Are We Having Fun Yet

Summer 2012 013

The world keeps spinning faster

and people seem to get much nastier.

No one has time for anyone else

and I have to ask –

Are we having fun yet?

The maniac on the corner,

just shot four or five.

He said the devil made him do it,

but tell that to those who are dead.

Are we having fun yet?

Ironic isn’t it –

that another bomb,

has destroyed a hundred lives or so.

Taken the innocent,

who had so much more to live.

Are we having fun yet?

Open up the online news,

some crazy fool,

has driven down a little child.

Of course it took talent,

to have had five shots of whiskey before.

Are we having fun yet?

Another fool is yelling for money,

says the government –

stole and put him into bankruptcy.

No business, no money, no family,

but the congressmen are sitting,

in the Bahamas having a blast,

not a thought about the past.

Are we having fun yet?

When will this craziness stop?

When will people say enough?

When will this world ever learn?

To live in peace and harmony,

so no more lives are lost

and people can be saved.

Prayers answered and countries

sparking flames of love,

all across the globe –

only then we’ll be having fun,

beneath this sun.

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Black Velvet

black rose

She saw him out of the corner of her eye,

so steady and sure –

black velvet pants

and black leather jacket too.

His eyes flashed dangerously

and he had a crooked Elvis smile.

Her heart melted the moment she saw him

and in her mind she thought about black velvet.

Her heart beat triple time,

as he left his car and walked on over.

An easy, carefree gait

and swept her off of her feet.

It turned into a whirlwind romance,

a passion that heated up real fast.

Their romance was like horses running wild,

nights of endless passion and desire.

Roman rockets filled the sky,

with a man that just made her weak.

Their kisses were like fire,

whipping up hot flames into the air,

smoldering embers far into the night.

Afterwards he’d hold her real tight

and whispered I love you in her ear.

He had a smooth southern style,

he spoke real slowly

and every word took her breath away.

Took her dancing to a wild Latin beat,

face to face, toe to toe

and that pulsating music reeling all about,

really made her sway.

Any time he’d leave she’d lay awake,

aching in the night

dreaming of black velvet

and his slow southern style.

The sun only shone,

when he’d return

and passion would take another turn.

For her it wasn’t easy,

lovin’ a man that spelled desire.

A man that every woman longed to have.

Black velvet so hard to tie down,

but oh, man when she’d look at him,

strutting down the street,

black felt hat tipped over one eye

and those deep soulful, smoldering looks.

So it came to be –

that one day her dreams shattered.

He went away but never came back,

leaving her heart in tatters.

She spent her days waiting and longing

and her nights dreaming of black velvet,

with a glass of southern comfort,

by her side.

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Love in This Crazy World

Roses 023

Love in this crazy world –

at times takes second place,

to the problems and worries,

of living every day.


Sometimes it’s so very hard,

to think of loving,

when this world,

puts its oppressive hand on me.


I think that not even,

your kisses could thrill me

and I sigh and think –

just let me be.


But then I see the sparkle in your eyes

and your smile tells me otherwise.

When you take me in your arms,

the curtain closes on this crazy world.


You have the talent

and the love for both of us.

to take me up that river of love,

around the bend and over the rapids.


Where would we be?

If we let the world surround us

and forget about the wonder –

that true love can bring.


Through this life we wander,

always seeking comfort.

Let’s not let the world –

rob us of this magic.


For two people like us,

who are always searching,

need to know as the heart is beseeching –

there will be love to pull us through.


Love can save us from days which make us sorrow

and bring us into the bright light,

so full of delight,

that only the bliss of love can give.


So when love in this crazy world,

seems alien to me, I know that I just have to –

put my trust in you

and you’ll love me through it all –


through the madness of this crazy world.

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City Heat


The day was sweltering hot,

the city pulsating,

a kind of haze,

hanging in the air,

tired faces of people,

just drifting by.

Glad for the sunglasses he wore,

he glanced upwards

and saw the rays of the sun,

glittering off of the skyscrapers,

surrounding him.

