribbon stretching onward

waiting for the moon above

to make a silvery path

the rush of day is over

no more sounds of footsteps

quietly the day draws away

a lone whippoorwill

sits listening to the stillness

and begins its nighttime serenade

the wind softly whispers

through the shadowy trees

and clouds drift across the sky

so different so mysterious

is the nighttime

when it comes calling

there is a kind of beauty

with thoughts of a giant paint brush

coloring the sky in black

and yet, I know

that somewhere the sun is shining

but I am content to let the night soothe me

like a song with words forgotten

but the melody plays on and on

there is such beauty, such romance

when the nighttime comes riding in

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Finding My Way


Long ago and far away

like somewhere beyond the rainbow

when life was so fine

a gentler and simpler time

in days that now have flown

I now look at what I own

my love and my home

and often when I gaze into the mirror

I’d like to find my way

to fly back to those days

just for a moment more

to contact with the child in me

to know how grand life can be

if you keep your heart light

delight in all this world has to offer

live as if you’re marching in a parade

tooting your own horn

most every day

smile just as warm as the sun

remember all the fun

and it makes me so glad

that at the end of each day

I can find my way

back to the me that once was

the me when things meant so much more

than they do now

and once again I’m a child

having found my way back

to my special yesterdays

a child dancing in the rain

flying with the wind

being all the I can be

being simply me

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