Whispering Winds


Poem number fifteen NaPoWriMo


Gone almost gone.

the warm summer breezes.

Blowing in I feel,

the colder winds,

they whisper to me,

summer is sailing by

and soon the autumn will come.

They whisper of the change of season,

a time when nature transforms.

These winds don’t stroke my cheeks,

but leave them red,

from the biting cold.

Whispering winds,

don’t leave the stars alone at night,

they blow the night clouds –

to and fro.

Whispering winds,

hide the moon and the stars

and let them peak out from behind dark clouds.

Whispering winds,

send me greetings,

from the heavens above.

They tell me stories,

of changes to come

and they make me feel the cold chill,

that will come once summer dances away.

I still see summer everywhere before me,

but I know that soon the autumn colors,

will come shining through.

Whispering winds tell me,

to accept the changes,

another beautiful season,

will bring us.

So I welcome them

and listen to the songs –

that the whispering winds sing to me.

Dreaming of the last summer flowers,

their colorful petals,

blowing away on the wind.

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The Love Between Us


N Sun

Poem number fourteen NaPoWriMo


Love can be cruel

and it can be kind.

As long as we have each other –

our love will never die.


As long as you love me,

I can have wings to fly,

to the moon and across the skies,

forever loving you.


Come to me

and be my love,

never forget that dreams –

are worth holding onto.


Any day is extraordinary,

when I can share love with you,

come toward me and I’ll be there –

to share the smiles and tender kisses.


Love needs no explanation,

when it takes a hold of your heart,

right from the very start,

you know that love is there.


Come dance with me

and close we’ll be,

just you and me,

dancing in the dark.


Come walking down the road a bit,

let’s enjoy our time together,

we can never tell about tomorrow –

so share your love with me today.


So many seasons,

go by so quickly,

when it’s comes to love to share,

we’ll discover why our love is so rare.


Enjoy the many things around us,

that our love makes even more beautiful,

from the sun in the sky –

to the sweet smelling grass below.


Never have sun rises been more special

and sun sets glorious,

never has everything seemed so wonderful –

that our love has gazed upon.


Come walk with me

and let’s sit beneath the stars,

fantasize about the moon

and dream of new days coming soon.


Love is a matter of give and take,

so let’s make ours special,

I’ll give all my love to you

and loving memories we’ll make.

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A Blood Red Rose

Roses 023

Poem number thirteen NaPoWriMo


The roses blood red,

grew in her garden,

day and day out –

their perfume wafted about.

Blood red roses,

that delighted the eye,

grew graciously.

All through the summer,

so lovely, so beautiful,

as colorful butterflies danced by,

most lovely in the early morning dew.

She’d often sit,

in the garden,

admiring their majesty.

Summer came and went,

quickly that year,

the roses that were so dear –

seemed to wither on the trellis.

Until only one remained,

as the autumn leaves fell.

It valiantly held position,

as all around in colors of,

orange, yellow and red,

autumn leaves danced about.

One blood red rose,

fighting to stay alive,

as the north winds blew in.

She watched from her window,

as that rose swung along,

with the winds swirling about.

It didn’t wither,

didn’t lay its head down,

she wondered when it would die –

sadly knowing that it must be soon.

Then one day,

the grey, leaden sky,

opened up wide,

silvery, lacy snowflakes,

came dancing upon the wind.

They swirled about,

in a wild dance,

soon a blanket of white –

was upon the ground.

She went to see the last rose,

there upon the white blanket of snow,

was the blood red rose,

like a spot of blood –

on the pristine white.

She smiled just knowing,

that the rose would grow again

and be the queen of her summer days.


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Dark Shadows


Poem number 12 NaPoWriMo


Dark shadows of the night,

you give me no fright.

Heart vibrating.

melodies pulsating,

my heart aching,

the night melodies,

crescendos in the dark.

Spirits from the world beyond,

come singing their dirges,

knowing that my soul.

has lost its joy,

its will to go on.

Shadows come creeping,

their whispers in my ears,

black clouds hide the moon,

hoping that the morn will come soon.

Dark shadows,

take me on gossamer wings,

soft and velvety,

fly me to the skies.

In the darkest of night,

nightmares come take me,

for with no joy.

no happiness,

life is not worth living.

Then the dark shadows,

part as in the sky,

comes the breaking of the dawn.

Then my soul begins to awake,

awake to banish,

these darkest of shadows in the night.


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La La Land


Poem number 11 NaPoWriMo


When this crazy world,

throws me for a loop,

when everything I try to do,

gets ruined in one fell swoop,

I close my eyes,

wishing I was in La La Land.

A land of fantasy,

where the world cannot take my bright colors,

turning them into black and white.

A land where laughter never stops

and there are happy times ever after.

When I hear that there are crazies out there,

trying to destroy the only world we have,

then I want to run and hide –

flying away in dreams to La La Land.

Finally when the world has become too much,

the smiles are few and far between,

no longer I read the screaming headlines,

but seek shelter on the net,

where I know my friends are.

It is the land that saves you from all that stress,

from unhappiness,

from anything that would turn your world upside down,

turning your smile into a frown.

We all seek shelter,

from the storms that bring gray clouds

and rain on our parade.

Best to create a world,

much like your own personal Disneyland,

where you can sing along with the birds,

converse with animals,

stand shoulder to shoulder,

with others who care,

spreading sunshine and love –

most everywhere.

Then one day when the sun shines bright,

when I have more friends than enemies,

when it will seem that I can go on smiling,

hearing laughter all around,

it will be on that day when I’ll know –

I’ve arrived in La La Land.

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Poem number 10 NaPoWriMo

It was the spring,

with flowers blooming everywhere,

with a heart filled with passion –

when you came into my life.

By summer the bloom was off our love,

still colorful but like a flower,

looking toward autumn –

starting to wilt.

I said to you,

if you should leave me,

there will be nothing for me to do,

but keep on remembering you.

Like springtime butterflies,

we danced into summer,

the moonlit nights,

as we danced by starlight,

you whispered in my ear,

my darling –

forever I’ll be remembering you.

I never read the signs,

my love sighs were too loud,

each you day I was ready to shout,

mine you are mine

and I love you so.

Now as the days of love,

become so few,

that I could hold them,

in the palm of my hand,

I wonder what I shall do,

when in the cold of winter,

I’m no longer holding you.

As you walked away,

while autumn leaves,

swirled by in the wind,

my tears blinding me to what I saw,

you turned to say,

my darling,

I’ll always be remembering you

and in reply I had to sigh –

for remembering will have to do.

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Long Time Coming

Springtime 2014 071

Poem number nine NaPoWriMo


It’s been a long time coming,

the northern winds have gone,

the softer breezes are beginning to blow

and life has become so much easier.


The frost flowers are gone from the windows

and the snow has melted away,

the icicles which clung to the eaves are no more.


The ground now soft and moist,

tulips are springing upwards

and soon will begin to bloom.


It’s been a long time coming,

I saw the first flocks of migratory birds today,

they were wondering why it took so long –

but at last spring has sprung.


I’ve been longing for the bird songs,

as they flock together –

to sing in chorus in my apple tree.


But at long last,

I can say that spring is here for sure

and the winter has finally gone away.


I’ve become quite weary,

the weather hasn’t been behaving

and I’m glad that everything has changed.


Now I can see dark clouds gather,

finally April showers have come,

to bring us colorful flowers in May –

it’s been a long time coming….

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