Creations of the Mind

Spring Joys 005

In my mind

in the darkest corners there

where my fears hide

where tears threaten

in my mind

kaleidoscopes of color play

they play with my thoughts

inviting imagination

in the dark reaches of my mind

there in the shadows

where no light reaches

is a creature of the night

it is the place where nightmares are born

from the world of reality torn

mingling with the spirits

that dance about in the darkest night

in my mind they lurk

fantasies so full of grandeur

all the time delighting

in that which is extraordinary

there in the farthest reaches of my mind

I hear strange melodies play

they fill my very soul

and pluck at my heart

I want to fly like a shooting rocket

straight up to the sky

exploding among the stars

and raining back down as silver dust

in my mind

I consider dancing madly in the rain

leading my own parade

in the deepest of my desires

all this and so much more

there in the dark recesses of my mind

where my muses dwell

and creativity swells

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To Live By the Sea

Cyprus 29.10 - 11.11.07 369

To live by the sea

a dream I have had

to wake and see

the shimmering deep blue sea


to run and shout

with the gulls flying about

to wake with the early morning sun

and feel the sand cool beneath my feet


to see the sea as the seasons change

wondering where each wave has been

it laps but for a moment on shore

then swirls back into the water


waves upon the sea

can tell many tales

they’ve been to so many places

of beauty and wonder I’ve never seen


like a gull that sits upon the waves

I’d like to rock upon the sea

to feel the salt sea spray

and have it wash across my hands and feet


to run toward waves in greeting

and search for seashells on the shore

to listen to the music

that the rush of the waves make


to see the sea much calmer

as evening shadows fall

to watch the moon rise above

and show a silvery path across the water


to listen in the dark

as the waves lap against the shore

to watch toward the horizon

waiting for the dawn


to be by the sea

in the winter when it is gray and angry

to see how different it looks then

and wait for spring to see it smile again


to find treasures washed ashore on the dunes

climb upon a hill and watch the sea from above

to hear the wind whistling through tall pines trees

as the tops of the trees wave to the sea below


to live by the sea

feeling so very free

to be one with the sun and the sand

like a princess in a fantasy land

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Love’s Light

N Sun

Love’s light

like a beacon shines

in the darkest night

in candlelight

making love feel so right


like a river that keeps flowing

my love for you keeps growing

like warm southern winds

that bring the spring

you make my heart beat like a drum


like the sun that shines upon the sea

memories of you like diamonds glitter

my happiness knows no measure

when you smile at me

your sparkling eyes

so full of love

and when my hand in yours

fits just like a glove

your love gives me wings


no sun could shine brighter

than the sun that shines on our love

no moon could glow more golden

than the one we dream beneath

you and I were meant to be

thank you for loving me


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When the World Closes In

Moon niice

Days drift by uneventfully

days of happiness and bliss

when it is just you and I


and the door on the world is shut tight


tears, worries and fears

when the dark days come

when storm clouds roll across the skies


when the world closes in


doubts and thoughts

that cannot be controlled

my mind in a whirl of discontentment


when the world closes in


my thoughts like butterflies

scattered like clouds through the skies

I dream and I wonder why


when the world closes in


then I long to stray

far, far away

down a country road


when the world closes in


there nature heals

and song birds sing

the river rushes by as gulls bob on the water


there beneath a tall oak tree

I can sit and remember

so many wonderful things and precious memories

when the world closes in


it cleanses my soul

and refreshes my mind

puts things back into perspective


when the world closes in

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Cornflower In My Heart

I often stop to admire

meadows of cornflowers when they are in bloom

and it always seems to me

that a small, blue cornflower is calling to me


The sun high on the horizon

radiates its golden rays

as the blue cornflowers

lift up their heads and smile


Nearby stalks of wheat

do a golden dance

in the summer breeze

and all about I see blue and gold


Nothing makes me happier

than fields of blooming flowers

that seem to sing in chorus

just like birds on the wing


I turn about and spread my arms wide

to embrace the beauty all around

my soul so much in awe

seeing that meadow like a blue sea in the breeze



It doesn’t matter

that perhaps in other meadows

fancier flower may bloom

for in my heart a blue cornflower sings



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New York City Ghosts

New York

In a city with millions

there are so many stories to tell

so many fears and tears to shed

when tragedy comes suddenly

and the street is crimson red with blood

the blood washes and fades away

but the spirits of the victims rise

and fill the streets

seeking revenge from those

who struck them down

the young and the old


down beneath the city

were the subway tunnels

are filled with many horrors

where the spirits of those

whose life ended beneath a speeding train

they are there and you can feel their pain

if you only stop and listen and feel

there are whispers of the lonely

most everywhere


up above on the teeming streets

if ever your hat is blown from your head

sometimes it isn’t the wind

just a friendly reminder

from a close friend

that once you were walking side by side

now they’re forgotten

because they’ve gone away


down by the riverside

the East and the Hudson

if you care to take a stroll

as the sun goes down

every night there’s a party going on

when the ghosts of the city

gather together to share their stories

if you open up your heart

if you really care

you can hear the music they make

the songs they sing

mingled with happiness and tears


in a city of millions

where strangers live side by side

where friends come together and play

there are so many stories to hear

if you only listen, if you stay

everywhere the ghostly spirits

mingle with the living

for once you make New York City your home

dead or alive that is where you long to roam

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True Love


Can you believe,

can you tell

what true love really is?


an incredible feeling

that sends your mind reeling

knowing that the person you’ve found

is your one and only


true love is a fantasy

that only for some becomes a reality

it’s the knowing

and the growing day after day together


lay back and drift upon the sea of love

as the waves like glittering diamonds

shimmer and shine

under the sun above


upon a river of silver

streaming beneath the light of the moon

while stars are blinking and winking

your heart full of happy thinking


a most dangerous thing

giving your heart away

but it will happen one day

when true love comes your way


all the magic in the world

gathered just for your joy

when you feel as if fairy dust

has given your feet wings


when you’re not walking

but your dancing

and the melody you hear

is all in your mind


when you embrace each new day

with a new vitality for life

when smiles have replaced all frowns

and there are no tears around


when your love

plucks at your heart strings

and makes your soul sing

and you have to sigh


try as you might

love is here to stay

as the two of you have now become as one

true love has come your way

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