On the Boulevard Of Broken Dreams


The sign said Hollywood and Vine,

but most knew it was –

the Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

With suitcases full of hope,

hearts filled with dreams,

they came in droves,

many left behind in the dust,

on the streets,

crushed and broken –

on the Boulevard of Broken Dreams.


The sign said Broadway,

the Great White Way,

where fame was the name of the game.

They came to get lost,

became nameless,

faceless upon the streets of New York.

Some faded into the woodwork,

some on the streets with the homeless,

all with the same hope and dreams,

only to find that for most Broadway-

was the Boulevard of Broken Dreams.


No matter where you look,

fame has always been calling.

Some realize their dreams,

some have their hearts broken.

The main thing has always been,

to be true to yourself

and if you find you won’t make it,

take other talents and make them your own

or one day lost and alone you’ll be living –

on the Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

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The Mystery of the Full Moon


Something wondrous about a full moon night,

when shadows come to play

and the clouds drift by,

blown by the night winds.

Trying to hide the moon,

they play hide and seek.

Moonlight so mysterious,

something magical about it,

wandering in its light,

bringing feelings of romance so right.

Moonlight more special than candlelight,

the feeling, the power, and the aura.

When a full moon shines bright,

it brings restlessness,

a need to wander about

or dance among the moonbeams.

Full moon nights,

bring no sleep,

the wonder of watching the moon and the stars,

play with the clouds and the shadows.

Long into the night,

listening to night creatures,

calling from a far,

where the mournful hoot of an owl calls –

Who, who are you?

Magical wonders on mysterious,

full moonlight drenched nights.

When in my dreams the moon,

like a gentlemen in a tux,

comes down to earth,

giving me his hand,

taking me for a dance up to the skies,

along golden bright moonbeams.

When waters are like molten silver

and the sky is so very bright,

like a fairytale spun by nature –

bringing the mysterious full moon to me.

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Life’s Carousel


It always amazes me,

how fast the years flow by.

My heart has so many treasures,

stored in my memory,

kept close to my heart –

that still give me so many pleasures.

Of days that used to be,

life is like a carousel spinning ever faster

and the years hurry by,

while trying to catch that golden ring.

My heart still aches for the memories,

of days that have been

and friends and family who’ve passed on.

Beside us they’ll always still be,

in our hearts and forever in our memory.

I know in my deepest soul,

that I should look forward,

to days that will be

and bring new memories.

Still my heart wants,

to return to years that are long past,

but still bring smiles to me

and so I bravely face a new tomorrow –

leaving behind yesterday’s sorrow.

So many more smiles ahead

and with God’s blessing my carousel will continue spinning.

I’m glad to say that come what may –

life is a wonder to be treasured.

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Smoke and Mirrors


Was it all smoke and mirrors?

That made your love seem so real.

Was it all a dream

or did you love me for awhile?

It seemed but a moment in time,

that you came into my life,

like a magician,

out of another space and time.

You came and you took my love,

magically changed my life -.

so that my days began and ended with you.

Your words wove about me,

like a spider’s web

and I could only see the good,

turning a deaf ear to the bad.

You filled my world,

with smoke and mirrors.

The smoke left a haze,

so my eyes couldn’t focus on reality.

Into the mirrors I stepped,

like Alice in her wonderland,

seeking your kisses and words of love.

While behind me the clowns were laughing,

knowing that you weren’t loving me.

Giving me the illusion,

like being in a fun house at a carnival.

Every day was a carnival with you,

but the dark thunderous clouds,

on the horizon loomed.

You were just fooling around,

out of the haze I stepped,

out of that world of mirrors –

to see the harsh reality.

Like when the night,

make lovers dreamy,

while the moonbeams,

created romantic gleams.

While I was loving you,

you were just fooling around

and while my heart was breaking –

those clowns just keep on laughing.

I was fooled,

by the world you created,

like some mad magician,

so sure of yourself –

surrounding me with smoke and mirrors.

