Flames Burning Bright


Flames orange and beguiling,

flames wild and free,

candlelight flames,

flames of passion

flames that seer the soul

and set your heart on fire.

Flames burning hot and bright,

too hot to touch.

Always rising high and blazing,

flames lapping like thirsty tongues –

sending embers into the sky.

In a  velvet black sky,

tiny orange sparks glow,

blown by the wind,

like mysterious eyes,

blazing in the night sky.

Flames like colored gems,

in bright sparkling orange,

flying high up,

then disappearing from sight.

Flames that burn,

flames that get doused –

by the falling rain.

Flames glowing bright,

flames of love –

burning till eternity.

Flames strong and bold,

turning cold,

here and there,

by firelight,

always near.

Can you see them burning?

Shooting up in a black sky,

outshining the stars up above.

Flames so mysterious,

by the full moonlight.

Flames of love,

that set lovers on fire,

dancing cheek to cheek,

long into the night,

they never tire.

Flames that stir up passion –

flames ever burning bright.

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In The Darkest Hours

Sid Laptop 019

In this hour,

when my heart is full of sorrow,

I know that I’ll feel different tomorrow,

but for now,

while musical notes linger,

while the muses softly sing –

I long for the yesterdays of my youth.

It’s not that there is anything to regret,

I could say life has been more than kind,

love has saved me many a time,

I am blessed to know you are mine.

Just something in those midnight hours,

that bring memories,

bittersweet flowing back,

remind me of times,

when smiles were abundant

and tears were few.

Wish I knew then,

what I know now,

life must go on,

be lived with joy,

there will always be memories

and dreams to enjoy.

I know that life.

has so much more to give,

in this hour,

as shadows fill the corners,

I know that you are there,

not far away from me,

you the memory of a yesterday left behind

and all I have to do is reach out,

to remember your face,

hear your voice

and I can smile again.

I won’t let the tears fall,

but bravely go forth,

out into the starry night,

where the moon –

radiates its glow from above.

In this hour,

the stars symbolize to me,

the smiles of long ago.

In this hour,

when I feel sad and blue,

I know that time will pass

and morning will bring new hope.

Meanwhile I can take pen to paper,

let my emotions flow,

for the night is not long,

the dawn will break through soon,

this I truly know.

In this hour

as darkness envelops me,

I never give up on all the tomorrows,

though they are not promised me,

I know for quite some time more,

I will be living and loving

and glad to be.

So forgive me,

for a moment of weakness,

when nostalgia strikes.

It takes no words to understand,

that even the darkest of times –

pass into the brightest of days.

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Life Thoughts

Riga Holidays 048.JPG

Swinging high, swinging low,

life has its ups and downs,

still upon us the sun,

does glow.

Sure would like to find,

a place for some peace of mind.

Quiet times and many dreams,

thinking of new life schemes.

Thoughts racing,

like clouds blown by the wind.

Looking back at images –

wondering where the truth lies,

as time flies by.

Was it all like some dream?

Was it all reality?

Can it be that yesterday has gone?

Today simply races on,

tomorrow still out of sight.

Try as I might –

don’t know what will be coming next.

Standing atop of a hill,

feeling ever so fine.

Misstep tumbling down,

left all alone,

smile turned into a frown,

seems as if all the good times have flown.

Living every day ,

like a child on a swing,

the ups are the best,

but you can’t get them without the downs.

Swinging high and swinging low,

every day turning round.

Hold on to the dreams,

that you believe in.

For in life,

the moment that you come,

swinging in through the door,

you are already a memory,

that gets left behind.

Never forget to leave them laughing,

let them know you care.

Before  life is done with you,

don’t forget to take a bow –

like only you know how.

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Have Faith

Summer 2012 007

Life can delight

and life can disappoint.

Oh, Lord it can also be hell –

you must have faith to live it,


day by day


It is of no matter,

if the day is sunny

or the rain is falling,

just have faith


and keep on smiling.


