Let Me Drift Away


Let me drift away,

when the days become lazy and slow.

The warm sun beckons to me,

to walk along the paths,

where spring flowers bloom,

through the woods where pine trees tall,

reach up to the bright blue sky above

and birds trill in the trees –

a happy melody.


Let me drift away in contentment,

smiling all the while,

I’ll go forward,

dreaming the dreams of yesterday,

when life was so easy

and the door of childhood was still open.

Still the child in my heart remains

and I find the true joy –

with each new spring.


Let me drift away,

as the river flows by

and seagulls and ducks,

dance upon the waves,

sparkling like tiny diamonds,

in the sun

and my heart feels so much lighter,

as the burdens of the harsh winter –

simply melt away.


Let me drift away,

find the peace I am seeking,

just to be one with the new coming spring.

The green grass and the trees,

the rocks along the roadway,

each one a story to tell,

while a soft breeze swishes by,

playfully lifting my hair –

I’m so glad I could cry.


Let me drift away,

like a sailboat upon the sea,

the wind giving my sails wings,

to behold the wondrous things all about.

Past majestic lighthouses,

my sailboat dancing  upon the waves,

my face turned towards the wind,

knowing there will be a new adventure,

just around the bend –

my smile never-ending.


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Forever You and I


Your smile at the age of two,

button blue eyes,

lips like cherries and I knew,

it would be forever you and I.

Together in the sand,

days of building castles,

in which we’d someday live,

forever you and I.

Teen dreams.

starry eyed love,

kisses sugary sweet,

Crossing rainbow bridges,

days spent beneath the sun,

nights filled with stars –

walking hand in hand as moonbeams glow.

White swans and golden bands,

taking our eternal vows,

memories so precious –

forever you and I.

No hill too high to climb,

just as long as you are mine

and when you smile –

it’s like sunshine after the rain.

The road has been long,

so much that we have shared,

the dreams that we dreamed.

Now in our twilight years,

surrounded by our love,

many more sunrises and sunsets we’ll share –

forever you and I.

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Hearts Take Time


Hearts take time –

to find someone to love.

Hearts take time,

to mend when they break.

Hearts are special and fragile.

They need tender loving care,

whenever the sky shines,

with the moon and the stars.

Hearts have been known to beat faster,

some hearts are true and some fickle.

When it comes to friendships,

hearts will reach out to others,

if they are sincere.

Hearts that love,

are very lucky hearts

and those who find pure love,

are the happiest of all.

Special hearts beat as one,

while out dancing cheek to cheek.

With joyful rhythm,

hearts dance to a rock and roll beat.

Hearts are often filled with love,

when special songs,

bring golden memories.

Always remember to keep hold,

of your heart unless you know,

that your love is true.

Never lose your heart,

along the way,

even though it might go astray,

you know that someday,

your heart will find its way home.

Hearts can sing,

they can fly,

as long as happiness gives them wings.

You can tell a lot from a person,

by knowing the kind of heart they have.

White hearts always speak the truth,

with bright shining eyes

that reflect the very soul.

Black hearts always tell lies,

the never have time to hear,

what you have to say,

as dark thoughts

and evil around flies.

Hearts take time,

to find their desire,

a passion with an inner fire.

Hearts can lead you to your dreams,

so be careful when it comes to your heart,

always be true to it

and know your heart’s most deepest longing.

Your heart will lead you to the one you love

and it will be extra special if you’re loved in return.

Never let your heart run wild too long,

for like with most anything,

wild hearts can run out of time,

so seek a heart,

that will beat in rhythm with your own

and you’ll have found a home.

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Coming Out of the Rain

Rainy Manhattan

Another rainy New York City day,

with neon shimmers,

making puddles shine,

cars splashing muddy water

and the rivers murky and gray.

No fun on a rainy day in New York,

when this city doesn’t shine,

its thousands of windows,

like unseeing eyes –

dark and unresponsive.

So drawing up his jacket collar,

head bent low,

he tried to imagine,

that magic of the reflection,

of so many shimmering puddles,

flashing neon signs,

in a gray world.

That wasn’t any fun until the day,

gave way to the dark

and the night people came out to play.

