In Dreams


In dreams you come to me.

from the long ago,

back from the past –

where we lost each other.


Your dear face as always,

smiles back at me,

you try and tell me something –

which I never hear.


With the morning light,

I awaken haunted by you,

waving to me –

at the end of an avenue of blossoming linden trees.


Then the day takes me on my way,

thoughts of you locked in my heart,

wondering when the day is through –

if you’ll emerge out of the dark.


Funny how eager I now seem,

to lay in my bed and dream.

For that is where I can find you,

that is where I can still love you.


Sitting by my window,

I look toward the stars,

that wink and blink from afar

and I wonder where you are.


Perhaps if you and I,

are still under the same sun,

we’ll find one another again –

for you were always my true friend.

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Sparkling Raindrops

raindrops 2

I love sparkling raindrops

when they fall one by one

slowly dripping down

after a hot summer’s day

short time rain

making everything sparkling

when the sun appears

stretching a rainbow across the sky

there are glittering raindrops everywhere

on flowers and on leaves

on the blades of grass

making it seem

as if I’m walking on glittering emeralds

fallen from up above

sparkling raindrops

dripping down from the rooftop

shimmering puddles

created from raindrops

making a world

that seems like fantasy

I love sparkling raindrops

coming down on me

cool and refreshing

as I dance in the summer rain

they are great to see

sparkling raindrops

resemble tiny diamonds

flashing rainbow colors

so very delightful to see

on a summer afternoon

as the breezes

blows the clouds across the sky

leaving behind

a world filled with sparkling raindrops

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That Loving Feeling

Interesting Pics for Posting 042

Love is as endless,

as the sky above –

that stretches into eternity.

Love can be passionate,

with a strength like waves,

crashing against mighty cliffs.

Love can be cruel

and throw you into a winter –

of freezing ice and snow.

Love can thaw the coldest heart,

when it brings the warmth of spring.

Love can get you dancing,

along with butterflies,

when summer comes around.

You feel like your dancing,

down every street in town,

even the moon –

is winking down at you.

Love can be forgiving

and it can be forbidding.

Love opens for the first time,

like flower buds on a spring morning.

Love can make you sing

and smile all the while.

Love can throw you,

into the darkest night,

like a lost soul –

in the forest ever searching.

Love can rock you gently,

like a boat on a calm sea –

the gentle waves lapping.

Love can make you

and it can break you,

but there is no other,

feeling that fills your heart –

like love does.

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No Matter How Much Time

Summer 2012 007

Time goes by,

we never know why,

there are times we smile

and times we cry.

Life blown on the winds,

through all the seasons,

as we go drifting on and on.

No matter how much time,

might pass us by,

there will always be smiles

and laughter that will ring in our ears.

So many loves,

that have made the heart grow fonder,

now silent for so very long,

in the rungs of angels –

that watch over us day by day.

No matter how much time,

no matter how the years go on,

there will be things that will always shine brighter

and make our days sparkle with memories.

Listen to the night wind,

as it sings sweet melodies,

you will hear the voices that you miss,

though silenced they can still –

respond to you in your dreams.

Behind you will always wind footprints,

at one time two sets,

then one set will go on alone,

waiting for the day-

together they will dance through the skies.

No rhythm or rhyme,

to the days that shine,

every cloud brings along a silver lining –

offering another day for smiling.

On sunny days,

when life seems a joy,

treasure each moment that passes by,

because no matter how much time,

like grains of sand pass through your fingers,

keep those special loves –

close to your heart.

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Love Me Now As I Love You

Roses 023

Love me now as I love you,

let’s stay together.

as the years –

like rivers flow.


Love me now as I love you,

for no one is promised,

a tomorrow

and our love will continue to grow.


Love me now as I love you,

let’s spend our days,

in blissful joy

and nights in loving passion.


Love me now as I love you,

let’s say I love you,

each and every day,

so that we have no regrets.


Love me now as I love you,

so that we share,

all those special moments –

that in precious memory will remain.


Love me now as I love you,

let’s share in our joy,

life goes by so quickly

and each moment is so precious.


Love me now as I love you,

let every minute be special.

Let’s share only smiles

and never any tears.


Love me now as I love you,

let’s go on through life together,

be by my side

and love me till the end of time.

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Song Of The Wolves

wolf howl 2

A quiet night,

no sound anywhere.

Clouds in the sky,

played hide and seek,

with the moon.

I fell into a dream

and awoke in a dark forest.

Light filtered through the pines

and the wind blew through the treetops,

onward I went down a winding path,

deep, deep into the dark –

never fearing anything.

I heard the sound of wolves howling

and to me it was such a lovely melody.

Soon I saw a light,

moonbeams filtered,

a silvery path from above.

Out into a meadow I came,

where the brightest light shown,

it enveloped me like a cape.

Sparkling rays glittered from the moon above

and I saw shadows at play,

among the dark paths –

that led back into the forest deep.

I saw the sparkling stars,

twinkling so merrily,

high above a hilltop,

there were the silhouettes,

of two wolves .

They stood there,

looking at the moon above,

then they howled

and their sweet music

entranced me.

So mournful, so plaintiff,

as they now were cheek to cheek,

I knew they also expressed –

devotion and love.

It was a magical sound that filled my soul

and I was swept up into a fantasy,

that when I awoke –

I longed to go back again.

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Finding a World of Love


She was wrapped up in a world,

that included abuse and unhappiness.

Never knowing what tomorrow would bring,

there were only sad songs to sing.

Her heart seemed to ache,

with each new day,

like a lovely bird,

now with clipped wings,

she felt trapped in a gilded cage.

Always facing rainy tomorrows,

after stormy yesterdays.


He had gotten some hard knocks,

coming from a marriage –

that crashed and rocked his world.

Love seemed as out of reach,

as the skies above

and he swore that there was no one –

He could love like the woman,

who left him behind.


Then one day it all came together,

the incredible love they found.

Rain came pouring down,

lightning and thunder flashed and crashed.

He was driving slowly along,

just another day in the gloomy world he’d found.


There before him in a cafe,

sat a beauty that captured his heart.

He pulled on over,

Heading into the cafe.

He saw that she was crying.

as soon as he approached.

He saw that her attitude,

was as aloof as his when ladies came near.


So he chose to sit down

and he stared at her until she had to smile.

One smile led to another

and they left together.

The rainy day turned around

and the sun came shining through.

It wasn’t long,

before they made a world –

0f their very own.


Her world had become a carousel ride

and he had found what he had long searched for.

Now they lived for each other and for their love

and he knew that nothing would ever be the same.

The sun would rise and set on their love,

nothing could replace the smiles she gave him.

It wasn’t long that they exchanged gold bands –

bound in love forever more.

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