If you should fall down,

you can be sure the Lord will lend a hand,

have faith in all you do

and life will be grand.


It is much easier,

for the writers, poets and dreamers.

They hear their muses whispering

and step into imaginary worlds.


Their emotions laid on paper,

as their pens flow with ink.

Telling tales of mystic worlds,

taking readers through poetic realms.


Reclining with a book,

pages crackling so take a look,

inside you’ll find what you need,

to relax your mind.


Soon the words,

take us to another world,

while strains of musical notes,

swirl about filling our hearts and souls.


But so many of us feel,

that we just won’t get by,

days drag on –

but good times are few and far between.


Have faith

and you’ll make it through the rough patches,

you’ll find sunshine –

where now only shadows dwell.


Faith is the backbone,

to making it down life’s road,

treasure your friends and family,

with great pleasure –


simply said, have faith.

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Remembering My Valentines


Valentine’s have come and gone,

but always in my heart,

so many special times –

to be forever treasured.


Remembering those days,

it doesn’t take very much,

just to close my eyes

and begin to dream.


How long ago,

it does seem,

but my very first Valentine –

took my heart when I was but five.


You could say we were,

kindergarten sweethearts,

living across from the park,

we could swing together most every day.


Memories like these,

bring smiles across the years,

our story ended right there,

his family moved to Italy.


I wasn’t a Valentine fan,

for many years after that,

boys were boys,

but I rather enjoyed my toys.


Teen years Valentines were special,

with starry eyed dreams

and many heartthrobs –

for the most handsome boys.


Teen heartthrobs,

love songs rock and roll style,

sighing and dying,

heartbeats to the rhythm.


As life goes on,

stars tend to fade,

dreams less colorful

and Valentines not so bright.


There are Valentines,

who are now twinkling stars,

but the love we shared,

will always go on.


It’s memories like these,

that are precious indeed,

I still see the smiles we shared

and the special times we had.


All through the years,

these Valentines have brought much joy,

friends who’ve been so special

and share a great deal of my heart.


So I reach up to the stars,

sending kisses to the wind,

precious golden memories –

of all my Valentines.


To all of them,

I devote this special Valentine’s wish,

to know that their memories still shine

and fine I love yous sent across the skies.

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Child of Nature

Just Recently Taken 031

The sky shows an angry face,

dark clouds passing by,

but I have no fear –

I’m a child of nature.


There will always be a flower bud,

opening its face to the sun,

somewhere in some garden

and birds will fill the sky and sing.


Here the winds dance merrily,

they pull me along and tousle my hair,

all about me I see a world –

full of roads to travel.


There are forests galore,

to admire and explore.

The heady smell of pine and a breath of fresh air,

makes one more dizzy than a glass of potent wine.


You can see the sun set into the sea,

making the waves all orange and golden

and as the beauty enthralls you –

seagulls come swimming along.


Delighting in bright colored flowers,

tulips as the yellow sun,

others as red as a sunrise,

always a great surprise.


Even in the wintertime,

lacy, white snowflakes,

seem like tiny sparkling fairies,

dancing all about.


No reason to pout,

whatever the season,

gives us every reason,

for the biggest smiles.


Being a child of nature,

means opening your soul,

to all that surrounds you

and embracing it with a heart full of love.

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By the River


I walked along the river,

following the flowing water.

There were tiny waves,

blown by the wind.

It all seemed so lovely,

a picture painted by nature.

I saw some ducks and gulls,

dancing upon the waves

and the sun made the river sparkle,

like tiny diamonds.

I wondered how it will be,

when the river freezes over,

in the wintertime.

The fishermen will come

they’ll bore holes

and sit and wait for fish.

Sitting upon the river,

that was full of life

from springtime through the summer,

now stilled by the winter cold.

I wondered if it had a soul,

that can feel ,

so that as it lies still,

it sleeps and dreams.

When the spring breezes blow,

it will awaken and break free.

from the cold ice,

that held it in its embrace.

Finally rushing forward  –

toward the sea.

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