Life’s Journey


Can it be

that it was all

so long ago?

Coming into this world

gazing upon the sun.


Childhood with bright smiles

and days of pure innocence.

Spent happily at play,

basking in the glow,

of my parent’s love,

proud to be –

daddy’s little girl.


Teenage years of fears

and love eternal.

Rock and roll

and many teen idols,

facing a brave new world,

with a heart that was full of hope,

hand in hand –

with friends forever bound.


The early steps into adulthood,

entering a world,

you’re not sure of.

New dreams on the horizon,

finding the one true love,

these treasured moments,

pass by so quickly,

making us who we are.


Now as life,

sails on into sunset’s glow –

Wasn’t it grand?

Why did it go so fast?

and the eternal question

when glancing upon a mirror –

Wasn’t it really all so simple?

and are not these

the moments to treasure?

so many dreams,

to still fulfill.


Another Christmas upon us,

new wishes to make,

as the tinsel sparkles and shines –

upon the Christmas tree.

The angel on the tree top,

rings a bell so clearly,

signifying that another angel –

has once again got wings.


As the New Year approaches,

so much still ahead,

let’s remember to open the door to,

new possibilities

and many more golden memories.

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Together Forever

Party 008

Let’s come together,

just you and I,

for a moment to be –

just silently side by side.

We’ve shared so many years,

and there have been tears,

but our love binds us one to the other,

so let’s continue on down life’s road.

Let’s share the memories,

that we’ve gathered along the way,

and to one another say –

tomorrow will be a brighter day.

We have become,

orphans you and I,

parents long gone

and now we face the world together.

Let’s be there for one another.

we have so much more to share.

you and I are as free as the birds.

together we can live in glee.

Never forget to take my hand,

know that I look to you,

for all the comfort I need –

to make it through another day.

So let’s keep sharing the love and the kisses

and be glad for what we have,

there will be many new tomorrows –

as long as we have love to share.

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Farewells to My Friends


The sweet summer grass calls me

and I lay back as it beckons,

looking above at the brilliant blue sky –

as the summer breeze softly blows.


The white clouds up above,

gently sail by

and I’m taken on a journey –

as I see spirits drifting along.


In my imaginative dreams,

I search the skies

and see my friends,

as I once saw them in life.


My heart then aches,

for those who’ve come and gone

and it calls out with every beat –

Where, where are my friends now?


Then I smile sweetly,

as memories gather,

the summer breezes –

whisper their names to me.


I know that they are beside me,

glad that my love for them is true,

with happy sighs –

I keep watching the clouds rolling by.


Seeing the faces and the smiles,

of long gone yesterdays,

remembering the love –

that once warmed my heart.


The smell  of fresh mowed grass,

comes drifting to me

and I feel so happy to be,

part of the summer

and part of the love.

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Tropical Dream

palm trees magnolias

Take me to a tropical paradise,

where palm trees sway

and the air is filled with magnolia scent.

Somewhere on an island far, far away,

trade winds whisper songs of love –

even if only in our minds.

Let’s drift upon a river

and imagine we’re drifting,

on the tropical sea.

Swinging in a boat,

blown by the breeze,

where the only light –

comes from the moon above.

While a gleaming silver bridge,

shines upon our love,

remind me that it shines for you and me.

Put on the melodies we adore,

that place us in the tropics,

where ukuleles strum,

lovely melodies.

Take me in your arms,

hold me close

and let’s dance,

while you sing romantic songs, 

then as we close our eyes and dream,

before you know it,

in the tropics we’ll be.

Stepping out of our love boat,

upon the sand,

there to sit side by side –

content in our love.

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Beauty of the Sea


Early morning,

a hush still over the sea –

brilliant blue reflected from the sky above.

Like a field of blue bonnets waving in the breeze,

the wave caps glinting,

in the sunlight.

Plaintive cries of seagulls overhead,

looking to land upon the waves,

then to sit,

dancing along merrily.

Watching the sea come alive,

in the golden afternoon,

casting a soft glow,

over the rippling sea,

while the water sparkles like diamonds –

spread out on a blanket of sea green.

Such beauty that it could almost make you cry,

as I walk along the shore,

leaving footprints in the sand,

that the waves will wash away –

still leaving a part of me behind.

Seashells telling tales of ships and treasures,

soon the sun begins to dip low,

the greenish blue of the sea –

mingles with an orange glow.

As the sun slowly slips into the sea,

nightfalls and the water as black,

as the star studded sky above.

Moonlight shining a silvery path,

across the sea,

stretching from shore to shore.

The only sound waves lapping against the shore,

time for dreaming –

until the sea wakes to a new dawn.


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When Tears Fall


Quiet days of reflection,

thoughts can sometimes,

bring me down.

When tears fall,

nothing seems right –

the gloom has descended.

Heavy is my heart,

when tears fall,

there seems to be no joy.

The laughter has all gone

and I wonder how to go on.

Time to hold on to the faith,

that somewhere rainbows fill the sky.

Love and laughter can still fill the soul,

make heart whole.

It’s the wonder of dancing in the rain –

that still brings back childish joy.

When tears fall,

it takes much to find –

the smiles left behind.

To turn things around.

lift me off of the ground,

make life glad once more.

Dreaming daydreams,

to a rock and roll beat,

still makes it seem so neat.

When tears fall,

wondering why it must be so –

perhaps no one knows,

but there can be times –

when a heavy heart,

doesn’t know which way to turn.

All of the passion of living,

of giving still does a slow burn.

Smoldering embers of love,

still glow.

When tears fall,

it seems the sun ,

has left the sky

and taken all the happiness away.

Then long walks in quiet forests,

where the wind whispers through the pines,

can still make it all come together.

make me want to go on.

It’s only when the shadows gather,

when the gray skies bring rain

and when tears fall.

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Knowing You Are in This World

Spring Joys 022

Knowing you’re in this world,

makes it easier to bear,

having a shoulder to cry on,

having someone who cares.

Time flies and we don’t connect,

I like to think that somewhere,

you and I are dreaming

and looking up at the same stars.

Wonderful to know,

that you are around,

I’ll be sure to hear from you –

read your email and smile.

In the meantime,

my dreams bring you to me,

where we are together,

sitting side by side.

Perhaps one day,

we’ll meet once more,

just name the time and place

and I’ll fly to your side.

Funny how things in this world,

never go according to plan,

we should be together you and I,

not an ocean apart.

There was a time,

when knowing you were mine,

made my heart glow –

my smile so very bright.

Things cannot always be right

and time marches on,

changing things along the way –

separating lovers and friends.

Friends like you are a treasure,

so I will remember you forever,

look up at the heavens –

say thank you that you’re in this world with me.


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