Our Hearts as One

Cool Riga Pics 136

In the cold of winter,

when your heart is beating against my heart.

The winter chill

creeps right back over the windowsill.


On frosty winter mornings

it’s thoughts of your love

that keep me feeling toasty warm.

Until you’re back in my arms once more.


When the snows have all melted

and the spring rains come

each raindrop that beats against my windowpane

reminds me of you.


The skies suddenly clear up

as a rainbow bridge stretches across.

Shimmering and glittering raindrops

make me think of the love glowing in your eyes.


Then as nature comes alive

so does our love revive.

As we walk hand in hand,

refreshed by the spring rains.


Together once more,

we’ll sing in the summer.

You and I by the sea

under the golden summer sun.


Heart to heart,

hand in hand,

together our footprints

follow along with us on the sand.


Wild flowers in the meadows

nod their heads in greeting

as the autumn winds

come blowing in.


As we go on

loving one another,

each new season

give us another reason to celebrate.


The special love we share,

so even when the winter returns

we will cuddle together

by the glow of scented candlelight.


Once more we’ll hibernate till spring.


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Poem number thirty NaPoWriMo

Loneliness like a cloak

covers you at times

when you long for company

and there is only silence all around


Loneliness counts the hours

when the day is done

in the purple twilight

it hangs so heavy


Loneliness like a lost friend

reaches out for understanding

when the heart is heavy

and silver tears threaten to fall


Loneliness can’t overtake the heart

that still holds hope inside

shake the cloak from you shoulders

cast it aside


bring to mind happy times

let the memories shine

and loneliness will retreat

far away into the shadows of yesterday


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Reflections of the Way Things Were

Spring Today 014

Poem number twenty-nine NaPoWriMo

Reflections of you and me

reflections of how life once used to be

long ago and far away

when love was new


reflections like ripples upon the water

like waves rushing to the shore

shadows of yesterdays

gone in the blink of an eye


reflections of the dreams we shared

things that we dared

days of quiet silence

when time seemed to stand still


reflections of how we used to be

just you and me

visions like birds that have taken wing

and have long flown away


reflections that are like images in my mind

like photographs of old

where the faces are so familiar

the smiles so real


reflections of the love we share

knowing how to turn tears into smiles

to brush away all the fears

and face a brave, new tomorrow


reflections of sweet memories

feeling free to let my love flow

feeling about me a golden glow

safe in your warm embrace


reflections of those we miss

that once were part of our lives

learning to go on without them

just the two of us


reflections like rivers flow

ever rushing onwards

carrying us along

life’s eternal highway

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Sparrow Serenade


Poem number 28 NaPoWriMo

It was that hour

when the night

heads toward dawn

the stars still shimmering in the sky

the moon now pale

almost transparent

as the night begins fading

the poet still hard at work

with inspiration that came

as the veil of darkness decended

the muses still singing

the songs he would listen to

when the romance of the night was upon him

wearily he saw that soon

a blood, red sun would come rising

taking away the moon

and with it all the twinkling stars

that like light bulbs

were extinguishing in the morning sky

and with it what inspiration he still had

desperately pounding on the keyboard

he wanted to finish

before a brand new day found him

and as streaks of light lit up the night

like a painter with a brush

painting away the dark

he heard a sparrow

start to trill in a tree

it sang glory to the new day

and with that the poet

had enough inspiration to finish

what he had begun

until another purple twilight

when the muses would rise

from their beds

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Love Remembered

Riga Holidays 027

Poem number twenty-seven NaPoWriMo


Time has a way

of taking something with it

leaving memories behind

and I still remember when you were mine

love seemed so bright

nothing could ever go wrong

it was all so right


you and I by candlelight

sipping wine

making wishes upon stars

dancing beneath the moon

to love’s sweet

romantic tune

so very long ago

like in  some forgotten dream

so real it did seem

now the years have tumbled by

you hand no longer holds mine


you tore my heart asunder

shattered and irreparable

I rained for so many days

my heart aflame for you

today I still remember

even though the rainbows have gone

love songs now silent

memories now but souvenirs

my heart still holds a place for you


someday we might meet again

I know the old sparks will start

perhaps not for you

but my heart shall begin beating again

longing for the kisses

that I’ve missed for so long

still see your face in a crowded place

the memory of your smile

engraved upon my mind

try as I might

against this I cannot fight

perhaps we’ll meet again

but only true love

can make the embers glow….

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In My Wonderland


Poem number tewnty-six Na Po WriMo

Like Alice I wander

in my wonderland

with you beside me

our love will always be

flowers blooming all around

and the happy refrains

of songs that are so dear

to you and me

then a sudden breeze

seemed to whisper to me

and  as i trurned about

in a happy dance

you let go of my hand

suddenly I was lost

in my wonderland

you were nowhere to be found

along the lane I strolled

looking for you

calling your name

nothing was the same

but I knew that the wind

would whisper you name to me

and somewhere in my wonderland

you would be


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Poem number twenty five NaPoWriMo

like orange red flames

lapping and flickering


like a bonfire

sending burning embers toward the sky


for all that you desire

lets you get much higher


engulfs the soul

the heart beats like bongo drums


like two people entwined

in a mad and wild tango


filling your very being

searing you with its heat


the ache of love

that catches on and never lets go


the music that starts to play

and goes on all day


the longing that seems to never end

stretching on into eternity


the one person you cannot do without

the one you seek the most love from


thump, thump, thump


higher, higher, higher


feel the rhythm

hear the beat

hotter and hotter

running out of time




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