Finding a World of Love


She was wrapped up in a world,

that included abuse and unhappiness.

Never knowing what tomorrow would bring,

there were only sad songs to sing.

Her heart seemed to ache,

with each new day,

like a lovely bird,

now with clipped wings,

she felt trapped in a gilded cage.

Always facing rainy tomorrows,

after stormy yesterdays.


He had gotten some hard knocks,

coming from a marriage –

that crashed and rocked his world.

Love seemed as out of reach,

as the skies above

and he swore that there was no one –

He could love like the woman,

who left him behind.


Then one day it all came together,

the incredible love they found.

Rain came pouring down,

lightning and thunder flashed and crashed.

He was driving slowly along,

just another day in the gloomy world he’d found.


There before him in a cafe,

sat a beauty that captured his heart.

He pulled on over,

Heading into the cafe.

He saw that she was crying.

as soon as he approached.

He saw that her attitude,

was as aloof as his when ladies came near.


So he chose to sit down

and he stared at her until she had to smile.

One smile led to another

and they left together.

The rainy day turned around

and the sun came shining through.

It wasn’t long,

before they made a world –

0f their very own.


Her world had become a carousel ride

and he had found what he had long searched for.

Now they lived for each other and for their love

and he knew that nothing would ever be the same.

The sun would rise and set on their love,

nothing could replace the smiles she gave him.

It wasn’t long that they exchanged gold bands –

bound in love forever more.

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Journey Through Life


Do you ever think about where we are heading?

Life goes on and there is so much to consider.

Are we but pawns in the game of life

or do we have a say in where we are going?

Perhaps if we but try,

we can change our destiny.

Prevent that fateful hand,

from pointing us down a road,

we’ll later regret.

Watch for signs along the way,

take and make special each day.

Look for those flashing neon signs,

in the imagination of our minds,

that attract us and delight us,

just choose the right venues.

We cannot force change upon that,

which is immovable and unchangeable.

Is it really fate that moves us along?

Take a look back in time –

Are you where you want to be?

Are there still unfulfilled dreams

waiting for you down the line?

You took that train,

sign said Life,

but destination was unknown,

do you have all,

that it promised to show you

or did you get off much too soon,

at a station,

sign said Middle of Nowhere.

Let’s look at life –

like a ship that’s ever sailing,

let’s take hold of the wheel

and turn the sail toward

the winds of fortune.

Making sure to steer our life’s boat –

into that safe harbor,

where we have always wanted to be,

to achieve our heart’s desire.

Where love and laughter await us,

where we will forever feel safe

and know that we have a forever home –

where time and time again we are always welcome.

Consider how far you have come in this life

and look ahead to the future –

take a hold of what you can change

and rearrange and make life so much better.


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Smiles Are Worth so Much

for smile

A smile is worth so much,

that is a fact of life.

It means the world to those we love

and reach out to with a gentle touch.


On a gray day,

when we can’t seem to find a way,

to be happy –

let’s try and see what a smile will do.


The sun doesn’t have to be shining,

when people all about are smiling.

They share the joy they give to one another and

it’s worth more than any gold.


Days when it seems there is no one about,

days when you feel like on a deserted island,

then you take a walk –

discovering something to smile about.


Suddenly the day,

has changed for the better,

just don’t lose your smile –

bring it with you to share.


One of the most precious of smiles,

is the smile of a baby or child you love.

One of the most darling of smiles,

is the smile of an animal who knows you care.



Smiles can take away the rain

and make dark clouds have those silver linings.

Smiles can make what is ordinary –

become extraordinary.


So for every time,

when we feel so sad and down,

let’s reach out to friends and family

and with one smile begin a chain reaction.



Smiles that make the heart glow,

are smiles that say thank you.

Smiles that make the heart beat faster –

are smiles that say I love you.


Anyway you look at it,

a smile is worth so much,

so go ahead and make your day worthwhile

and go forth with a great big smile.

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Together Through Life

N Sun

Together we walk this world,

that’s ever spinning.

Some days it leaves us screaming –

but mostly we just keep on dreaming.


