Love Till the End of Time

tree love

His friends would laugh,

shake their heads,

to think that he,

would still believe,

that his lost love,

would return to him,

she had found a new love,

had gone away –

there had been nothing more to say.


Because when the tears,

threatened to fall,

he kept standing tall,

convinced till the bitter end,

that she’ll be coming home again.


She once had told him,

that she would love him,

till the stars no longer shone,

till there would be no sun in the sky

and in his way he believed –

kept her promise in his heart.


As the years rolled by,

surrounded by friends,

he would never let them see,

the hurt inside,

he would always laugh and say –

you’ll see she’ll be back someday.


When the letter came,

her daughter wrote,

sorry to cause you pain,

my mom loved you till the end,

for fifteen years she no longer lived in this world,

she lived in the world –

where she knew you and loved you still.


Perhaps it was wrong,

to not let you know sooner,

but you see the reality was painful,

yesterday she passed away,

like a shining star –

here and now gone.

Still loving you,

happy in her memories.


It was then that he cried,

for all those lost years,

thinking that she loved someone else,

thinking she no longer cared

and now this letter was his trophy.

He read to his friends,

he let them know,

that she would be waiting,

the first one to greet him –

in heaven above.


They still told him,

to keep on living,

to give up on this dream,

she was gone

and someday she would be waiting,

but now was for living,

for giving and for loving,

but he turned a deaf ear,

and so he lived,

knowing she was near,

he was happy and content,

until the angels came,

he died with a happy smile

and the last words he said were –

“Honey, I’m coming home to you”.

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Always a First Time

More roses 004

There’s always a first time,

when wide hungry eyes meet,

when two souls full of longing,

feel the heart-pounding rhythm –

of an old-fashioned love song.

Today we won’t go further,

further than some complimentary words

and self-introductions,

for what I feel cannot be said –

while my heart is aching.

Tomorrow will bring us ever closer,

with so much more to share –

that comes from a love-starved heart.

As the days like rivers start to flow,

if you’re still by my side,

our hands like fleeting birds will meet,

more suns and moon may rise and set –

until our seeking lips meet.

Looking  for a safe haven,

to seal a budding friendship,

that with time may turn into love

and carry us up so high.

While we sit under starry skies,

feeling our closeness melt into a warm embrace,

if we let our love like a thirsty flower bloom,

then we will know –

that passions embers begin to glow.

It won’t take long for me to want you

and you to want me,                     

we’ll meet somewhere halfway,

in love’s wild and crazy tango

and then we’ll become as one,

the future taking us ever onwards –

toward an everlasting love.

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Red Tulips

Lilacs and Tulips 012

When it came to spring,

there were always three things,

that made her smile brightly,

the spring sunshine,

springtime love

and red tulips.

She often thought,

it would be in the spring,

when she would find her true love,

so every time,

she would go bravely forth,

happy and elated,

when the spring breezes blew.

One day she knew,

the man of her dreams,

would appear suddenly,

taking all her sorrow away.

When she first saw him,

he seemed to be a dream,

someone who just stepped so comfortably,

into her life and belonged.

Unsure she tested the waters,

hand in hand they would walk,

his kisses so very sweet.

It was on a day,

when she waited for him,

upon a park bench,

that she knew love had come at last.

The sun shone so brightly,

the sky a brilliant blue,

there he came with a smile so wide

and a bouquet of red tulips.

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Always Smile For Me

N Sun

It was in the wee hours,

long, long after day was done,

that alone and bewildered,

she waited for the new morning sun,

as more tears fell,

she remembered his words well,


There will always be a rainbow,

after the rain,

I will always hold you

and kiss the tears away –

as you smile a smile for me.


Now there was only silence

and it always hurt,

not to know why –

he had left that day.

Without a glance backward,

without a single word,

he had left her with a single smile –

a promise of a thousand more tomorrows.

But one day came and went,

no more smiles,

no phone calls

and it seemed it rained,

most every day.

There was nothing left to say,

she could follow his footsteps,

if she knew how,

but in the end =

she wouldn’t find him anyhow.

He had come into her life,

as silently as he had left it

and every time she tried to sleep,

the nightmares would begin again,

of her alone and crying,

but finding no one to respond

and his words would echo in her mind –


There will always be a rainbow,

after the rain,

I will always hold you

and kiss the tears away –

as you smile a smile for me.

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My Melody of Love

love melody

Love’s melody,

comes to me,

on the notes of songs,

that of love speak.

Unchain my soul

and set it free,

so that my heart might fly,

to my true love,

full of the wondrous words,

of a song blowing in the wind.

Love’s melody you’re like,

a very good friend to me,

bringing me so many joyous

and treasured memories.

Whenever I’m sad,

so glad to hear you,

as the words and the music,

pluck at my heartstrings.

Play on and sing,

as only you know how

and let me dream,

of my own true love,

along with love’s sweetest melody.

The ones I like the best,

make me smile,

bringing poignant and special memories,

all the while.

Love’s melody play on,

so that happiness,

can be mine.

Soft and tender

or loud and rumbling,

love’s melody you always,

fill my heart –

with so much joy.

Come play for me

and my melody  of love be,

so that I can whisper your words,

in my true love’s ear,

who is like my own special melody of love,

forever to be treasured.                                                        

A true blue friend,

love’s melody keeps playing,

on and on,

while I do some dreaming.

Just you and me,

note by note,

having so much fun.

Never, ever go away,

my melody of love,

instead, fill my room

and chase away all the gloom,

so when I take the hand,

of my true love,

I can express,

the wonder of love’s haunting melody.

Love’s melody,

play on and take me dancing,

never stop,

and let my true love,

forever be –

my melody of love.

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Tuneful Wind


Sweet whistling,

like the sound,  

of the wind –

passing through organ pipes.

Games with the whistling wind,

on windy days,

it softly whistles,

through treetops

and mildly plays with my hair,

as I go walking along reminding me of an old love song.

On stormy days,

it seems to be angry

and its whistling,

turns to howls –

as the wind shrieks along.

I like it best,

down by the riverside,

as it makes ripples upon the water

and gulls alight on the waves.

They go flowing along with the river

and the wind gently whistles,

a traveling tune,

as the gulls are joined by ducks and geese.

I love to listen to the wind,

as it blows in the night,

all the fragrant scents are so much stronger –

in the dark and last longer.

As I listen snug and cozy in my bed,

I hear lullabies from long ago in my head.

On stormy nights,

as the wind whips to a frenzy,

it puts on quite a show,

blowing the dark clouds –

through a mysterious night.

It reminds me of times so long ago,

playing with my memories,

when I hear a certain tune,

under the full moon.

Love to go down the road,

just the whistling wind and me,

enjoying being fancy-free,

doing a nice two-step along the way,

nothing could be finer,

than a tuneful whistling wind,

would love to learn that melody –

it certainly seems to speak just to me.

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The Bitter Cold

Wintertime 158

The bitter cold has come,

the wind makes my eyes tear.

I still remember the summer that was,

I sure wish the sun would shine,

but the sky is silvery gray

and before you know it –

snowflakes will come swirling by.

Pulling up the collar of my jacket,

I put my back to the wind,

but the bitter cold goes right through me,

as I go walking down the road,

knowing that the winter winds –

will continue blowing.

How I wish it could be warmer,

but winter’s upon us

and it won’t get any better –

till the first spring breezes come.

Shivering  pigeons,

in the parks and squares,

gulls at the market,

looking for shelter

and the snowflakes continue to fall.

A cold and orange winter sun,

peeps through the fir trees,

I’ll go home and think of beaches

and tropical island dreams,

hoping that before long –

spring breezes will come dancing along.

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