Wrong Love

black rose 3

In her wildest dreams

in her craziest schemes

she still remembered him

and how he

loved her

then it all became

a nightmare

that she awoke from

one morning she saw

an image of him

going out the door

after it slammed shut

so did her heart

should have left him right from the start

that’s what you get

when you fall in love

with a circus clown

every day a new joke

every day a way to make fun of everything

under the sun

when he started on the tequila

down at Rosie’s

she knew the end had come

now when she’s finally through

loving him, that fool

she’ll take the crazy glue 

and piece together her broken heart –

save it for a love that won’t break it apart

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Soon a Change of Season

buds spring 084

Soon a change of season,

will be upon us again,

the beauty of the summer,

fading away.

Flowers wilting,

roses with petals,

falling like tears,

treetops turning golden.

Soon the colder winds,

will begin to blow

and oh, how I know –

that I’ll miss the summer so.

The melancholy waltz will play

and in my warm room, I’ll stay.

But then as the leaves,

turn colors,

a new kind of beauty will shine

and along with the swirling leaves, I’ll dance.

If only there was a way,

to turn back the hands of time,

to give me a chance –

to hold on to summer a bit longer.

Starry nights and southern breezes,

the scent of jasmine in the air,

dreaming beneath the moonlight –

as night clouds go drifting by.

Then songbirds will take to wing,

calling farewell from way up high,

flying away till the next spring,

knowing that soon the cold will be drifting in.

No more morning songs,

to sing greeting the dawn,

only a sad kind of quiet

and the sight of leaves falling.

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When You Came

love flames

Was it just yesterday?

When you came my way,

saw your smile so very bright,

your eyes blue and shining –

you came and turned my life around.

Brought me lots of sunshine

and chased away all the rain.

Funny how time,

seems to change,

all that we do and think –

turn our world upside-down.

Funny how time,

can do so very much,

if only we can,

find a way to believe –

that time is still on our side.

I thought I’d be alone forever,

yet, here you are beside me

suddenly it seems –

that I’m younger than my years.

Love has that magic,

it can even turn back time,

take us back to many,

a gladder yesterday

and I’ll always be thankful,

that time and love  –

sent you my way.

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Cornflower In My Heart


I often stop to admire,

meadows of cornflowers when they are in bloom

and it always seems to me –

that a small, blue cornflower is calling to me.


The sun high on the horizon,

radiates its golden rays,

as the blue cornflowers –

lift up their heads and smile.


Nearby stalks of wheat,

do a golden dance,

in the summer breeze

and all about I see blue and gold.


Nothing makes me happier,

than fields of blooming flowers,

that seem to sing in chorus –

just like birds on the wing.


I turn about and spread my arms wide,

to embrace the beauty all around,

my soul so much in awe,

seeing that meadow like a blue sea in the breeze.


It doesn’t matter,

that perhaps in other meadows,

fancier flower may bloom –

for in my heart, a blue cornflower sings.

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The Moon Keeps Smiling


Lost hopes,

lost dreams,

wish life would hold up,

keep giving never-ending bliss –

so there’d be nothing I could miss.

The moon keeps smiling

and the stars wink in the sky.

Lost thoughts,

life drifts on,

songs bring back memories,

of many yesterdays.

It seems things change,

from day to day,

but no matter what happens –

the moon keeps smiling.

Shadows grow long,

of lost yesterdays,

that came and went –

in the blink of an eye.

The smile,

the face,

the touch,

I still want so much.

Days drift into nights,

the sands flow through the hourglass,

there is one thing constant –

the moon keeps smiling.

Thought I heard your voice,

whispering to me just yesterday,

but it was just that moon smiling down on me,

perhaps it knows my name.

Nothing seems the same,

as long as you’re in my heart,

I know your memory will never fade

and that moon will keep smiling,

as you swing on its tip –

shining your love down on me.

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The Loneliness of the Night

New Pics 005

The sunset flaming orange in the sky,

leaving bright streaks,

that mingled with the purple twilight

and then the black of the night came,

creeping in,

cold and dreary not a star up above –

loneliness hanging as heavy as time.


The minutes ticking by,

ever so slowly,

while I sit alone feeling,

separated from the world.

Outside it was so dark,

seemed as if there was nothing,

but a black void,

the world of spirits,

that go flying about in the dark.

If there ever was a creature,

that felt so very small –

I’d probably be a mouse.


Eagerly awaiting the start,

to a brand new day,

to be able to say –

Hey, maybe it’s not all so bad.

I should be glad to look upon the sun,

once more

and as the darkness fades away,

above a red sun pops up,

to say good-morning

and head held high,

I walked out the door,

in the light of the rising sun –

to be me once more.


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Fragile Feelings

Broken mirror

Be so very careful,

if you wear your fragile feelings,

upon your sleeve.

There are people,

who can be jealous

and they can be cruel.

At times your fragile feelings

can be trampled upon.

Shattered like a mirror,

the shards digging deep.

They’ll wound your soul –

so, keep those fragile feelings

hidden deep inside,

where no one can guess –

what it is you hide.

It matters to no one

just to you alone.

You’ll share when you choose.

Otherwise, you’ll keep digging

slivers out of your heart

and it will seem you always lose.

Keep smiling through it all –

you don’t want to cry.

Don’t let anyone see your tears,

if they do they’ll guess your fears.

They’ll shatter you,

like a crystal vase,

forever trampling

on the fragile feelings,

that you’re trying so hard to hide

and the hurt will remain inside.

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