When the Dark Days Come

Days drift by uneventfully,

days of happiness and bliss,

when it is just you and I

and the door to the world is shut tight.

Tears, worries, and fears,

when the rain starts to fall,

when storm clouds roll across the skies –

when the dark days come.

Doubts and thoughts,

that cannot be controlled,

my mind in a whirl of discontentment –

when the dark days come.

My thoughts like butterflies,

scattered like clouds through the skies,

I dream and I wonder why –

when the dark days come.

Then I long to stray,

far, far away,

down a country road –

when the dark days come.

There, nature heals

and songbirds sing,

the river rushes by as gulls bob on the water.

There beneath a tall oak tree,

I can sit and remember,

so many wonderful things and precious memories –

when the dark days come.

It cleanses my soul

and refreshes my mind,

puts things back into perspective –

when the dark days come.

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Fond Farewells

When sadness,

came over me,

I knew it was the time,

when I’d hear the bird calls –

bidding adieu to me.

As in flocks, they flew,

across the skies –

till we’d meet again.

When the seasons changed once more,

but they left me alone,

in silence –

with no more bird songs.

As the sun crept over,

the horizon in the morn,

a silence that hung heavy,

over me and made me think,

of other farewells,

those final ones,

when dear ones depart,

but unlike the migratory birds –

they never return anymore.

Only memories remain,

that shine through the years,

occasionally bring tears

and like the farewell calls,

of the birds,

that echo through the skies,

it seems that I hear whispers,

of familiar voices on the wind –

bringing smiles to me.

Though my eyes are misty,

so I embrace this autumn,

knowing it brings hope,

of new meetings

and friendships.

We just have a long path to travel,

through the swirling snow

and along with the migratory birds,

southern winds,

will once again –

herald in spring.

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Forever Autumn

The thrill of lilacs in the spring,

perfume upon the breeze,

the meeting of two souls,.

finding love for all the right reasons,

when it all comes to an end –

it’s forever autumn.

Memories bring me back,

to days that used to be,

two hands entwined,

two lips sharing sweet kisses,

down life’s road.

dancing along the way,

sharing all the tears and fears –

as silver strands began to replace the gold.

Now it’s forever autumn,

since you went away,

to your heavenly home,

as the springs and summers fade away

and one’s heart is left behind.

with sparkling memories

and those deep golden afternoons,

that come much quicker,

as the days grow shorter,

seeing the sun set on another summer –

that has drifted away.

Then like a cat,

seeking a ray of sun,

during the autumn days,

I delight in each one,

to warm me when the north wind blows,

my heart for you continues to call,

I light a candle knowing,

that while it’s glowing,

you are somewhere near

and I drift away in dreams –

forever autumn.

The colorful leaves go dancing upon the wind,

they settle at my feet,

I remember our delight,

seeing them shimmer in the pale autumn light

and as a misty rain falls,

I feel it so sure –

In my heart, it is forever autumn.

Then in my memories, I return,

to lush and green summers,

where red poppies nodded in the sun,

where we walked along the sand by the sea,

watching the gulls dancing upon the waves,

but autumn has made it too misty,

the water gray and churning,

so I go walking on my way –

forever autumn.

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Autumn Fantasy

All around I could see,

glittering jewels –

as they lay scattered about my feet.

The early morning rain,

has made them shimmer and shine,

in the rays of the sun –

now that the clouds have gone away.

Glittering jewels of red and yellow,

orange and brown,

as far as the eye can see.

Perhaps they can be,

a part of the dream castle in my mind

or those sandcastles I once built,

during childhood summers.

These jewels look so lovely,

as I walk about,

with tiny pearls of raindrops,

shining so very bright.

They lay beneath my feet,

just glittering until picked up

by the wind and blown away.


No just autumn leaves,

that brought about this fantasy.

Lovely and colorful,

I see raindrops clear and bright –

perhaps diamonds fallen from above.

Wish I could gather these jewels and diamonds,

put them in a basket,

to treasure again and again,

but shiny autumn leaves and raindrops,

they will have to remain –

on this glorious autumn day.

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The Changing of the Seasons

Is there any reason for the change of the season?

Here one then another,

bringing weather both good and bad –

sometimes it makes me sad.

Spring makes me glad,

to see nature awakening

and flowers blooming.

The summer makes me lazy –

with days hot and hazy.

But now the wind is whistling,

through the trees.

and leaves are swirling,

in the breeze.

Another autumn will soon arrive

and the harvest moon fills the sky.

But I’m glad for the colorful leaves

and pumpkins and Halloween.

