Special Dreams


Special dreams,

that come –

on the grayest of winter days.

When the north winds blow

and I close my eyes,

laying back –

as music plays.

It takes me away,

to the place I want to be,

where green fields,

like emeralds shine

and colorful flowers bloom.

Where the skies are always sapphire blue

and the golden sun shines bright.

White cotton clouds floating by,

where there are country roads,

lined with tall pines

and the wind whistles through,

singing a happy tune.

At the end of the road,

sheep would graze

and life’s so mellow and slow –

never a worry or doubt.

Special dreams,

can take me there,

where there is color everywhere

and the winter snows don’t dance about.

Special dreams,

along quiet rivers,

flowing softly along,

with weeping willows

and tall oak trees,

along the banks –

the beauty of nature all around.

Away from the gray and dreary,

all the ice and frozen snow,

far away in special dreams,

down country lanes,

along lakes full of ducks –

wildflowers and meadows,

so much to make me smile.

Special dreams,

taking me away,

to a place I wish to be,

just me drifting along,

leaving the winter far behind –

in my very special dreams.


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Love’s Warmer in the Winter


Some say love is warmer in the winter,

when we need lots of cuddling,

when passionate kisses melt away the gloom,

with a fireplace and some cozy space in the room.

Two lovers together,

dreaming away the snowy days,

wishing upon the stars,

that spring will come again –

to renew the love now and then.


Love is warmer in the winter,

when cold hands need holding,

hugging and dancing –

among twirling snowflakes.

With brilliant smiles and twinkling eyes,

winter seems to melt away,

as lovers coo together,

like two doves under a rooftop –

seeking shelter from the winter storm.


Love is warmer in the winter,

dreaming side by side,

by candlelight,

making wishes on silvery snowflakes.

Watching your I love yous,

float away on the frosty air,

hand in hand,

footprints trailing in the snow –

on and on through the winter we go.

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A Misty, Rainy Day

rainy misty

Soft the rain fell,

after the all the snow,

had melted away.

There was stillness,

hanging on the air

and somewhere from far away –

a crow was cawing.

It seemed too early,

for spring to come flying in,

but it felt so very fine.

The mist made smoky clouds,

rising from a ground,

that was still frozen,

some ice clung,

to the grass here and there –

but oh, it was so refreshing.

After freezing for so long,

I welcomed the softly falling rain,

I knew that winter,

would still come calling,

but for now it was fine.

It sure made me smile,

the rain and the mist,

in a steel gray sky,

that in the afternoon –

brought the sun shining through.

Dreams of the summer past,

of you and I,

beneath the blue summer sky,

that could turn stormy,

so very quickly

and we’d chase away the gloom.

Waiting for the rainbow,

in our room,

waiting for the sun rays,

to come shining through.

Then we would go,

dancing beneath the rainbow,

delighting in the many raindrops –

that shimmered and shined.

Now this misty, rainy day,

sadly makes me smile,

while tears cloud my eyes,

wondering where you are.

Hoping that once the new winter is over,

you’ll return with the spring breezes,

for now thoughts of you –

will just have to do.

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Can You Imagine

buds spring 075

Can you imagine?


Autumns without colored leaves

or winters with no snow,

springs with no colorful flowers,

 summers without sunshine,

rainy days without daydreams

 and rainbows afterwards.


Can you image?

Life without love,

days without joy –

just drifting away.


We must take life,

as it comes,

to rejoice in all we see,

in all we do ,

life was meant to be –

lived to the fullest.

To dance in the rain,

to take a friend by the hand

and go running and shrieking,

along with the wind.

Finding a reason to smile,

each and every day,

finding a way,

to make our time worthwhile,

to spread our arms like wings

and fly through the skies.

Daring to dream dreams,

that make our hearts soar,

so if you can’t image,

life without the usual things,

that we take for granted,

each and every day,

let’s start to treasure,

all the days of our lives,

shake off the tears and fears

and not worry about tomorrow.

For we must never forget,

that today is the yesterday we feared,

losing hope perhaps on a gray day,

that now has long gone away.

Treasure all the memories,

we gather along the way,

delight in the beauty of nature

and always wear a great big smile.

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Just You and Me

Pink White Roses 002

The stars in the heavens,

were shining upon us –

the night that we met.

Night breezes were blowing,

we walked along a river flowing

and a bright full moon was glowing.

It was most magical

and we fell in love.

As time went on,

your smile entranced me

and your kisses –

filled my heart with joy.

Never a moment went by,

that I didn’t dream of you

and when we walked,

hand in hand-

I felt like I was a queen.

You made me feel so sublime,

my heart felt like it had wings.

So now that time has passed,

I often wonder –

if you still feel the same.

When you take me in your arms

and kiss me so sweet,

I realize that I have nothing to fear –

for you are ever so dear to me.

So on we go through this life,

just you and I,

delighting in the stars above,

holding each other so tight,

never to be apart,

together forever –

we were meant to be.

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Winter Garden


Colorful sunset 002

I went through the garden,

in the wintertime,

flowers deep beneath the snow,

were weaving the colors,

that would signal –

the arrival of spring.



standing tall in frozen splendor,

icy branches shimmering,

in the hazy winter sun,

waiting patiently,

for their coats of green.


So silent and quiet,

the garden waits with bated breath,

for the first bird choruses,

once the snow,

has melted away.


I leave behind,

snowy footprints,

as a sign that I care,

that this garden,

fascinates me –

even in the wintertime.


Then once the spring breezes begin to blow,

I’ll return to this garden once more.

To see it once again resplendent –

in its colorful springtime glory.

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Rainy Roses 006

Loneliness is a friend to no one,

it isolates and depresses,

it creeps upon you so slowly –

especially on days gray and dreary.


So come take my hand my friend,

we’ll sing the loneliness away

and together we’ll sail –

upon life’s stormy sea.


Raindrops upon my window pane,

bring greetings from friends,

who’ve gone away

and my heart hangs heavy –

on a lonely day.


I remember sunny days,

that like daffodils,

were once happy and gay,

but the years have brought their sorrow

and quiet solitude.


Days when in carefree youth,

we’d dance and laugh the hours away.

When did that heavy rain cloud appear?

Why won’t the wind blow it from here?


Perhaps we shouldn’t spend our days,

deep in the land of sorrow,

let’s look toward tomorrow

and face it with bright smiles –

filling our hearts with joy.


So come take my hand my friend,

well sing the loneliness away

and together we’ll sail –

upon life’s stormy sea.


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