Bottling Up Time


It would be wonderful –

to bottle up precious moments.

To let them out when our hearts desire,

to be able to hold everything dear to us

and our loved ones could again be near to us.

When the longing gets to be an aching

and we just need to look back over time.

Just to open up the bottle

and take a look inside.

The passions and loves,

the smiles and even the tears,

like precious doves rising up and flying into the skies,

bringing you once again through the years.

Perhaps a bottle for every emotion,

that is good in this world

and that can cleanse the soul.

Making everything that was now old,

shine just like new again.

So whenever we feel that life has come to a standstill,

when the going gets rough,

we take a look through our treasures

and find the emotion we’re seeking,

like love when it comes to us beseeching.

Happiness will show us,

all those great moments,

the faces and the places –

the years that have left so many traces.

Sorrow can even heal,

by bringing us back all those moments,

when our dearest were near us

and healed the pain we felt in our hearts.

There is laughter,

which we could hear –

every time the bottle was opened.

The best and the most precious of memories,

right at our finger tips,

never forgotten and always dear.

Dissipating all our fears,

stopping the tears,

knowing that time stands bottled –

from long ago yesterdays.

At any time we can bring back,

the moments we so long for,

that can envelope us,

in a time warp

and we could once again –

be a part of some past event.

Shinning moments we will always remember

and can bring us comfort,

always being within reach –

if only we could bottle time.

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Shattered Dreams


Shattered dreams,

cursed love,

nothing ever the same –

life drags on.


Shattered dreams,

broken hearts and dashed hopes,

never to be mended –

tears never ended.


Shattered dreams,

broken mirrors,

smoke and mist –

love that drifted away, never to stay.


Shattered heroes,

once the kings of love,

left behind –

hearts crushed in the dust.


Shattered queens,

once put upon love’s pedestal,

glorifying in the glow of love –

till the curtain came down.


Shattered dreams,

pieces of a puzzle,

never to find that missing link –

destroyed by love untrue.


Shattered dreams,

leading to sleepless nights,

arms empty and cold –

longing for love deep into the night.


Shattered dreams,

hot embers now cold,

once feeling so bold in love –

now unsure and dismal.


Shattered dreams,

like champagne glasses smashed into a fireplace,

never to be whole again –

slivers piercing the heart.


Shattered dreams,

falling tears,

lots of fears

and never ending rainy days –

leading to stormy and thunderous nights.

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Let’s Make A Memory

Sid Laptop 019

With each new day that passes –

let’s make a memory.

Let’s make the good times last

and chase away the gloom,

not looking back to the past.

Let’s make a memory,

with each new season,

to remember the good

and forget the bad.

Each season brings with it,

its own special beauty –

that steals our hearts away.

Let’s make a memory,

every day that we live,

treasure the moments,

that we share,

the smiles and the happiness

and be there for each other,

summer, winter, spring and autumn.

Let’s make a memory.

every day of our lives,

then we can look back –

at all that we’ve done.

Remember the times that we have shared,

the love and the laughter,

the rainbows that came after the rain.

The days that so swiftly,

run by like startled deer,

with you beside me,

no matter how time moves on,

never will I have anything to fear.

Let’s make a memory,

every time we kiss,

take my hand and walk down –

memory lane with me.

Spend some quiet moments,

taking a look at pictures,

of friends and loved ones,

remembering the smiles –

that we left behind.

Each and every day that passes,

let’s find some good in it,

so when the day has ended,

we know that –

we’ve made another memory.

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Catching Those Moments of Youth

Spring Clouds and Flowers 016

Life takes us on a ride,

so fast it twirls about us,

that it seems we are riding,

upon a carousel,

that never seems to stop.

It’s amazing how things change,

the years like restless birds fly by,

but the sun and the moon,

are still in the sky.

There never seems enough time,

just to sit back and reflect,

on things that have been.

Memories are so special,

they shine like precious gold.

but oh, take those moments –

when youth seemed eternal.

Days seemed to lead one to another,

full of the dreams we were dreaming.

The magic and fantasy we shared,

days when friends,

were fun to hang out with.

rock and roll filled our ears

and it seemed that the laughter –

would never end.

Then the times they flew,

some friends are still with us,

some have passed on

and some we no longer know.

To be like in a fairytale,

to have but one day,

in which we could relive –

a fleeting moment of our youth.

Just to contact with old friends

and remember what our dreams once were.

Then to get on with living,

able to say –

Hey, the best years are now

and more just round the bend.

But oh, what fun to relive our youth,

for a brief moment in time.

So that we can go forth,

with smiles on our faces.

The best years are now,

for now we know who we are.

We’ve seen so very much

and we’ve grown,

the memories we left behind,

remain in our hearts forever.

We can treasure them

and never forget,

the way we were –

when we were so very young.

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Heart So Heavy


Their love was so grand,

he felt so fine holding her hand.

She swore to love him now

and forevermore.

