In Life You Never Know


You never know where –

life will lead you.

What will happen to you

and how you’ll spend your days.

Life can be cruel or kind –

if love finds you,

happiness will be yours


You never know how –

life will unfold before you.

How your days will be spent

and how much joy there’ll be.

Finding friends along the way,

so many special things to say.

Days that will be golden

and nights full of peaceful bliss.

Enjoying the love you give me,

with every kiss.


You never know just –

how special you’ll be.

All the love you’ll receive

and the pleasure your family will bring.


But you do know how –

to lead your life just right.

to find all the rainbows in the sky.

You know where to look for love

and to cherish your memories.


So even if,

you never know just,

where life will lead you –

you know that it will be a pleasure,

living life to the fullest –

till the end of your days you’ll treasure.

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Lullabies and Sighs


Childhood days,

not so far away.

Days of happy dreams

and lullabies and sighs.


Carefree days –

of dolls and toys.

Of imaginary play

and lullabies and sighs.


Autumn days

and piles of leaves,

rosy red cheeks blown by the north wind.


Winter snows and red noses.

Building tall snowmen,

dancing with the snowflakes.


Springtime and Easter bunnies.

Happy days in the park,

running and playing,

riding upon wooden horses.


Country summertime’s,

running barefoot through the meadows.

Building sandcastles –

till nighttime brings lullabies and sighs.


A childhood full of glad times,

lots of games and nursery rhymes.

Lollypops and ice cream cones,

bedtime stories full of fantasy.


Could it be that is was so long ago?

That childhood days are far behind.

The carefree laughter long gone –

as well as lullabies and sighs.


Then upon a day most dreary –

when my smiles turn upside-down.

I search my heart for the child inside

and return to lullabies and sighs.

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Riga Life


Riga Life can be delightful –

if you just look all about,

see the wondrous architecture

and things of interest as you go by.


Riga Life can be a pleasure –

if you don’t hurry along.

If you take the time to wander

and see what you can find.



Riga Life doesn’t have to be stressful,

as long as you find time for some of its beauty.

Keep your camera always focused,

as you never know what you might see.


Riga Life can offer –

so much to make you smile.

If only you take each day in stride

and find the time to notice.


Riga life isn’t all about dirt and grime,

about teeming streets.

It also offers so much by the riverside,

just to please the eye.


Riga life can take a mind

and bring it alive with imagination,

from the buildings and sights,

to even the clouds that go sailing by.


Riga life has a pace of its own –

from city streets to the market and the canal.

If you just turn about,

you can hear the voice of the city.

Cool Riga Pics 046.jpg

If Riga life is taken just right,

it can make you feel like dancing,

like spreading your arms wide

and embracing it all with a smile.


Riga life can give so much for the soul,

it can make you want to sing,

to thrill with each discovery,

it’s not at all bad, not Riga life.


So come on over

and take a look.

Come and see Riga life –

it beats with a pulse of its own.


Riga life ever changing,

ever something new.

As the seasons come and go,

the city is moving along too.

Pics of Sid, us and Nature 018

Whether the day is sunny or cloudy,

in rain or shine –

Riga life never pauses,

it’s just waiting for you.


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Taking This Wild Roller Coaster Ride


Let’s take this wild roller coaster ride,

remember the days that have been

and smile like yesterday

and dream your days away.


Let’s take our day’s one by one,

treasuring each moment

and storing away memories,

held dearly in the heart.


Let’s treasure our family and friends,

Remember each precious time,

when together were we,

As though this was our last day.


Let’s take this wild roller coaster ride,

retrace the steps where moments once began.

Remember the love we share

and love the nights away.


Never look back –

there’s a new tomorrow,

full of new promise,

Let’s smile our days away.


Let’s hold on to sweet memories

and love like there is no tomorrow.

Just enough for today,

with plenty of songs along the way.


Let’s step back into the time of our youth,

play the songs that we once loved

and dance throughout the day –

for there is so much to say.


Let’s take this wild roller coaster ride,

be wild and crazy –

because life is so short

and it offers so much.



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Following Our Dreams


Let’s let our dreams,

take us on a journey –

to where we can be together,

fulfilling all of our hopes and wishes.


As we go through this life,

our love guides us.

Together we can take the chance.

to follow our dreams.


As long as we’re together,

there’s nothing we can’t do.

Helping one another –

going down life’s road.


You have your dreams

and I have mine.

Let’s give it a chance,

combining them in life’s grand dance.


Just think what possibilities,

we can have together,

making a life –

that will give us great joy.


As long as you’re by my side,

I will hold on to your hand –

then together we can fly to dreamland,

on silver white clouds from above.


In this world,

fulfilling our dreams,

may not be all that it seems,

but it’s our love that makes it all glow.


Passion fills our hearts and souls,

a river of fire will flow.

Love songs we’ll be singing –

together forever just you and I.


So come and sit by my side,

comfort me with kisses.

Let’s fly away together –

to the land where dreams always come true.

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Let It Forever Be You

Spring Clouds and Flowers 016

When my world,

appears to be perfect

and all my sorrows are behind me,

I know it’s your love that sends me reeling.


When there are more smiles than tears

and music sounds everywhere.

When I want to dance and never stop,

it’s your love that thrills me.


Hearts beat faster –

when their bound by love.

Heads spin faster –

when dizzy with love.


In my little world,

I’m always glad

and never sad because I’m not alone.

I know it’s because of you.


Someday soon –

when my life seems a fantasy

and everyday’s a pleasure –

I’ll know it’s your true love for me.


Suddenly I can remember,

all the words to a thousand love songs.

Hear the most beautiful melodies,

looking forward to your love every day.


Even the winter sky –

becomes blue and the sun sparkles,

The ice just melts away –

because of you.


You are like my special dream,

the magic you bring,

to my gray and ordinary every day,

knowing it’s you, makes me smile.


Nothing can compare,

to this love we share,

to all the happy mornings

and the dream filled nights.


There was nothing but emptiness.

until I saw your smile,

until I met you –

now I know it’s you for a lifetime.


Nothing in this world,

could be any grander –

than the kisses we share

and the quiet days and nights.


So thank you for coming into my life,

for bringing me so much love,

for always being there –

let it forever be you.

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Isn’t Life Strange



Isn’t life strange?


We come into this world,

full of magical wonder,

only to find the journey –

so very marvelous but short.

Along the way we find

lovers and friends –

that share it with us,

but love can be fleeting

or love can be true.

isn’t it strange?

That we must go through it all,

to reach the end of the road

and along the way to see the beauty,

of nature and the four seasons,

with friendships that are golden

and friends that come and go out our door.

isn’t life strange that way?

We seem to be here,

yet soon we are there

and life was just beginning.

Suddenly we are midstream,

but it doesn’t make life,

any less a wonder.

Each day a new miracle,

each day a new adventure,

memories to shine forever.


Isn’t life strange that way?

We never know what tomorrow will bring

and all of our yesterdays –

are now todays

and we look with anticipation,

on our tomorrows –

but they are not promised anyone.

So we must take what we have today

and make it like a diamond shine –

so that as the day ends,

we can close the curtain as night rides in,

with a smile,

our hearts full of love,

night shadows mysterious,

muses whispering inspiration,

colorful dreams,

showing us what has been,

or what lies ahead,

until the morning light.


Isn’t life strange?

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