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In the Garden of Love


A secret garden,

lay hidden through the years,

once entering through the arch,

pushing the brambling bushes aside –

it would seem that you were once here.

The feeling of deja vu,

so very strong,

like the whispering wind,

calling out to you.

Thousands of years before,

in just a moment of time,

it seems like eternity has passed

and time stands still.

Somewhere an unknown bird,

seems to be calling your name

and you follow along –

with the bird’s cheerful twittering.

Following and full of longing,

as if you had done so before,

with the same brilliant smile,

suddenly you stop in surprise,

as you seem to hear,

all of the colorful flowers –

welcoming you back once more.

It must have been a time,

for slow strolling,

hand in hand,

through the moonlight,

when love was new.

Perhaps centuries ago,

in a different time and space.

Sitting there upon the rusted wrought-iron bench,

sharing dreams in the summertime.

Flowery perfume upon the wind,

making your head spin,

memories of a lifetime of love.

Fond memories that bring smiles,

holding up your hand,

against the sun.

Golden rays come spilling through,

golden rays of love and hope

and as you twirl about –

it’s as if you’ve stepped back a thousand years.

Imagining shadow figures,

dancing from moonbeam to moonbeam,

in the nighttime,

when this garden of love,

becomes magical.

To a time when love was so real,

here in the garden of love,

you long to stray once more

and as you quietly close the garden door,

a silvery tear falls

and you know that when,

summer comes to this garden again,

you’ll return once more –

perhaps with a love so true.


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Fast Moving Train


I wanted to dance in the rain,

stop feeling the pain,

that was deep in my heart.

Should have known right from the start,

while burning those bridges behind me,

that perhaps there would be a time,

some footsteps needed to be retraced.

Life moved on like a speeding train,

giving me no chance,

to stop to catch my breath.

I wanted to still roam about,

find what else my heart was seeking,

but then while peeking,

round the bend,

they said the train,

waited for no one,

it was my last chance,

to get onboard.

The train was in the station,

the station called life,

I was told there was no more time,

but something told me,

there would still be other trains,

other stations with awesome names,

like Passiondale

and Love so true.

It was then that I knew,

time was still on my side.

I was still the keeper of my own time,

still able to walk,

along in my own rhythm.

There would still be,

a life full of fun,

full of good things,

that would bring,

plenty of memories.

So when they tell you,

the last train is leaving,

make sure you are believing,

because you leave a lot of living behind.

Remember that there is still,

the child that remains inside,

the one that gives you,

the courage to go on.

You’ll still be running,

beneath that summer sun,

dancing along with the wind,

loving with passion,

so let that express train,

let that local,

pass you by.

They are not there for you yet,

to take you to the sky.

Love what you do,

love just for the sake of loving,

dance and romance

and find a way to open the door,

that you once closed behind,

find those precious memories,

that keep you going on

and will lead you to the pathway,

to your heart’s desire.



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Flames Burning Bright


Flames orange and beguiling,

flames wild and free,

candlelight flames,

flames of passion

flames that seer the soul

and set your heart on fire.

Flames burning hot and bright,

too hot to touch.

Always rising high and blazing,

flames lapping like thirsty tongues –

sending embers into the sky.

In a  velvet black sky,

tiny orange sparks glow,

blown by the wind,

like mysterious eyes,

blazing in the night sky.

Flames like colored gems,

in bright sparkling orange,

flying high up,

then disappearing from sight.

Flames that burn,

flames that get doused –

by the falling rain.

Flames glowing bright,

flames of love –

burning till eternity.

Flames strong and bold,

turning cold,

here and there,

by firelight,

always near.

Can you see them burning?

Shooting up in a black sky,

outshining the stars up above.

Flames so mysterious,

by the full moonlight.

Flames of love,

that set lovers on fire,

dancing cheek to cheek,

long into the night,

they never tire.

Flames that stir up passion –

flames ever burning bright.

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