Fairy Queen

fairy queen 2

Poem number 21 NaPoWriMo


In the darkest part of the magical forest,

were wood nymphs dance

and the Fairy Queen reigns.

The forest creatures where gathered,

for a feast and to rejoice.

For at one time it seemed,

that the once lush forest,

was beginning to dry out.

Then the Fairy Queen,

found her true love,

the King of Raindrops

and the much-needed rains came.

The couple so much in love,

presented their subjects,

with a son, who when grown,

would be Prince of the Forest,

to rule with a loving hand

and make sure that –

in this magical forest,

there was always much-needed rain,

sunbeams to dance upon

and rainbows when the storm clouds had gone.

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Tranquil Waters


Poem number 20 NaPoWriMo


I walk by tranquil waters,

lost in my memories.

By tranquil waters –

to ease my mind.

Once we walked together,

just you and I,

while tranquil waters –

reflected our loving smiles.

The seasons came and went,

the colors reflected,

the colorful days of autumn,

the green days of spring and summer

and the frozen white world of winter.

It was a place where we could dream,

beneath a weeping willow tree,

where nature could be free

and we shared blissful moments of our love.

Now alone I walk,

but you are still in my heart,

ever since you once left me –

standing by tranquil waters waving my farewell…

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Ever Dancing


Poem number 19 NaPoWriMo


Shall we dance

giddy with romance?


Life is but a passing phase,

that whizzes by us,

it gives us so much –

if we can sift out the rest.

Dancing through life can be divine,

if we keep our dreams in sight,

always try to take a dizzying flight –

to the endless sky and back again.

Loving every sweet moment,

as the seasons come and go,

taking a shining pearl from each –

to be remembered, to be treasured.

So that we can weave,

a path of our footprints,

throughout our lives

and when the sunset years find us,

smiling and content we can be,

picking up each precious pearl,

remembering how it all was.

Like watching a movie in our minds,

seeing all that life once gave us,

the laughter and the tears –

through all the loving years.

What we learned and what we loved

and how grand life really was,

with each twist and turn,

as the dance rhythm leads us ever onward,

as we turn about,

a special golden moment –

becomes a new and shiny memory.


Shall we dance?

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To Make You Mine


Poem number 18 NaPoWriMo


I’ve always thought,

that it would be,

so wonderful,

to make you mine.


But it isn’t in the making,

the wanting and the doing.

It must also be in the loving

and the sharing.


You’ve never even said,

that you want to be mine,

oh, you say so many things,

that are so very fine.


Yet, I never know,

where the fantasy and reality,

have their boundaries,

I rather think you’re fooling me.


So, for now, I’ll let you entertain me,

with words of sweetness and love,

it is better to hear them,

then to have nothing at all.


Perhaps one day,

if your love is really true,

you will take me in your arms

and let me make you mine.

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Raining In My Heart

black rose

Poem number seventeen NaPoWriMo


The day dawned bright,

red sun rising,

as red as tulips in the spring,

it’s beauty lost on me –


cause it’s raining in my heart.


Bright days of blue sky,

as blue as my soul,

my heart beating,

that reflects the longing –


cause it’s raining in my heart.


Golden afternoons,

as shiny as sparkling diamonds,

birds singing and on the wing,

my eyes misted and unseeing –


cause it’s raining in my heart.


Someday down the road,

perhaps a better day will dawn,

when I’m not so all alone,

but for now an uncaring attitude –


cause it’s raining in my heart.


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In the Black of Night

Sid Laptop 019

Poem number sixteen NaPoWriMo


A certain yearning,

in the black of night,

not a sound but the whistling wind,

a time for dreaming,

perhaps for romancing,

when the black cloak of night descends –

on raven wings.

What magic beneath the dark night sky,

when upon the velvety blanket,

bright twinkling diamonds appear

and the moon begins to glow,

down beneath there, you are,

enjoying the show.

Then you take my hand

and we begin dancing,

while the moonbeams spotlight us.

An owl high above in the oak,

softly hoots

and a lone whippoorwill,

can be heard,

while around us, a melody of love is playing,

it goes on and on,

and we continue twirling in the night,

sweet kisses such delight –

until the early morning light.

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Parting Time


Poem number fifteen NaPoWriMo


Tears they came,

the day that we parted.        

You always said you loved me,

I was the fool not to believe.

Days spent together,

full of happiness and bliss,

then you would spoil it all,

professing your love for me.

You couldn’t see,

that my heart was afraid,

to spread its wings,

fly straight to your heart,

declaring love.

Soon you were not content,

to find me so silent,

I was too afraid,

of another heartbreak.

Never realizing,

a rain cloud was following me

and then the dark, rainy days came.

No rainbows in the sky,

you never said why –

but I know you wanted love so true.

Now the days find me,

alone missing you,

in the lonely nights –

with silver tears and golden memories.

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