He had no doubts,

about what was to come,

delighting in her smile,

each day as bright as the rising sun.

Together they always had fun,

it was a love that could have come,

out of a fairytale

and so he was hoping for the happily ever after.

He never thought that their love would end,

then came the day when she decided to go away,

She gave no real reason,

why she couldn’t stay,

just something about,

a dark cloud overshadowing their love.

She stepped on his heart

and broke it to pieces,

that dug into his very soul,

like shards of crystal,

from a broken punch bowl.

He had never seen the blow,

coming and he never thought the pain –

would numb him so.

He was left alone and in the dark,

wondering where the dawn was,

wondering how to live without her.

Came a new day

and he found a different way –

to get over the grief.

The day she walked out the door,

his friends never knew –

just what had happened,

he could hide behind the mask he now wore

and it was such a relief.

No explaining,

no complaining,

to the pain he was now so used to.

He always wore a silly grin

and was the life of the party.

But deep down inside,

he knew he would never trust again

and any woman who would come to steal his heart,

would have a hard time to get him to love again,

Came the day when she returned,

but he couldn’t take her back

and so he turned away.

Slowly gluing together,

the broken pieces of his heart,

smiling through it all,

wondering if he could –

ever love once more.

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Going Through the Years

Summer 2012 013

Through the years

and all the tears while calming the fears.

Life never seemed to settle,

my life’s boat always upon a stormy sea.


Riding upon wave after wave,

never knowing if the wind will stop,

never knowing where there might be –

a safe haven, a port from the storm.


Through the years,

there’ve been many times of tough going,

but hey, there’ve also been friends –

who’ve pulled me through each time.


Through the years,

I still remember,

the New Year’s that mattered

and the one’s best forgotten.


Through the years,

I can recall,

the places I celebrated,

where the good times rolled.


Through the years,

I’d love to remember,

how mom and dad,

rang in the New Year’s.


That has gone,

along with history,

but all of the rest of my New Year’s –

I know I toast them each year.


When each New Year’s Eve,

arrives it finds me,

there at midnight –

with tiny candles lit for family and friends no longer here.


So when it’s time for Auld Lange Syne

and champagne,

we’re all together –

even the one’s in Heaven above.


Through the years,

there has never been any doubt,

that I have a simple but wondrous life

and that the Lord is mine.


Through the years,

I’ve learned so much,

I’m so grateful –

for all the friends I’ve made on the journey.


So hey, let me say,

thank you to all my friends,

from way back when –

who’ve weathered a great many storms with me.


Thank you to all my newest friends,

whom I have a ball with online,

you know who you are

and you know I treasure you so.


So through the years,

I’ve made an incredible journey.

to find that I have lasting friends –

both old and new.


To find that I have memories so precious and golden,

that I have my soul mate,

my furry love Sid –

whose handsome cat face I adore.


And as I look toward 2017

I want to thank you Lord,

for all you’ve given me

and step into the New Year my hand in yours.

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The Simple Life for Me

Just Recently Taken 021

It’s as easy as it can be to find the real me,

simplicity in itself,

is what I love best

and avoid all the rest.


If you think that fancy clothes,

can impress the likes of me,

then you’re knocking at the wrong door –

‘cause day in and day out I love blue jeans, T-shirts and caps.


You may think that living is fine,

in an apartment high up in the sky,

but all that chrome and metal Impress me not at all,

I need to open a window to feed the pigeons on the sill.


If that’s not my style,

you may think I’d like a mansion on a hill,

they’re fine for some and ghosts prefer to rattle around inside –

but it’s no fun for me.


Give me a cottage,

all neat and tidy,

with a white picket fence

and roses blooming all around.


You may think I’d love to ride.

in a limo all shiny and new,

where the salon is comfortable

and the bar is always open.


But that is much too fancy for me,

I’d rather let that limo be,

give me a sports car or better yet –

a good ole open-topped Chevrolet.


I want to feel the wind,

blowing through my hair,

feel the sun on my face

and see the birds flying through the sky.


Sure a fancy dinner,

is just fine,

now and then to dine –

on caviar, steak and wine.


But if you wish to entertain at lunch,

then a picnic is a must,

where I can feel the green grass ,

beneath my bare feet.


To lay upon the ground

and watch the clouds drift by.

Near a pond where frogs are jumping

and ducks  go quacking by.


You may think that tropical resorts are dandy,

all shiny and new like candy,

but laying side by side with others,

baking in the sun is just not my style.


Give me a remote beach,

where I can run through the sand

and shout along with the seagulls,

that bob upon the waves.


Where I can look for seashells

and dance in the breeze,

feeling ever so wild and free,

making friends with the fish in the sea.


Life is what gives me pleasure.

sharing my creativity with others,

making friends as I go along –

so that when I smile so do they.


Living life to the fullest,

enjoying every moment,

is what fills me with glee –

so you see the simple life is for me.

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