As the rain came down heavy,

he was thinking of ducking,

into a bar,

when the rain like a curtain parted

and out of the rain she came.

Like an angel from another world,

this beauty looked so fresh and untouched,

even though she seemed to love the rain,

dripping wet and smiling,

it so became her,

in astonishment he stood

and wondered if it was the New York City myth,

that had him so very stunned.

He smiled, she smiled

and suddenly the city smiled.

No words were needed,

they were two souls,

refreshed by the rain,

on the streets of New York

and the colorful puddles,

no longer reflected neon –

instead they glittered like jewels.

They grasped hands

and like in so many stories

and New York has a million of them –

together they went dancing in the rain.

Tripping the light fantastic,

from river to river,

till the light dawned,

until a rainbow appeared,

all the windows,

glowing red like fire

in the reflection of the rising sun,

the city now beaming –

on their new found love.

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When Will You Come

Just Recently Taken 098

You were the hope of spring,

the hope of eternal youth.

You only you were love,

now I can no longer reach you

and I beseech you –

When? When will you come?


The dreams I dream are very real,

they fill my heart and soul,

remembering loving times –

so very long ago.

Your face appears,

most everywhere,

just as I reach out –

a stranger I see there.


Longing for you I look through my photos,

pictures of the time when you and I were one.

Our smiling faces,

frozen for all time,

witnesses of the love –

that was once mine.


When will the time come?

Realizing the love you have for me,

hoping that it will be soon,

once the winter snows melt,

perhaps you’ll come to me,

in the spring.


But time widens the gap,

like a tumbleweed rolling on,

chased by the wind,

the calendar pages move round,

like a movie reel –

but you’re never there.

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Times of Your Life

Pink White Roses 002

Can you imagine the times

long ago in rhyme?

When the days were mellow,

just like the sweetest wine.

Every sunrise,

brought surprises and delight,

every sunset –

ended with lullabies.

A time when life,

had a slower speed limit

and you could stop,

to share a kiss or two.

Remember when roses

grew along every path you took?

Feeling like,

you were living a dream.

Imaginary or real,

colorful flowers,

to you seemed so real.

Could it be that it was

so very long ago?

Perhaps the answer lies –

somewhere in your memories.

Days when the best things,

were strawberries and cream,

when you still believed in fairy tales

and always had a special dream.

If for every one of those memories,

you got a dollar bill,

your piggy bank,

would be so very full.

But then there’d be,

no more dreams to dream,

no more goals to achieve –

you’d have it all except for the memories.

Never give up on your dreams,

never forget how special they always seemed,

keep the flame of hope burning –

as long as this world keeps turning.

Look back and see,

that your life is shinning,

like a bright copper penny,

each new day a treasure.

Be good to those you love,

take life day by day,

the good with the bad,

never let those sad days bring you down,

Hold on tight to what you have,

count you blessings day in and day out,

listen to what your friends have to say,

as they  bring smiles to you.

Then someday you will see,

that you are special indeed,

just like the sun, the moon, and the stars –

stretching into eternity.

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Always Believe in Love


Have you ever counted

the stars above?

Have you ever considered how many

ways there are to say I love you?

Love was meant for magic,

no words to be said,

it’s in the sparkle of the eyes –

that look that makes you sigh.

Love was meant for dreamers

and great schemers,

always seeking new ways,

to lure love into the heart.

It’s love that can lead you,

to leave reality behind –

living everyday in a fantasy.

Lovers believe in cupids,

sending little darts,

into everyone’s hearts.

Living with rose colored glasses,

love starts from the soul ,

somewhere way down deep inside,

where you store all of your dreams.

A place where memories live,

it begins to shine and radiate,

to come alive.

Reach out and find your true love,

never ever let go,

you’ll find that love –

can hypnotize.

The next time you’re like a fool,

laughing and dancing in the rain,

grab onto your significant other

and love will become,

like new again.

It is when laughter,

brings both tears and smiles,

that moment when you realize –

that love is really there.

The smiles that make you reel,

the bright eyes shining with love,

the kisses that smolder.

Let love inside

and always happy you’ll be,

each time you kiss –

it will be just like starting over.

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