New Song


There is a different sound to each new day,

as the sun rises as yet, unsung and unheard,

the wind from the sea brings songs from distant lands,

a wave throws a seashell beneath your feet,

so that you can hear the song it sings.


Songs bring gaiety and laughter,

dancing with joy ever after,

memories like musical notes,

dance around you –

as each new song a memory brings.


Love songs never grow old,

but become like new,

when true love comes,

bringing the sweetness –

of a forever kind of romance.


Each flower blossom has a different scent,

filling the air with heady perfume,

each colorful flower,

makes you want to reach out and gently touch it,

hoping that someone, somewhere,

will one day grow a garden of such flowers for you.


As the sun sets and twilight lights the sky,

remember the song this day brought you,

so that when the velvety night comes,

with its lullabies,

you’ll look toward the skies

and happily sigh.

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One Last Time

Rainy Roses 006

Just had to hang on,

to summer’s shadow,

just one last time –

to remember the days of sun.

but in reality,

the summer now brought sad memories

and as much as I wanted to hold on,

to summer days –

they just misted my eyes with tears.

So one last time,

I will bid summer adieu,

now turning to embrace,

the colorful autumn,

that is knocking at my door.

I know that with the cold winds,

the dancing leaves,

my heart will find wings,

to fly along,

as the autumn drifts by.

Seeing you and me,

most everywhere,

your shadow following me,

the days that used to be.

It will give me time,

to reflect upon summer memories,

as the roses sadly wither on the vine,

remembering that you are no longer mine,

but when the autumn sun now shines bright,

I know that once our love was so right

and I can clearly see you in my mind

and smile one last time.

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Tripping the Light Fantastic


Feeling so good,

morning came and you,

took me by the hand –

led me into fantasy land.

Down the street, we went,

tripping the light fantastic,

just you and me,

our love was meant to be.

The ups and downs,

we face them,

when life’s sea gets rough –

making things so tough.

Be it rain or shine,

you are mine and I am yours,

tripping the light fantastic –

from the morning till the night.

Never knew love could be,

just so right for you and me,

together we dream,

together we fantasize,

sweet kisses shared –

walking hand in hand.

Never knew that love,

could be a carousel ride,

the dizzying ups and downs,

just between you and me,

feelings so very special,

smiles shared,

on and on we go –

tripping the light fantastic.

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Yesterday’s Dreams


The dreams we dreamt yesterday,

are still the same.

We might have gotten older,

life a bit colder,

but in our hearts,

we are still the same

and yesterday’s dreams still mean a lot.

The time when life seemed full of wonder,

nothing could ever change,

we lived, we loved, and we laughed –

we dreamed of so many things.

Then life turned around,

but the dreams we dreamed yesterday,

still remain in our hearts.

We still long for the same things,

we still love the same way

and we still have the same friends.

So let’s cherish yesterdays dreams,

keep reaching for that far away star

and know that in our hearts,

we are the same as we were before.

Together we can do it all,

as long as we hold on,

to yesterdays dreams.

Keep our childhood in our hearts,

still, believe in fantasy

and love life as much as before.

Let’s hold on to yesterdays dreams,

find our way back,

to the love we once had

and relive the beauty,

of all that we thought we had lost,

way back then

and find our way –

to yesterday’s dreams.

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Winter World of Love

snow heart

The frosty sun,

rose on a cold winter’s morn,

there was no comfort and no warmth,

but the particles of snow –

did like little colorful diamonds glow.

Making the world a little brighter,

while winter birds huddled under the eaves of the roof,

from which sparkling icicles hung,

making it all a little like –

a winter world of fun.

The hazy sun shined through,

but as for warmth,

there was none,

the north wind,

whistled all about

and little birds –

mournfully on bare branches chirped.

Hand in hand,

our kisses keeping us warm,

beneath a silvery, gray sky,

along a snowy path,

into the woods we went.

The crisp snow crunching,

beneath our feet,

soft snow falling,

from the pine branches –

swinging in the wind.

No sound all around,

the woodland stream,

frozen in time,

we went waltzing through the paths,

humming a wintertime song

and it seemed  –

like a winter world of love.

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Take Me Away


Take me to the stars,

because it’s so bright there

and they twinkle at night,

so it’s never dark,

such a lovely sight.

Take me to the sun,

where it glows the brightest,

in a mellow, golden light

and there it’s never cold.

Take me to the moon,

that shines so romantically.

I want to swing,

on its tip at night

and down below,

dance from moonbeam to moonbeam.

Take me to the clouds,

so that I can drift along,

like upon a magic carpet,

as the wind blows them to and fro.

Take me to the highest mountain,

so that I can reach them all –

the stars, the sun, the moon, and the clouds

and I can see the world all about.

We can party up on high –

take me away

and let’s play,

among the celestial orbs,

away from the world so ordinary,

making life extraordinary.

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Waltzing Through Life


Let’s go waltzing

through life –

it will save us,

from so much strife.


Let’s go waltzing

through life

and remember that each day,

can bring us great delight.


Let’s go waltzing

through life –

for life is so short,

let’s spend it in three-quarter time.


Let’s go waltzing

through life,

along the paths set before us

and rejoice with family and friends.


Let’s go waltzing

through life

and leave our sorrows behind –

smiling and laughing along the way.


Let’s go waltzing

through life –

bringing gladness to others,

showing them that life is for living.


Let’s go waltzing

through life,

in light, quick steps –

that will lessen the burdens we carry.


Let’s go waltzing

through life –

take the hand of those,

who are suffering and say we understand.


Let’s go waltzing

through life,

offering helping hands, giving and caring,

making life more bearable.


Let’s go waltzing

through life –

there is so much to share,

let’s do it and make life a joy to live.

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