Your Footprints


Your footprints are unseen

yet still left behind

like unseen imprints upon the pavement

or left upon the sand

where the waves

wash them away

your being is known to the wind

and I can hear your voice

it speaks in the voice of the wind

as it whispers through the trees

it carries your name

and gently caresses my cheek

on misty rainy days

mysterious vapors rise into the air

it is then that I dare

to think of you

and softly call your name

in the wintertime

the frosty air

seems to stand still

but I know and I feel

you all around me

the fates know and see all

they know that someday

for me you will call

meanwhile I can walk

in the places where you once walked

feel you close

and see you in my mind

as precious memories still shine

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The Disco Ball


The place looked magical

and the disco ball

shimmered and glowed

all around there was darkness

except for the rainbow lights

that disco ball created

it was like a fantasy

even though in the far reaches

were dark shadows stretched

someone was looking lonely

seeking solace in a glass of whiskey

the music and bodies pulsated

Oh, youth and disco

an unbeatable combination

dancing till the early hours of the morn

a dancing queen

a sensation and beautiful

that disco ball shooting magic

all around

everywhere you look

faces that look so thrilling

relaxed people enjoying

the music beat

perfumed scents

cranking up the body heat

cocktails and smoke rings

the night wears on

the dancing incredible

the disco ball

made it a fantasy

until the light of day

worn faces

empty glasses

stale smoke in the air

no more dancing queens

just tired ladies

hung-over gentlemen

not ready to face the day

the disco ball

crashes and smashes

bringing back reality

in the quiet at the break of day


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Spring Winds

Spring Has Sprung 032

Spring winds

have come dancing in

sending the smells of spring

floating through the air

the ground so fresh

now warm from the sun

last melting snow

I rest my head

against my mighty oak

and the smell of the bark

tells me there’ll be

a coat of green before long

spring winds

they whisper to me

of sunny days

and blue skies

of rivers breaking free

from the ice that held them still

April showers

and May flowers

lilacs that will be blooming

spring winds

mildly caress me

there is nothing that brings more joy

the promise of blooming flowers

wonderful scents everywhere

once the winter

is finally over

spring winds

come dancing back again

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If There Weren’t You

Cool Riga Pics 136

What would I do

if there weren’t you?

What would I do

if most days the sun refused to shine?

the stars didn’t

come out at night

and the moon didn’t want to play

What would I do?

if the seasons never changed

at any time, anywhere

would I want to walk

through an eternal

spring, summer, autumn or winter

I cannot imaging this being so

for spring brings the joy

of nature  beginning anew

followed by blooming summer

of flowery perfume

the sad but colorful autumn

when the north winds

make the leaves go dancing about

and the silvery white winter

of miles and miles of white

twirling snowflakes

making a blanket that glitters

with a myriad of colors in the winter sun

if there was no reason or rhyme to time

days just slipped one into the other

and everything remained so ordinary

and the rainbow had no colors

everything just black and white

What would I do

if my life was different?

If the memories I have

were like a lost treasure

Could I still return to yesterday?

remembering the good times and smiling

but most of all

and this I know

if I didn’t have you

to love me

and make my life so sweet

Who would I love?

Be happy with?

if in this crazy world

there weren’t you

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Nothing Ever Ends

autumn flower

Nothing ever ends

just like that

it keeps you hanging on

hoping for so much more

the moments

seconds, minutes, hours

they keep ticking one by one

stretching to eternity

nothing ever ends

life’s experiences

always leave you breathless

and there are always

new beginnings

new loves

new memories

new happy times

nothing ever ends

just like that

love never dies

people wait for you on the other side

tears finally dry

smiles come shining through

life goes on

and rainbows like colorful bridges

always  keep you dancing

to a new

rhythm and beat

nothing ever ends

just like the eternal sky

clouds like great big sailing ships

just fade away

leaving in their place

the memories you store in your heart

hope for a new tomorrow

and a new start

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Romance of the Moon

Sid Laptop 019

Looking up at the night sky

it’s there like a beacon

like a lantern shining down

its warm glow

just like the flame of a candle

makes nights magical

as thousands of stars

twinkle all about

there is no need for artificial light

it will guide you along

as you walk in the night

it lights up the water

making it look like molten silver

creating a path

from shore to shore


play with light and shadow

creating spotlights in the night

clouds floating in the night sky

hide the face of the moon

love to see it in the light of day

before it goes to bed

as it says good-morning

to the sun

that has risen in the sky

moonlit nights

are meant for romance

dancing from moonbeam to moonbeam

as they glow so bright

beneath the moon everything seems so right

I do believe that our dreams

come from the heavens above

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In My Dreams

Wintry Snow 018.jpg

I was dreaming

and the dream was wonderful

of warm places

under the radiant sun

in a sapphire blue sky

where white ships

floated high up above

then there was a sound

tap, tap, tap

I frowned and burrowed down deep

in soft blankets

but my ships had passed by

and the sun had left the sky

frowning with a great sigh

I opened up my eyes

as far as I could see

from the rooftops

to the ground

a heavy blanket of white

was all about

the tapping which had woken me

was a branch against my window pane

heavy with fresh fallen snow

during the night the familiar landscape

of bare trees

and muddy ground

had changed magically

and all of the branches

now had white frosting

pine cones in the evergreens had white caps

silvery white flakes blown by the wind danced all about

signaling that the road through winter

had just begun

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