To see the seasons,

change once more,

as they have already –

done so many times before.

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Bluebirds Fly Away

Black night riding in,

upon bat wings,

shadows playing with the moon,

quiet thoughts,

somewhere nightingales sing,

nothing is ever the same,

since love faded from sight

and bluebirds fly away.

Opening your heart,

to someone for a lifetime,

stepping into a world of rhyme,

where all the melodies are love songs

and kisses are sugar sweet,

until one day it all fades away,

like the end of a fairy tale,

you realize happy endings are not real –

finally, bluebirds fly away.

Bright red sun dawning,

the morning shining bright,

memories of you holding me tight,

while between us, it was all right –

now bluebirds fly away.

Perhaps someday,

love will again come my way,

till then, for you I’ll yearn,

days come, days go,

the seasons follow one another,

your voice I can still hear,

telling me love is real

and bluebirds fly away.

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August Moon

I never knew,

that your eyes could glow –

like the sea, so deep and blue.

It must be the reflection,

of the August moon above,

that bathes us in yellow light,

quiet and content,

we can sit and gaze,

as the August moon,

shines like a candle –

so very bright.

Night clouds drift by,

playing hide and seek,

as the moon peaks through,

winking from above.

August moon,

a sight to behold,

reminding us of the summer,

that is passing by,

of the time for harvest

and the changes of season,

that will soon come.

While the August moon shines,

come dance with me,

beneath its romantic light.

August moon,

will be long remembered –

after the summer is gone.

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Live It, Love It, Rock It

Life doesn’t always,

give us what we desire,

but it can give us –

the wonders this world holds.

We may have a rough road ahead,

but if we think of the good things,

this life can offer,

like friends and family,

our hearts will know –

how truly beautiful life can be.

No matter what else it brings us,

somewhere round the bend,

it just might be what you’ve always –

been searching for.

So the important thing to do,

is to live it with joy –

each and every day.

Love comes with no promises

when it is in first bloom.

Love can be hard to find

and should be treasured when it comes your way.

Love is like a rocky sea,

just as wonderful as a sunny day.

There is no joy felt more,

than the feel of a kiss –

that comes when love is real.

So live it, love it, rock it –

enjoy love coming your way.

Embrace it and never let it go,

there’s nothing that can bring me more joy –

than listening to old rock tunes.

They always bring back,

the joys of teen time,

summer Junes,

sending me on far way journeys –

with sparkling memories.

It’s quite a chemical combination,

full moons, sparkling stars, and old rock tunes –

so live it, love it, rock it now.

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Memories are like Diamonds

Memories are like diamonds

that sparkle in the night.

Just like precious jewels,

each is worth its weight in gold.

Photos we treasure

bring us a smile,

of a moment –

now frozen in time.

Memories shine like gold,

reflected by the sun.

Happy days are remembered

through songs that bring back old times.

They are so special,

bonding us with our loved ones.

Even if they’ve become –

just a tender memory.

Everything we touch,

every precious item we have,

can bring us a tear or a smile,

because memories mean so much.

Memories are like diamonds,

they never tarnish.

Each time we choose to remember,

a new memory arises.

Memories like diamonds

twinkling in the sunlight.

Just as quickly, they can fade –

when clouds roll by.

Cherish the memories you have

and never let them grow old.

Keep them close by –

it’s easy if only you try.

Memories are like diamonds,

radiant in brilliant colors,

reminding us of gladder times,

which brought so many smiles.

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Remembering Yesterday Once More

The sweet summer grass calls me

and I lay back as it beckons,

looking above at the brilliant blue sky –

as the summer breeze softly blows.

The white clouds up above,

gently sail by

and I’m taken on a journey –

as I see spirits drifting along.

In my imaginative dreams,

I search the skies

and see my friends,

as I once saw them in life.

My heart then aches,

for those who’ve come and gone

and it calls out with every beat –

Where where are my friends now?

Then I smile sweetly,

as memories gather,

the summer breezes –

whisper their names to me.

Remembering yesterday,

I also remember you,

the love so special that we shared

and I know you are loving me still,

somewhere up in the deep blue,

while waiting for me, your love will remain true.

I know that they are beside me,

glad that my love for them fills my heart,

with happy sighs –

I keep watching the clouds rolling by.

Seeing the faces and the smiles,

of long gone yesterdays,

remembering the love –

that once warmed my heart.

The smell of freshly mowed grass,

comes drifting to me

and I feel so happy to be,

part of the summer

and part of the love –

remembering yesterday once more.

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