An End to a Love Story

broken heart

The silence seemed shattering,

there were no more words to say.

Silently like creeping spiders,

spinning their webs,

they sat,

one looking at the other.

No spark, no magic,

there w as nothing that remained –

of the yesterdays they left behind.

It was the classic scene,

as in any movie,

that time had played its game

and it was time to move on.

Neither he nor she was willing to be,

the first to say good-bye.

There were memories,

of days spent in the sun.

Days when comfort was,

meant for just the two of them,

then came the storm clouds

and the gray days took over.

The words of love they shared,

just drifted away,

like waves upon the ocean.

Suddenly there was a void,

so big that nothing could fill it.

There were only regrets

and thoughts of what could have been.

Three sunrises, three sunsets,

three years of bliss,

had been theirs,

until that fateful day,

when the embers had grown cold.

They had tried so hard,

to make them glow again,

but if words could do nothing,

if there was no longer any closeness,

then it was time to move on.

He was the first to walk on over

and reached out for her hand.

She took it trembling,

tears in her eyes.

They knew this was good-bye,

forever more –

there would be no more passion,

no more words of love.

For them the final curtain,

had fallen and with it their compassion.

How it had all happened,

they both weren’t sure,

but somewhere along the journey,

they had lost that golden thread –

that had kept them together.

So now all that remained,

was to gather their souvenirs,

to remember the good times,

to not let the bad –

leave footprints on their souls.

So with many sad sighs,

they parted with one last kiss,

a kiss that sealed their fate,

knowing in their hearts,

that as much as they wished it wasn’t so –

their love had died.

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As the Weather Gets Colder


The weather is getting colder,

the winds much bolder,

as swirling leaves go dancing by,

I reach for your hand so warm.


Love knows no seasons,

but it is ever so much warmer,

when you need to cuddle,

to keep away the chill of autumn.


Let’s take a walk,

through the scrunching fallen leaves.

Let’s hold hands

and kiss as the cold winds blow about.


Love can warm most any heart,

best it be yours and mine.

When I have to close the doors and windows,

against the chill I want you to be there.


Let’s make the autumn and winter,

a warm memory,

with candlelight and sweet wine,

with kisses that speak of passion.


Let’s weather the colder seasons together,

to make it through the rain and snow,

to melt the icicles by our windows,

just from the kisses we share.


So as the weather gets bolder,

come and hold me until the spring,

comes round again

and I won’t feel the cold oh, no.


Remember only you and I can make it,

through the autumn and winter together.

Our love will see us through,

the paths of falling leaves and snow.


And when the spring,

once again comes over the windowsill,

our love will be ever stronger

and we’ll have weathered it all.


So let’s settle in as the autumn arrives,

the magic of silver-white winter is still ahead

We’ve got plenty of time for romancing,

so light the candles and kiss me my love.


In our magical world,

outside the leaves may swirl by,

the snowflakes and the north wind blow,

but we know in our love we’ll glow.

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Poets for Peace is published!

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Always Loving You


Loving you,

has always been my desire,

from the first moment,

I ever saw your smile.

The years have flown,

but I should have known,

when you took my hand,

it would be a journey,

my whole life long.

When all the stars,

seem to glitter in silver

for you and me.

When many a moon,

has risen and been danced beneath.

When our love has mellowed –

I will always remember,

how it was the first time,

when we met.

The setting was right,

the moon so very bright,

the beating of our hearts,

as one.

As time goes on,

the years roll by,

together on dream clouds,

we’ll be sailing up high

and you and I will always be,

in love as life’s river,

flows on and time goes by.

Always keep in mind,

your love is precious to me.

Look my way,

take my hand

and let me lead you,

through every storm,

that comes along.

When the moon seems to be fading,

remember how bright it shone,

when we first met

and how it once was.

Love me and I’ll know –

as time goes by,

our love will always shine

and you will continue to be mine.

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Dancing Leaves


It hasn’t been too clear,

the world too green,

skies a brilliant blue

and white clouds drifting by

The sun still shines so warm

and the breezes gently blow.

I could almost believe –

that it was all a dream,

that the summer has just come

and there are flowery meadows to roam.

