In the Black of Night


Poem number twenty-six NaPoWriMo


A certain yearning,

in the black of night,

not a sound but the whistling wind,

a time for dreaming,

perhaps for romancing,

when the black cloak of night descends –

on raven wings.

What magic beneath the dark night sky,

when upon the velvety blanket,

bright twinkling diamonds appear

and the moon begins to glow,

down beneath there, you are,

enjoying the show.

Then you take my hand

and we begin dancing,

while the moonbeams spotlight us.

An owl high above in the oak,

softly hoots

and a lone whippoorwill,

can be heard,

while around us, a melody of love is playing,

it goes on and on,

and we continue twirling in the night,

sweet kisses such delight –

until the early morning light.

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Crumbled Dreams

black rose 3

Poem number twenty-four NaPoWriMo


Crumbled dreams are what make us ache,

are what make us blue.

How can you go on in this life?

If everything you longed for –

lies like broken crockery at your feet.

Crumbled dreams are what hurt the most.

How can you go on?

When you ache for a love you can’t have.

There has to be a spark,

to make it all work

and start the embers glowing.

Shards of crumbled dreams just lay on the ground

and muddy water streams,

trickle among crushed rose petals –

that have been trampled on by uncaring feet.

While the sparks of the fire

just smolder and won’t burn,

crumbled dreams like so many nightmares,

come to haunt you in the night,

like phantom specters,

on skeleton horses –

riding through dark night skies.

Shadows hide the moon

and dark clouds flash with lightning,

while quiet rumbles echo.

Crumbled dreams too many of them,

destroy the love you hold,

like so many prayers and wishes –

left unanswered.

If only crumbled dreams,

could be mended again

and the nightmares chased away,

by the dawning of a new day,

to find a new way,

to dream again.

Gathering souvenirs,

from crumbled dreams,

memories to last a lifetime.

Searching for a new beginning,

a love that will last forever –

which you can always treasure.


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Stormy Skies


Poem number twenty-three NaPoWriMo


You are harsh

and you are relentless,

you flash in anger,

thunder through the skies,

sending lightning bolts –

flashing here and there.

You’re a storm,

that fills me with dread,

as the sky,

turns to leaden gray,

then becomes as black as night

and dark clouds,

go hurling along,

as the wind –

blows ever stronger.

The howling begins,

a storm approaching,

as my heart beats ever faster,

the sky bright as day,

as lightning flashes

and the thunder roars.

Storms big and strong,

wild and passionate,

blazing across the land,

to the sound of cannon booms,

as the storm comes closer.

Listening to the wind howl

and the rain comes pouring down,

storms similar to life,

so bold yet short,

blowing in and then as quickly rolling away,

leaving everything,

shiny and clean,

covered with sparkling raindrops –

like pearls shining in the night.


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Rainy Days


Poem number twenty-two NaPoWriMo


Rainy days make for dreaming,

when the skies are gray,

then I have to say –

those memories come back to me.

I walk back in time,

to the places and see the faces,

from a time so long ago,

so that I don’t get blue,

I’m always smiling,

because in my mind I see you –

in the city neon lights reflected.

Like glowing jewels,

in the rain puddles along the way,

when storm clouds fill the sky,

but in the world, I enter -country

the sun never goes away.

Rainy country roads,

strolling as the raindrops fall,

somewhere high up in a pine,

a lone bird calls,

taking away all my cares and worries.

Bringing back the carefree days,

of childhood and youth,

knowing that however soon,

the skies will clear up,

while a  colorful rainbow makes a bridge –

stretching across now sunny skies.

Spending my time,

with songs of yesterday,

words that will stay in my heart –

forever and a day.


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Let It Forever Be You


Poem number twenty-one NaPoWriMo


When my world,

appears to be perfect

and all my sorrows are behind me –

I know it’s you.


When there are more smiles than tears

and music sounds everywhere.

When I want to dance and never stop –

I know it’s you.


Hearts beat faster,

when they’re bound by love,

heads spin faster,

when they’re dizzy with love,


In my little world,

I’m always glad

and never sad because I’m not alone –

I know it’s because of you.


Someday soon,

when my life seems a fantasy

and every day’s a pleasure –

I’ll know it’s you.


Suddenly I can remember,

all the words to a thousand love songs,

hear the most beautiful melodies –

all because it’s you.


Even the winter sky,

becomes blue and the sun sparkles,

the ice just melts away –

because there is you.


You are like my special dream,

the magic you bring,

to my gray and ordinary every day,

knowing it’s you that makes me smile.


Nothing can compare,

to this love we share,

to all the happy mornings

and the dream-filled nights.


There was nothing but emptiness,

until I saw your smile,

until I met you –

now I know it’s you for a lifetime.


Nothing in this world,

could be any grander,

then the kisses we share,

the quiet days and nights.


So thank you for coming into my life,

for bringing me so much love,

for always being there –

let it forever be you.

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In Sweet Dreams


Poem number twenty NaPoWriMo


In dreams, we can live,

like we’ve never lived before,

in dreams so much can happen.

Dreams can bring back,

to us long forgotten days

and bring us back –

to when we were so very happy.

In dreams so much is possible,

so when you close your eyes,

let yourself just drift,

drift into dreams

and make it all possible.

As she drifted,

there was a wild flowing river

and crossing it she slipped and slid,

on the smooth rocks beneath her feet.

Then as she lost her balance and fell,

down, down a waterfall she tumbled.

There was no fright,

nothing but his face that appeared before her

and then she smiled,

for she had so wanted –

to see him once more.

He caught her,

then held her in his arms

and they seemed to be flying.

As he gently placed her down,

upon the river bank,

it was there that she now felt content –

back in his arms again.

They danced to the sweetest music

and once again after so long,

he professed his love for her.

She wanted to stay with him forever,

but he reminded her,

that this was but a dream,

a chance to be together,

for some wonderful moments,

somewhere beyond the rainbow,

where wishes and dreams,

come true.

When the sun’s rays,

interrupted her dreams,

she awoke,

no longer sad but happy,

knowing that somewhere out there,

he was swinging on a star

and still loving her from afar.

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Garden Under Clouds

Spring Today 018

Poem number nineteen NaPoWriMo


A sinister dark cloud,

took the garden away,

sending a dark shadow,

hiding the sun.


Birds in the trees,

sang songs of joy,

honeybees were buzzing,

enjoying nectar from flowers blooming.


Until that dark cloud,

descended on this paradise

and the rain dampened all,

rivulets of water and mud.


That cloud just held on

and the garden now dark and forlorn,

like a garden under clouds –

no more sunshine and joy.


Then a breeze blew across the sky

and parted the clouds,

a golden ray of sun,

came shining down.


The garden came out of the clouds,

the bird choruses trilled,

the honeybees buzzed –

once again a golden paradise.

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