Everything in This World of Ours

Spring Today 018


Everything is as it should be,

in this world of ours,

shores washed by calm waters,

birds flying up above.

The sun rises in the morning

and the moon comes out at night.

The sun and the moon pass each other by,

each morning and each evening.

Clouds floating by,

part to let sun rays through,

grab a boat and we’ll go drifting,

yes, everything is like it should be –

in this world of ours.

Twilights glow in a purple haze

and the stars come twinkling out.

When the darkness falls,

while we sit upon the shore,

listening to the gentle lap of waves –

against our boat on the water.

Then stars like little light bulbs,

go off when by one –

as light streaks across the sky.

Everything is as it should be,

in this little corner of the world,

the winds blow from the four corners,

the warmer breezes delight us

and the colder make us shiver.

Everything is as it should be,

in this world of ours.

The world still turns about

and life takes us for a fast spin,

the seasons come and go as they should

and there is a lot to delight us.

Everything is as it should be –

in this wonderful world of ours.

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Could It Be


It could be,

that life is as magical,

as at carnival time –

as bright as the colors of nature.

That love won’t deceive,

it will be true,

if only you believe,

that you can capture the joy of life

and keep it close to your heart.

Like a loving romantic melody,

but will it be,

what determines where life leads us,

will it be,



full of love,

filled with friends –

as we stand at the crossroads of life.

There is always doubt,

as to the path we choose,

as long as at the very end,

there are loving arms

and a love that is forever true.

Perhaps you need a pick-me-up,

just look into the mirror,

put on a joyful smile

and wave to the cheerful person you see.

As  long as we follow our hearts,

live and learn as we go along,

life can be full of song

and love will never steer you wrong.

Always follow your heart,

hold on to your dreams

and you will see –

that life is all it can be.

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Soft Falling Rain

Cool Riga Pics 069

Soft falling rain,

pitter patted splashing,

down into the flowing river,

now free from the winter ice,

that once bound it.

Creating ripples,

upon which ducks and gulls bounced.

Soft falling rain,

created splashes,

rising high up into the air.

A ray of sun came peeping out

and created rainbows,

in bright and shiny colors.

The dark clouds parted

and the sun shone through the rain,

that parted like a curtain,

there was such magic,

all around,

as the sun mingled with the rain.

Then the rain gave way,

on a golden afternoon,

making the river –

ripple and sparkle.

Along the river banks,

raindrops clung

to bushes

and the bare tree branches.

Creating strings of shiny pearls,

that like gems sparkled.

It became an afternoon,

that was just perfect,

for walking and dreaming,

of soft falling rain

and the coming of spring.

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In Eternity

2017 New Spring 016

As an enchanted rock,

that remains alone and sorrowful –

once you will become.


Then from this garden paradise,

lying golden under the sun,

you will never stray again.


As a companion rock,

to make you happy,

I must become.


Then beside you,

resting against you –

we will spend eternity.


All about the birds,

of paradise shall sing

and summer will never end.


Upon your head,

yellow wildflowers and moss will grow

and I’ll have a crown of wild roses.


There we shall sit,

side by side –

in love forever you and I.


I know there will be,

lovely melodies all around

and content we will be.


Then will come a day,

when the rains refresh us,

together we will rise –


dancing through paradise.

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Poetic Thoughts Fly

Ebook Cover

This is a special announcement. I have just come out with my first self-published book of poems titled Poetic Thoughts Fly with special thanks to Frostbite Publishing for the formatted document and cover. Here is a link to my Amazon author’s page showing the paperback version of the book. It is also available on Kindle.



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In the Wintertime


new york snow 3


frozen in the air,

shimmering silver –

like an angel’s breath.


Asleep under the ice,

the fish in the river

and somewhere the sound –

of the north wind whistling.


Lost in the frozen wilderness,

I walk along,

evergreens covered in snow,

shaking white flakes over me.


Perhaps as lost as I feel,

a lone bird twitters overhead.

Chirping sadly,

waiting for the spring.


A rabbit ghostly white,

hops from under a bush,

the bird takes wing

and the wind takes on a mournful tune.


Making me want to dance,

among the silvery snowflakes falling,

where one by one the lamplights start glowing –

like loving beacons as twilight comes.


Behind me, I leave footprints,

in the snow,

that will soon be covered,

as the north wind blows.


They are not my footprints alone,

but the years past that follow me,

bringing along memories,

different times, different snow.


It becomes quite a fantasy,

angel’s breath,

whistling wind, swirling snow

and me.

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Losing Love


I saw the last rose of summer,

the petals were blown off by the wind,

beneath my feet, they lay,

crushed no longer,

wafting perfume.

It reminded me of loves that have ended,

with silence and the closing of a door,

with hearts left bleeding

and filled with pain.

The rose will bloom,

once spring comes again,

but love that has died –

will never live again.

Often times you hear,

such words that are dear,

that love never dies,

but that is only if –

it has been a true love.

I saw the bare branches,

of trees reaching toward the sky,

they reminded me of when –

your arms reached for me.

In the winter they will be frozen in time,

just like my heart froze,

the day I lost your love.

It will be a cold winter,

with no one warm hold,

there is hope that when the spring,

winds come blowing in,

a heart that is frozen without love –

can melt along with the ice and snow.

To learn to love again

and have someone new to hold.

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