How Do We Know?


How do we know?

that there will be a rainbow,

after the gray clouds – 

 have rolled away.


How do we know?

that once the spring rains,

have all stopped,

flowers will begin to bloom.


How do we know?

that once the sun rays,

come creeping over the window sill,

all the shadows will leave the room.


I say chase away all the gloom,

put on a cheerful song,

cast all worry and doubt aside –

paint a smile on your face.


A smile will be your umbrella,

when tears threaten to rain,

it will cover you from head to toe,

just so that you know.


Let’s lead our own parade,

show the world our best side,

be glad that we don’t have to hide –

because life is one wild ride.


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Golden Autumn

buds spring 072

Come my love,

the seasons are changing,

it’s sad to think,

that summer is saying farewell.

You and I will go walking,

in  a golden autumn,

where the sun makes leaves sparkle,

from the raindrops,

of a rainy autumn morning.

The trees will lose their leaves,

but all around us,

swirls of yellow, orange, red and brown,

will make a colorful collage,

against a sky still brightly blue.

Then just you and I,

can spread our arms

and dance with the wind.

Soon bare trees branches,

will be waving back,

the days grow ever shorter,

the sun no longer so warm,

cold winds sadly whisper –

of the coming of the winter season.

To us, it will be of no matter,

as we hold hands,

our kisses will warm us

and our hearts will glow.

So bring on the changes,

love will see us through,

as we walk from season to season –

side by side in the winter snows.

No one knows,

how long the road is,

before another season is upon us,

but when we have each other to love –

we can even dance through the ice and snow.

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Rose Petals Scattered On the Wind


Rose petals scattered on the wind,

hearts left bleeding by the roadside,

tears flowing like raging rivers,

stormy skies up above.

The wind howls,

the nights are long,

there is no happy song  –

dancing in the hurricane of lost love.


Storms rage angrier,

within broken hearts,

that seem to barely beat

and only want to retreat.


Rose petals scattered on the wind,

like so many lies

and false promises.

No more tender words of love,

time hangs heavy on the mind,

remembering the days,

of holding hands

and sharing kisses so sweet.


The scent of the roses still lingers,

though the petals  have swirled away,

memories still linger,

far into the dark of night.

No comfort anywhere,

no one to save the broken-hearted,

that keep crying,

keep longing,

keep remembering,

sweet moments that are now just –


rose petals scattered on the wind…

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Flight of the Migratory Birds


When the plaintiff songs,

of the migratory birds fill the air,

then a sad sort of longing fills my heart –

wishing I could spread my arms and fly along.


Everything ends at one time,

always something must be left behind

and quietly with no sound at all –

frost, silvery white covers the ground.


Softly, so very softly,

bringing change and great surprise,

seasons come and go,

a rhyme and reason to everything.


As the carousel of life,

takes another spin,

soon those migratory birds –

will fly back again.


For now, we are content,

to listen to their song –

fly away, fly away, before the cold winds blow.

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Spooky October


Come take a walk.

down a dark country road,

just the full autumn moon,

lights the way for you.

Take a look at the stars,

up above in the sky,

perhaps a witch will go riding by.

Feel the chill autumn wind,

whispering all around,

of scary things –

that go bump in the night.

While spirits go dancing by,

up above in the night sky,

look into the woods,

as you pass by –

you may see some glowing red eyes.

There are creatures that want to meet you,

with furry paws greet you,

perhaps among the swirling leaves,

there is a ghostly friend or two.

Stop to dance a bit,

on that dark country road,

where spirits play with light and shadow –

as clouds go swirling across the moon.

Look at all the shadows,

surrounding you,

bare branches like bony fingers,

groping for you in the moonlight.

October is a really spooky time,

so if you really dare,

take a walk in the dark

and find a Halloween thrill or two.

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Forever Dancing


Whenever I see you,

the passion simply flares,

your smile so very tender,

come take me in your arms.

Let’s dance real close,

let’s dance forever,

until we take one final turn

and find ourselves dancing among the stars,

swinging on the moon –

just you and I.

No matter where we are,

beneath the full moon

or by candlelight,

the song begins,

it makes me think of you,

we stand together real close –

dancing till the morning light.

Forever dancing through life with you,

is heaven on earth for me,

in your arms to be,

dancing for eternity,

dance me till I am dizzy,

dance me till skyrockets fly,

for with you, I can dance –

till the end of time.

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Time Passes


Time passes by,

like golden sands,

through an hourglass,

each leaving behind something to treasure.


Time passes by,

while we are left wondering why,

we once seemed to have moments in hand –

only to see they have slipped away.


Time passes by,

like a parade of colorful floats,

like balloons sailing away in a sky of blue –

it is here and gone in a blink of the eye.


Time passes by,

we grow older,

but as long as we keep loving –

time doesn’t make too many changes.


Time passed by,

we can still go dancing,

enjoying the love we share,

remembering that time is still on our side.


Time passes by

Doesn’t it make you want to cry?

nothing to stop it –

we cannot catch it even if we try.


Time passes by,

don’t even think why,

keep dreaming your dreams –

hold tight to my hand as we walk down life’s road.


Time passes by

leaving behind yesterday’s smiles,

warm embraces –

sparkling memories that will always shine.


Time passes by,

Isn’t it wonderful that you are still mine?

so much more to share –

knowing that we will keep loving till the end of our time.

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