The Loneliness of the Night

New Pics 005

The sunset flaming orange in the sky,

leaving bright streaks,

that mingled with the purple twilight

and then the black of the night came,

creeping in,

cold and dreary not a star up above –

loneliness hanging as heavy as time.


The minutes ticking by,

ever so slowly,

while I sit alone feeling,

separated from the world.

Outside it was so dark,

seemed as if there was nothing,

but a black void,

the world of spirits,

that go flying about in the dark.

If there ever was a creature,

that felt so very small –

I’d probably be a mouse.


Eagerly awaiting the start,

to a brand new day,

to be able to say –

Hey, maybe it’s not all so bad.

I should be glad to look upon the sun,

once more

and as the darkness fades away,

above a red sun pops up,

to say good-morning

and head held high,

I walked out the door,

in the light of the rising sun –

to be me once more.


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Fragile Feelings

Broken mirror

Be so very careful,

if you wear your fragile feelings,

upon your sleeve.

There are people,

who can be jealous

and they can be cruel.

At times your fragile feelings

can be trampled upon.

Shattered like a mirror,

the shards digging deep.

They’ll wound your soul –

so, keep those fragile feelings

hidden deep inside,

where no one can guess –

what it is you hide.

It matters to no one

just to you alone.

You’ll share when you choose.

Otherwise, you’ll keep digging

slivers out of your heart

and it will seem you always lose.

Keep smiling through it all –

you don’t want to cry.

Don’t let anyone see your tears,

if they do they’ll guess your fears.

They’ll shatter you,

like a crystal vase,

forever trampling

on the fragile feelings,

that you’re trying so hard to hide

and the hurt will remain inside.

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Make Me Smile



Make me smile,

you know how to do it –

with your sweet style.

Only you can do it,

sing your songs to me,

make me glad to be –

your one and only.

Make me smile,

no one can do it,

just like you,

always with a twinkle in your eyes,

words of love on your lips.


Make me smile

and let me be happy,

don’t let the dark clouds come,

don’t let the tears fall.

Take me in your arms,

tell me true,

that you love me,

forever my love be,

there’s  never been anyone like you,

never will be again.


Make me smile,

like only you can do it,

make all my cares,

just drift away.

As the years roll by,

bright memories will shine,

if ever we are once parted,

our true love will never die,

so even if I cry and sigh,

be the brightest star,

shining your love down on me

and until we meet again –


make me smile.

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Rainbow Rain




On a quiet day

music softly playing

I fell into a daydream

so wonderful it was

I was dancing,

among colorful raindrops,

while a pale sun,

made them shimmer,

in so many different colors.

Then down the lane,

I went to the riverside,

there, upon the water

ripples were blown by the wind,

sending the gulls,

upon the river dancing with me.

They bobbed upon the water,

while I spread my arms

and soon those colorful raindrops –

had filled the river.

I swirled the water

and it became shiny, satin ribbons,

in colors of red, purple, blue and green.

I took a ribbon home with me

and knew that in this daydream,

I wanted to be,

but once the music stopped,

I opened my eyes,

to a feeling of bliss and peace

and it was a shiny, red satin ribbon,

lying upon the bed –

that brought a smile to me.

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Dancing With Moonbeams

Full moon 003

What a wondrous thing it is,

to go out on a moonlit night,

when the moonbeams filter through clouds –

blown about by the summer breeze.


Down below they throw shadows,

that seem to jump about,

how lovely to bow before a moonbeam

and invite it to dance.


Dancing round among the moonbeams,

like in some dreamy fantasy,

here light and shadow mingle –

truly a joy to see.


They reflect in the lily pond,

making it like molten silver,

while beneath water lilies –

frog eyes shine out of the dark.


Moonbeams light up the night,

filtering down from above,

if you let your heart believe –

silvery fairies come sliding down upon the beams.


They fly about,

sprinkling sparkling silver dust,

turning the night into magic,

while you’re dancing with moonbeams –

till the morning light.

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Dancing with the Summer Breeze

Pink White Roses 002

I want to dance,

along with the summer breeze.

Flit along with the butterflies,

that go dancing from flower to flower.

Along with the bumblebees,

I want to dance,

to spread my arms

and catch the summer breeze.

To see if I could fly,

along with the birds and clouds,

that go floating by.

I want to dance,

with the summer breeze.

A dusty country road,

to go rolling along,

with a free-flowing river.

I want to dance,

with the summer breeze,

see where it will take me.

I love to watch,

the tops of the trees,

waving at me in the breeze.

I love to see the birds,

twittering and chirping,

as they fly along –

carried by the summer breeze.

I want to be,

as free as them all

and dance along with the summer breeze.

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Autumn Sounds

buds spring 045.jpg

Sounds I hear sounds,

they’re the sad sounds,

of the change of the wind

and the soft swish of the leaves,

curled up and falling from the trees.

Summer days are coming to an end,

harvest time is here

and the autumn is flying in.

Flocks of birds in the sky,

geese honking their farewell,

even nature starts to look different –

the summer colors becoming less bright.

Soon leaves will be flying about

and I’ll be walking along,

on a carpet of brown, orange, yellow, and red.

In the woods, the first mushrooms appear,

pinecones are everywhere

and tall oak trees,

are dropping acorns to the ground.

Squirrels scampering about,

it seems all of nature,

is getting ready for autumn to come.

I still see green outside my window

and it seems that I,

don’t want to look away,

because I know that the next time I look,

the view will have changed,

and autumn winds will have blown in.

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