When the World Closes In

wild strawberries

When I’ll have had my fill,

of crowds and markets,

anything that is worldly,

into the thick of the forest –

I’ll go to seek peace.


There among the tall pines,

where only the wind –

will know where to find me.

My carpet,

will be woven of fallen leaves and pine needles –

colors ever changing with the seasons.


My bed will be beneath,

succulent ferns

and my mirror,

the small forest pond,

that hides all secrets –

in the early morn.

The first mushrooms,

will raise their caps

and in the afternoon

there’ll be wild strawberries,

succulent and juicy.


I’ll gather a treasure trove,

of songs from the wind,

the birds and the forest fairies.

I’ll be friends with all the forest creatures

and I’ll remind them,

that I am, I exist,

I’m part of the forest

and so much better than before –


when the world closes in.

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Summer Skies


The road through winter,

so very long still,

snow and ice beneath my feet,

the north wind whistling in my ear,

I close my eyes

and think of summer skies.


Up above not a single cloud,

all fogged up and gray,

the branches of the trees,

like garneted old hands,

reaching up toward the heavens,

I look up with tired eyes –

wishing to see summer skies.


Down by the river,

slushy snow all around,

the water still partially frozen,

no ducks and no gulls,

no green grasses upon the bank

and wild flowers don’t grow,

my eyes see how dismal it all looks

and I long for summer skies.


Up above a storm is brewing,

across the sky dark clouds rolling,

haven’t seen the sun for many a day,

silvery snowflakes come dancing down

 and as I sigh and roll my eyes,

I remember how very different it all is –

when up above I see summer skies.

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The Last Harvest Moon

harvest moon

The harvest moon rose yellow up high,

the wind sounded like a sigh.

Somewhere in my memories –

I saw your face in the sky


Harvest moon so mysterious,

full of promise,

full of sweet hellos,

as the stars go twinkling by.


Your face reflected in the sky.

while the moon shone brightly,

I think I saw the shadow of your smile –

just beyond the harvest moon.


Harvest moon bringing dreams,

with memories of long ago summer times,

of when we’d wander,

hand in hand just you and I.


Harvest moon like a lantern,

in the dark night sky,

soon it’ll be but a memory,

as the days turn to autumn.


Harvest moon so glad,

you bring me memories,

so dear to my heart even though we’re apart –

these will never fade away.


Harvest moon up so very high,

as much as I try,

there are so many memories of love –

that will never die.


So I thank you harvest moon,

for just one more glance,

one more fleeting summer moment –

remembering when love was new.


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Years Roll On

More roses 004

Years roll on,

like ocean waves,

coming and going –

so restless are they.

Years roll on ,

leaving good and bad memories behind,

taking the time to offer,

the best of life,

if you take it you won’t regret it.                                                           

Years roll on,

each time leaving some poignant thoughts –

some lessons that were learned.

Years roll on,

coming together like a ball of twine,

rolling on down the road,

ever faster –

time never stands still.

Years roll on,

like trains rumbling through the night,

never knowing what the next stop will be –

we are like dust blown by the wind.       

Years roll on,

as my favorite songs,

remind me of certain things,

some make me smile,

some bring a tear or two,

as I go moving on –

through the years

and they continue to shine.

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When Only Love Can Help


In the silvery purple of twilight,

as the day comes to an end,

the sun has gone from the sky

and ghostly night riders seem to be streaking by.

As the inky blackness of night oozes in,

feelings of melancholy seem to fill me –

I can’t help but feel the blues setting in.

These are the times,

when only love can help,

help me to hold on,

to face another day –

always keeping our love alive.

Times like these I must seek the comfort of your closeness,

as only you can make me feel glad again.

When nothing seems right

and a fear of the unknown,

overtakes my soul,

it’s enough for me,

if you put your arms around

and kiss that fear away.

As we go down life’s road together,

I always long to lay down with you,

when the day is through

and it makes it so perfect –

if you sing your lullabies to me.

Sweet words of tenderness,

which can take me ever upwards –

towards the skies.

As sky rockets burst high above,

sending blazing colors all about,

then if you can hold me,

till the early morning light,

I know I’ll be eternally safe in your embrace

and together we’ll be forever young.

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Unknown and Alone

unknowwn 2

There are times,

when I fell unknown and alone

and they are the times –

that memories come calling.

I remember the times that were,

the times that made me so happy

and then I look to you –

to make me glad again.

When I feel unknown and alone,

I find a world of imagination,

where photos and songs from better days –

can take me on a fantasy ride.

These feeling so dark and dreary,

on gray, rainy days,

make me feel so weary –

no rainbows anywhere.

Sunny days bring smiles,

though I feel like a lost child,

wandering along wooden paths,

looking for my own –


Finally when I emerge,

into golden sunshine,

then I feel like my world,

is complete again

and when you come to say,

I love you –

I can smile once more.

 So when I feel unknown and alone,

I look toward you

and with just one smile,

and a glance –

can bring me into this world again.

So when I wander off the beaten path,

just take my hand,

tell me that it’s all right

and I won’t  –

ever feel unknown and alone again.

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This Crazy Love


This crazy love of ours,

like a carousel out of control,

faster than a roller coaster.

You come and build me up,

put me on a pedestal,

then just as quickly,

you are gone

and I’m left waiting, waiting –

is it worth my time?


This crazy love of ours,

it comes and it goes –

spinning like a top.

You started it going,

you took my breath away,

now I wonder,

if one fine day,

I’ll be left alone

and aching.


This crazy love of ours –

Where did it start?

I think it was the day,

you came and took my heart.

Now my days cannot begin,

without a smile from you

and the days that start,

when you’re not here,

are the days,

that have no beginning

and no end.


This crazy love of ours,

has me waiting for the love letters,

that you promise to send –

when you go far away.

Days come and days go,

calendar pages turn,

you are nowhere to be found –

my world continues to go round and round.


This crazy love of ours,

has my heart beating double time,

my head spinning,

making me fly above the clouds,

come kiss me and set my feet on the ground.

Tell me that you love me

and make my happiness –

know no bounds


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