The Wind Whispers Your Name to Me

Summer 2012 092

I knew the moment that you sailed away

far from me to the other side

it was on the day that the wind

whispered your name to me

when you went far away

but I knew you would return

the moments that you thought of me

the wind whispered my name

and it was your voice calling me

now that we have parted for forever

until we meet again up yonder

in the dark of a scented spring night

as the stars swirl with the clouds above

I see your smile reflected in the moon

and hear the wind whisper to me in your voice

I love you still

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Silence is Golden

N Sun

Silence is golden

then words like knives don’t cut

words can be sharp and hurtful

but silence so peaceful

when you came into my life

there was laughter and songs

there was love and joy

so blissful were we

then your words cut our companionable silence

and settled deep in my heart

you asked me to forgive and I did

then we spent many a night

in silence side by side

sharing the dreams

that we wished upon the stars

somewhere down the road

you were discontent

but instead of silently forgiving

silently making your choice

you chose to injure me with words

like sharp shards of broken glass

and when one shard pricked my heart

it pulsed and it bled

that was the moment

you chose to say

the final words

the made me cry for you

made me hate you forever

and if you ever regret

and want me to forgive

I’ll say nothing more to you

than silence is golden

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Let’s Go Dancing in the Dark

moon moon

Step to the right, step to the left

let’s go dancing in the dark

nothing like a favorite melody

the lights down low

just you and I holding on

and dancing real slow

lovely way to spend an evening

expressing our love for one another

just you and I

close together and in love

my favorite way to spend an evening

dancing in the dark with you

memories of evenings

spent walking in our favorite park

as the stars twinkle above

the moon shining bright

holding hands and stealing kisses

under the shade of the trees

swaying in the night breeze

my heart beating against yours

is my favorite way to be

as we slowly move together

dancing in the dark with you

so light up the scented candles

fill the room with flowery scent

take me in your arms

let the passion begin

our love was heaven sent

swaying in time

as the music goes on and on

never want to be anywhere else

nothing can fill my heart and soul

make me so very happy

to be in love with you

and dancing in the dark

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Giving Me Wings


Your love takes me to the skies

flying ever so high

your love gives me wings

to do unimaginable things

to become one with nature

and blossom like a rose on the vine

as long as your love is mine

it takes my heart to greater heights

sailing on clouds above

never know what I did

when I didn’t have your love

to give me wings

if we ever said good-bye

my heart would cease to beat

frozen in time

never to love again

so let’s never forget

to say I love you

at the end of each day

for tomorrow may be too late

finding one of us on the starry path across the heavens

so let your love give my heart wings

while we can smile together

walk hand in hand

and live for our love

so much time has gone by

so much still ahead

thank you for giving me wings

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Tropical Dream

sea 2

Take me to a tropical paradise

where palm trees sway

and the air is filled with magnolia scent

somewhere on an island far, far away

trade winds whisper songs of love

even if only in our minds

let’s drift upon a river

and imagine we’re drifting

on the tropical sea

swinging in a boat

blown by the breeze

where the only light

comes from the moon above

while a gleaming silver bridge

shines upon our love

remind me that it shines for you and me

put on the melodies we adore

that place us in the tropics

where ukuleles strum

lovely melodies

take me in your arms

hold me close

and let’s dance

while you sing romantic songs

then as we close our eyes and dream

before you know it

in the tropics we’ll be

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Breaking Vows

broken heart

When you broke your vows to me

that was the day I ceased to be

but one day you’ll remember me

I don’t know when that will be

by that time a new love will have found me

and I’ll cease to be a memory to you

so remember me while you still can

and if you regret

retrace your steps to me

and I’ll take you back into my arms

glad to know that you remember me

and that you love me still

just make it soon

otherwise it will be much too late

for my heart is now aching

but someday soon it will have mended

and a new love may find and treasure it

so if you care, if you still love

most of all if you remember me

then let that all in the past be

come on home to my arms and my love

do it soon

if you remember me

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Her Phantom Lover

Night Sky

She never asked

never wanted to know

he came with the house

and he returned

every spring and stayed the summer

her phantom lover

when the nights were filled with lovely scents

and the moon seemed to shine brighter

he appeared smiling so tenderly

top hat and tails

she’d give him her hand

and together they would dance in the dark

the stars above were winking

a sweet and tender melody played

at times like this he seemed so familiar

but she couldn’t place him in her life

perhaps a past lover

she didn’t know, she didn’t care

he was there and she’d lost her heart

to him three springs ago

anxiously she searched the skies

for signs of the coming of the dawn

for then with one tender kiss

he was gone

leaving her heart aching

until the night came riding in once more

smiling so brightly her phantom lover

then one night he appeared

bearing a single white rose

she took it in wonder

pricking her finger on a thorn

they found her in the morning

with the most peaceful smile on her face

the white rose across her chest

one single drop of blood stained the rose

and the garden was filled with white roses

bushes looked just like after a snowfall

the scent so strong wafting in the air

and she, she was walking across the heavens

with her phantom lover forever together

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