Different colors,

flashed and shone,

but he knew this was no Emerald City.

Wearily he wandered

along with the crowds.

The streets teaming and hot

and he longed to be elsewhere.

That was when he saw her,

like an angel from afar.

The sun making her red hair,

seem like flames

or a halo about her head.

The loveliest face he had ever seen,

it made his heart skip a beat

and as if in a fantasy –

he walked on toward her

and then he caught her eye.

She flashed him a brilliant smile,

that reflected the sun

and it was so magical.

He wondered what it would be like,

to take her hand

and then in the heat of the day,

he felt like he’d stepped into wonderland.

Before he knew it,

this dream was walking by him.

At that moment he reached out

and took a hold of her hand.

She playfully shook him off,

went skipping forth,

in wonder he followed along.

Then suddenly he grabbed her by the waist

and together they disappeared into the summer haze.

Two weary city dwellers,

finding some summer love,

perhaps nighttime will find them,

dancing upon a rooftop,

beneath the full moon above.

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Like a Butterfly

She came to him –

like a lovely butterfly,

as graceful as a swan,

as loving as the summer sunshine.

On a summer’s day,

she seemed to flit, to fly,

her feet never touching the ground.

Along with her she brought,

wonderful memories

and love as sweet as honey.

For awhile he thought –

she was but a dream

and it took his breath away,

each time he saw her.

Their love was wonderful and real

and he hoped this time –

love was here to stay.

She was like a butterfly –

that comes and goes,

according to the seasons.

That first spring,

he saw her blossoming,

as the sun became warmer

and protected her from the spring rains.

By summer their love was in full bloom,

they seemed to drift along,

through the hot, summer days.

The sultry, star filled nights were magical

and he loved to see her –

bathed in the golden glow of the moonlight.

When the first winds,

of autumn began to blow,

he saw her begin to shiver,

like a butterfly –

that knows its days

are numbered.

He kissed her and loved her,

he promised to hold her,

all through the cold autumn rains

and the freezing winter snows.

But his butterfly longed to stray,

she needed the warmth of the sun

and he had to stay behind.

Their parting was bittersweet,

but like the rare rose she was,

her smile upon cherry red lips,

her kiss full of passion and sweetness

and he got a promise –

that she’d came round again.

Come flying back,

when the southern breezes,

began blowing

and spring came dancing –

over the hills once more..

This time with a song –


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Country Girl

Just Recently Taken 021

I’m just a country girl at heart,

love to embrace nature –

with my heart and soul.

Give me a day full of sun,

nature at my feet

and like a little child,

I go skipping down the lane.

Summer living,

barefoot in the green grass,

even when thunderclouds come,

I sing my song and dance in the summer rain.

What a wonder all of that is –

born and raised in the city,

like a bird in a gilded cage.

Moments spent among the dirt and pollution,

never a way to see the joy of nature at play.

Give me a country road,

no highways for me

Let me see the stars up above –

not obscured by neon lights.

Fresh air, fresh dreams,

animals running free.

I’m a country girl at heart –

mountains, rivers, clouds drifting by,

all a feast for my eyes.

Dancing under the stars above,

sun drenched days,

down by a lazy river.

Oh, what joy! Oh, what bliss!

Give me a country day anytime –

I’m a country girl at heart

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In Life You Never Know


You never know where –

life will lead you.

What will happen to you

and how you’ll spend your days.

Life can be cruel or kind –

if love finds you,

happiness will be yours


You never know how –

life will unfold before you.

How your days will be spent

and how much joy there’ll be.

Finding friends along the way,

so many special things to say.

Days that will be golden

and nights full of peaceful bliss.

Enjoying the love you give me,

with every kiss.


You never know just –

how special you’ll be.

All the love you’ll receive

and the pleasure your family will bring.


But you do know how –

to lead your life just right.

to find all the rainbows in the sky.

You know where to look for love

and to cherish your memories.


So even if,

you never know just,

where life will lead you –

you know that it will be a pleasure,

living life to the fullest –

till the end of your days you’ll treasure.

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