You and I together,

like lost orphans in a storm,

wondering if there will be a tomorrow –

as crazier the world becomes.


Forever searching,

for that cloud with the silver lining,

never seems to be the right timing,

but we still keep on smiling.


Days when this roller coaster ride,

gets out of hand,

sending us scattering wide –

wondering if we’ll survive.


Then days when things are peaceful,

like circling round on a Wonder Wheel,

looking at all the beauty that surrounds us –

what a great feel.


No matter what may come,

no matter when,

as long as we have our love –

I know we’ll be alright.


Every morning is bright,

even the rainy days,

as long as you and I are together through life –

giving each other a shoulder to lean on.


What does it matter?

That this world is turning cold,

we must face it and be bold –

I am yours and you are mine.


You make me smile,

at the worst of times,

if I cannot reply or I‘m misty eyed –

I still know it will be alright.


In this world we are pair,

not good one without the other.

If I seem to drift away,

I know that I’ll still hear your call –

together through life with you I treasure.


So through it all,

we walk uphill,

struggling to find –

that pot of gold at rainbows end.


It’s always good to know,

that I am yours and you are mine,

should the world turn against us,

we will survive,

our love will keep us alive –


together through life just you and I.

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Like a Madman


He was like a madman,

enjoying laughing at the rain.

It seemed he didn’t have much of a brain,

even danced through snowstorms.

When he took up his palette,

began to paint,

the canvas mixed with both rain and snow,

then dried by the sun.

Artwork that touched the soul,

no madman could do better,

such was his talent,

you wondered about it,

every time you saw him,

in the snow or in the rain,

doing a dance of joy,

beneath the sparkling sun.

Then he found his Mona Lisa

or was she like Alice.

having stumbled into his wonderland.

Suddenly days were all for fun,

nights deep and dark,

for inspiration,

while this woman with the mystic smile,

became a creation upon his canvas,

as he painted like mad,

but now perhaps not mad,

just clever like a fox.

She had come just in time,

for the Mad Hatter’s tea party,

but instead of tea,

there were jugs of the finest wine,

that flowed just fine

and old tunes to sing.

together they worshiped the rain and the snow,

hand in hand beneath the shining sun.

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I Thought I Knew Why

Bird on the Road 026

Poem number twenty-nine NaPoWriMo


I thought I knew why.

the sky was blue.

clouds took on different shapes and sizes

and the leaves and grass were green.

I thought I knew why,

rivers flowed so fast,

lakes gleamed in the sun

and oceans and seas lapped to shore.

I thought I knew it all

and so much more .

Then they tell me –

the rain from the sky,

has chemicals in it.

The water of the rivers, lakes, oceans and seas,

are polluted and don’t swim here please.

I thought I knew why,

salmon swim upstream –

now they tell me salmon may soon be only a dream.

I thought I knew why,

birds flew up so high.

Why migratory birds,

left in winter and returned in summer.

Now some oil tanker,

has had a spill

and the birds are dying from the oil.

I thought I knew why,

wild animals lived in forest and jungles

and majestic animals roamed the plains in Africa.

Now species are becoming extinct,

some humans or companies,

have destroyed natural habitats.

Poachers like mad men,

are killing the animals in Africa.

I thought I knew why,

children loved this world of ours

but now there won’t be much left to treasure.

Terrorists are destroying,

most everything

and adults and children are dying.

So here I sit and protest,

writing petitions to the politicians that be.

Perhaps if we join together

and do our part –

we can help set this world to rights –

then I will once again know why,


Will you?



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Gold and Silver


Poem number twenty-eight NaPoWriMo

The rays of the sun,

spread a golden ring,

of light over the sea –

so very bright.

Try as you might,

you’ll never scoop up,

that ring –

the sea is holding on tight.

When the sun sets behind the horizon,

it dips into the sea,

taking with it all the gold –

that shone.

When the moon comes out,

it sprinkles silver upon the sea,

making the waves –

shimmer and shine.

As you look over the water,

in the glow of the moon,

a silvery bridge –

stretches over the sea.

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