Butterflies still flit among the flowers

and birds sing in the trees.

I heard a chorus,

just this early morn,

the apple trees still full of fruit

and the grass green beneath my feet.

Then taking a walk,

down a country lane,

it was a dancing brown leaf,

that made me realize –

this summer is coming to an end

and soon autumn will be here.

The leaf went dancing along with me,

soon followed by two or three.

How sad it makes me,

to think of saying goodbye,

to all the lazy summer days,

that bring so much fun.

Sadly reflecting I lift,

a glass of wine,

made from grapes,

sweetened by the summer sun

and say farewell to summer days

and toast to the autumn.

I content myself to think

of the colors autumn will bring

and will dream

throughout winter,

that through snowy paths will lead me,

waiting until spring crocuses,

bloom once more

and summer comes dancing,

through a meadow,

filled with wildflowers..

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How the Seasons Change

Riga Holidays 027

They were married,

in the summertime,

so special was their love,

when flowers bloomed all around

and colorful butterflies filled the air.

Came the autumn

and they delighted,

with the changing of the seasons.

Loving all the different colors,

that nature surrounded them with.

Came the winter

and they held each other tight.

Keeping warm with passionate kisses,

while the snow blustered outside.

With the glow of love still around them,

they greeted their first child.

Seasons came and seasons went,

their love continued to grow.

Now as the years had flown,

they waited for their first grandchild.

He loved her as much as he’d loved her,

right from the very start =

the summer when they wed.

To him it seemed that the years,

had taken nothing from them.

There were still so many seasons,

to look forward to.

Interesting Pics for Posting 116

Then he discovered her packing,

to his surprise she said –

that their love had grown cold.

She wanted to go on alone,

he couldn’t understand,

it was like she was speaking –

a language most foreign to him.

His love hadn’t flown,

if only he’d known,

perhaps he would have done things differently,

but he was left clueless.

A child grown,

a grandchild on the way.

He was content,

but his love wanted to fly.

He took her hand,

led her into the garden.

Summer 2012 001

He showed her that the summer,

was just same as when they were wed.

The roses were in bloom

and the birds chirped in the trees.

He reminded her,

of how he had told her –

that they were serenading their love.

When night fell,

he held her in his arms.

Like so many years ago,

they danced by moonlight.

Their kisses seemed the same,

but somewhere passion had cooled.

His heart trembled in fear,

he told he loved her

and called her dear.

Long into the night,

he reminded her,

of the seasons they’d shared,

of wonderful things –

that life had given them.

Most of all he spoke of the love,

that still glowed in his heart.

When morning came

and he awoke to the sunrise,

he was alone,

she had gone

and he knew that he would remember her,

from season to season –

till his life was done.

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Can’t Say Goodbye

Lilacs and Tulips 012

Another sleepless night,

waiting for the morning light.

Weary eyed she stumbled,

to bed where nightmares waited.

One more time, he hadn’t come.

She knew his love was wrong,

but she was weak, not strong.

He’d return with excuses,

full of meaningless words of love.

Then she’s let him hold her –

hoping he’d never let go.

He was every woman’s dream come true,

eyes of blue that sparkled and flashed.

Words from a golden tongue,

used to steal hearts away.

So this game they’d play,

day after day.

He never intended to stay,

but the passion went on and on.

Night after night,

she was willing to let him hold her.

Knowing that in the cold light of day,

her bed would be as empty as her heart was.

A woman with a broken heart

and a shattered soul.

Longing for a man,

to have and to hold.

Someday he’d realize,

what treasure he had.

A woman who loved him –

more than her very own life.

Came the time,

when he opened his eyes,

to discover that she,

was the only woman he could love.

So back he raced,

with bated breath,

to a silent house

and a heart that beat like a drum.

He called her name,

as he ran from room to room.

Thinking it was all in vain –

that nothing was the same.

Then there she was on the balcony,

the setting sun shining through her raven hair.

He took her in his arms

and held on tight.

Their hearts beat a symphony,

their desires knew no end.

Kisses of passion that left them breathless –

until they whispered together ”I love you”.


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