Dark Love

dark love 2

Dark thoughts.

creeping into my mind,

with the shadows of night –

I find you there as always.


The sinister master,

of all my discontent,

the one that made me unhappy –

for ever after.


Balancing on the edge of insanity,

replaying over and over again,

the songs that remind me of you –

like a mad phantom of the opera.


While the notes crash in crescendo,

the last tragic aria,

we acted in together –

while you showed me the dark side of you.


Keep hearing the echo,

of the slamming door,

the silence now weighs so heavy –

you could cut it with a knife.


Oh, how I would love,

to have you play with my mind again,

just leave my heart in one piece –

the glue now is coming undone.


Where are you my sinister master,

turning my smile into a frown,

there on your thrown –

with your golden crown gleaming.


While here I start drowning,

in a dark whirlpool,

storm clouds sending thunder bolts up above –

lightning flashing, thunder crashing.


Into the depth of insanity I stray

and you, you are so far away.

If you should suddenly appear –

know I am no longer here.


I’ve become unfeeling,

numb no longer caring,

my love now in tatters –

shattered beyond repair.

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Drifting Along

Pics of Sid, us and Nature 039

I’d like to drift,

down a lazy river,

hear the water lapping,

against my wooden boat.


To drift and look up at a sunny sky

and watch the clouds drifting by.

To see the birds in flight,

floating down the lazy river.


I’d like to drift in dreams,

that take me to magical places,

like in wonderful fairy tales –

where all the endings are happy ones.


To get lost in memories,

that are so dear to me,

how very happy I’d be –

just drifting along.


Just to drift,

holding on to thoughts,

of love and friends

and memories made along the way.


To drift,

as if there were no cares

and let my mind –

take me to where my heart longs to be.


I wish I could thumb a ride,

on a cloud that reminds me,

of a winged horse

and just fly away.


Just sailing along with the breeze,

over the tops of trees,

drifting, drifting –

just me and my dreams.

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Living the Simple Life

Just Recently Taken 021

We may not have a lot

and we may be living quite simple,

but as long as in this world we are two –

then we are more than rich.


We may not be walking,

In shoes that cost big bucks,

during the summer we’re better off –

dancing in bare feet.


There may be money worries,

today and tomorrow,

wondering how we are going –

to get along and not borrow.


But the days are quiet and still,

we can be content,

in the love we share

and that can keep the worries at bay.


Enjoying days of sunshine

and taking quiet walks,

spending idyllic nights –

sharing kisses doesn’t cost a cent.


So riches may be fine for some,

but the best things in life are always free,

from the wonder of nature all around

and the blue sky and clouds flying by.


Besides we don’t have a car that needs gas

and we don’t have to spend for transportation,

we have our two feet,

which take us everywhere side by side.


So let’s be glad for the love we have

and share what we can,

I’m sure that someday –

our dreams will lead us to a brighter day.

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When the World Closes In

wild strawberries

When I’ll have had my fill,

of crowds and markets,

anything that is worldly,

into the thick of the forest –

I’ll go to seek peace.


There among the tall pines,

where only the wind –

will know where to find me.

My carpet,

will be woven of fallen leaves and pine needles –

colors ever changing with the seasons.


My bed will be beneath,

succulent ferns

and my mirror,

the small forest pond,

that hides all secrets –

in the early morn.

The first mushrooms,

will raise their caps

and in the afternoon

there’ll be wild strawberries,

succulent and juicy.


I’ll gather a treasure trove,

of songs from the wind,

the birds and the forest fairies.

I’ll be friends with all the forest creatures

and I’ll remind them,

that I am, I exist,

I’m part of the forest

and so much better than before –


when the world closes in.

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Summer Skies


The road through winter,

so very long still,

snow and ice beneath my feet,

the north wind whistling in my ear,

I close my eyes

and think of summer skies.


Up above not a single cloud,

all fogged up and gray,

the branches of the trees,

like garneted old hands,

reaching up toward the heavens,

I look up with tired eyes –

wishing to see summer skies.


Down by the river,

slushy snow all around,

the water still partially frozen,

no ducks and no gulls,

no green grasses upon the bank

and wild flowers don’t grow,

my eyes see how dismal it all looks

and I long for summer skies.


Up above a storm is brewing,

across the sky dark clouds rolling,

haven’t seen the sun for many a day,

silvery snowflakes come dancing down

 and as I sigh and roll my eyes,

I remember how very different it all is –

when up above I see summer skies.

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The Last Harvest Moon

harvest moon

The harvest moon rose yellow up high,

the wind sounded like a sigh.

Somewhere in my memories –

I saw your face in the sky


Harvest moon so mysterious,

full of promise,

full of sweet hellos,

as the stars go twinkling by.


Your face reflected in the sky.

while the moon shone brightly,

I think I saw the shadow of your smile –

just beyond the harvest moon.


Harvest moon bringing dreams,

with memories of long ago summer times,

of when we’d wander,

hand in hand just you and I.


Harvest moon like a lantern,

in the dark night sky,

soon it’ll be but a memory,

as the days turn to autumn.


Harvest moon so glad,

you bring me memories,

so dear to my heart even though we’re apart –

these will never fade away.


Harvest moon up so very high,

as much as I try,

there are so many memories of love –

that will never die.


So I thank you harvest moon,

for just one more glance,

one more fleeting summer moment –

remembering when love was new.


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Years Roll On

More roses 004

Years roll on,

like ocean waves,

coming and going –

so restless are they.

Years roll on ,

leaving good and bad memories behind,

taking the time to offer,

the best of life,

if you take it you won’t regret it.                                                           

Years roll on,

each time leaving some poignant thoughts –

some lessons that were learned.

Years roll on,

coming together like a ball of twine,

rolling on down the road,

ever faster –

time never stands still.

Years roll on,

like trains rumbling through the night,

never knowing what the next stop will be –

we are like dust blown by the wind.       

Years roll on,

as my favorite songs,

remind me of certain things,

some make me smile,

some bring a tear or two,

as I go moving on –

through the years

and they continue to shine.

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