Play Your Love Songs For Me


Play your love songs for me

don’t ever leave me

you are my love

and will be so

till the end of time

play your love songs for me

never leave me lonely

be there when the sun rises

and at night when the dark comes

play your love songs for me

in the glow of twilight

when sorrow overtakes me

as the sun

disappears beyond the horizon

when the day is done

play your love songs for me

as the twinkling stars appear

one by one

and the moon shines from above

play your love songs

only for me

don’t ever let me be

lonely for your kisses

and the passion we share

let’s hold on to all our tomorrows

never bring on any sorrow

play your love songs for me

sing of how great it is

to be in love

having each other

to hold onto

play your love songs for me

forever and ever

for you are my one and only love

there will never be another

play your love songs for me

and know that true I’ll always be

let’s hold on to the love we share

tell each other that we care

play your love songs for me

now and forever

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Will Love Return


Looking toward the autumn

I wondered where you were

you had promised to return

before the autumn leaves

began to fall

the shadows are growing long

and the summer is drawing to a close

but I have had no answer to my call

the flowers you gave me

with love from the heart

have long since wilted

and every summer song

has brought tears to my eyes

the letters you sent

when summer was new

are now yellow and faded

tied with a  ribbon of blue

but not another word from you

I wonder if you met a summer love

who decided to stay forever

these thoughts are so jumbled

I wonder if you still love me

like you did

when you said good-bye in June

I will wait for you

and hope that it will be soon

before the north winds

blow in the slivery snowflakes

because I know your love

will keep me close and warm

if my thoughts to you can fly

I hope they whisper

that my love is true

so if the autumn sets in

and you haven’t come back

in the winter

my heart will have frozen

and it will take your passionate kisses

to melt it again

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The Seasons of My Life


Through the seasons

my life has wandered

with each new

spring, summer

autumn and winter

so many footsteps are left behind

so many shining memories

like souvenirs collected

along with seashells

upon the beach

so many seasons

traveled through

each one of them

aad a story to tell

when I look back

across the years

I see the many bridges

left behind

I can treasure each of them

individually from photos

where we all have been frozen in time

looking through my albums

I see the seasons reflected

happy childhood springs

running about

in a meadow full of daisies

building sand castles in the summer heat

autumn shows a young adult

smiling back at me

and winter, well winter

has come so very suddenly

silver threads now mingling with the gold

but nothing has been taken

from the very joy of life

through the seasons

I have walked and danced

laughed and played

and I’m content

as long as I can retrace

my path through the seasons

the seasons of my life

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Early Morning Rain


Collar turned against the wind

I faced the early morning rain

that came falling down so gently

from a leaden sky

the wind blowing about

sending the leaves dancing

feeling like the world

has gone black and white

no color anywhere

my face wet

with raindrops

left upon my cheeks

by the early morning rain

stirring up the mud beneath my feet

bare tree branches swinging in the wind

water rivulets

running down their trunks

like silent tears

for the passing of another season

a world that shines

in the early morning rain

gone a steely gray

molten silver raindrops

upon most everything I see

filling the world with swirling mist

like wisps of rising smoke

from the ground

then surrounding me

like a cloak of mystery

dark clouds hanging low

over my head

and the early morning rain

continues to fall

as I make my way back home

through it all

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Could It Be


It could be

that life is as magical

as at carnival time

as bright as the colors of nature

that love won’t deceive

it will be true

if only you believe

that you can capture the joy of life

and keep it close to your heart

like a loving romantic melody

but will it be

what determines where life leads us

will it be



full of love

filled with friends

as we stand at the crossroads of life

there is always doubt

as to the path we choose

as long as at the very end

there are loving arms

and a love that is forever true

perhaps you need a pick-me-up

just look into the mirror

put on a joyful smile

and wave to the cheerful person you see

as  long as we follow our hearts

live and learn as we go along

life can be full of song

and love will never steer you wrong

always follow your heart

hold on to your dreams

and you will see

that it all could be

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Images in My Mind

Riga Holidays 031

Images so many

flashing through my memory

rainbow colors

things that used to be

looking through the images

now flashing upon my computer screen

the smiles and the happy times

if I but do a quick blink

I might see for just a moment

what was happening behind the scenes

Was that really you and me?

are mirrored images

just shadows of the past

if we would step in the photo

for a short time

Could we see us as we used to be?

images take the years away

slowly bit by bit

young adults now teens

you and I it seems

having a grand old time

birthday parties

and everyday playing in the sun

never you without me

friends so tried and true

images stretching across the years

bringing back special memories

Can it be that it all passed by

so very quickly?

the laughter and the smiles

echoing from the past

teens now children

when we first met

first smiles and giggles

building sandcastles

on the beach

sharing summer strawberries

and watermelon slices

wonder how you are my friend

would like to go back with you

back to those childhood summers

meet me at the sandbox

let’s finish that castle

we’ve been dreaming of

and then in the twilight

we’ll sip some raspberry wine

and toast to the days

that used to be

happy for the friendship

that we share

just you and me

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Golden Birches – WEP Challenge

Interesting Pics for Posting 116

Whenever I’m greeted

by golden birches

my mood is rather


knowing that the summer is passing by

then my thoughts fly

to when the spring was new

when these birches

just stepped into their gowns of green

and against the brilliant blue sky

the tops of the birches

would wave to me

in the summer breeze

time passed

just like a babbling brook

that trips and falls

over rocks on its way

as if to say

hurry, hurry and catch summer

before it fades away

now along the path I wander

and I see in the sunlight

some golden leaves upon the birches

like gold coins

hung from the branches

and I know that before long

once again I’ll gaze upon golden birches

when the autumn comes blowing in

the golden leaves will be caught

by the north winds

and then the sky will be filled

with dancing golden leaves

like snowflakes in the winter

they’ll come flying down

and before long

there’ll be a carpet of gold

beneath my feet

that will mingle on the ground

with the last of the wilting flowers

in the field

and when the birches are bare

I know to settle in for the winter

even though through all the seasons

there is some beauty

and upon cold winter days

I’ll see their bare branches

glittering in the hazy winter sun

covered with ice and snow

and then I’ll reflect upon

golden birches once more

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