Winter Of Her Years


Poem number twenty-five NaPoWriMo


Life went on,

the years flowing swiftly,

through her turbulent life.

She above all,

was no stranger to heartbreak,

no true love,

coming her way.

So she liked to think,

that she was forever,

in the winter of her years,

with no passionate love,

to melt the snow and ice –

from her aching heart.

The seasons came and went,

but to her she was forever,

frozen in a winter world,

that made all the other seasons,

pale by compare.

On and on she went,

always one set of footprints left behind,

she never looked about her,

not wanting to see the love lights,

in other people’s eyes.

The winter of her years held her suspended,

unsure of what life might bring,

never knowing if things might change.

Soon silver strands,

began to pepper her raven hair,

yet she still didn’t give up the dream,

that someday, someway,

a true love would come along –

taking her out of the winter of her years.

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His Love


Poem number twenty-four NaPoWriMo


His love was this city,

a lovely lady indeed,

she was surrounded by two rivers,

that always gleamed in the sun.

Upon stormy days,

the water churned,

little waves lapped against the shore,

but nothing could take away,

from the loveliness of his city.

On day when the sunlight,

sprinkled the city in a golden light,

the windows of the buildings,

brightly reflected in the rays,

his city seemed to smile brightly.

In the nighttime,

with rows of lights everywhere,

she took his breath away,

made him want to take her hand

and dance and sway.

If the nighttime,

brought rain,

he waited to see,

the neon lights,

shining in the rain puddles,

in all the colors of the rainbow.

Whenever he would roam,

he found himself being called home,

to the city he loved –

a most lovely lady was she.

Steadfast and true,

he always knew she’d be waiting

and the city to him –

always felt like home.

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A Magical Feel


Poem number twenty-three NaPoWriMo


Written on my dad’s 112th birthday April 23.


There is a magical feel,

to this day before me.

It has always been so

and will be forever more.

It’s your birthday once more,

losing you at the age of ten –

I can’t call you any other way than daddy.

How the years have flown,

seems like only yesterday,

together were we,

just you and I.

Who could have known?

The last time I saw your face

and felt your tender touch,

Daddy there is inside of me –

still the little girl you once knew.

You and I we had so much fun,

you were a daddy –

for any little girl to treasure.

I know you’re up there,

swinging on a star

and have been my guide –

through all of my life.

The memories remain,

each one precious and dear,

with every picture I see –

I can feel that you are near.

Daddy dear how I wish,

that I had had the time,

to get to know you when I grew up.

So many things to ask,

so many things left unsaid.

My little heart was broken in two,

the day that you left,

the day the angels came.

I was saddened by the fact,

we never got to say good-bye,

we never said our final I love yous.

Wishing you the very best of birthdays,

in Heaven above,

missing you and loving you always –

best wishes from me to you.


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The Earth, the Sky and the Sea


Poem number twenty-two NaPoWriMo


Everywhere I glance all about,

I see beauty in abundance,

the earth has opened its arms to spring

and the warmth fills me with a heady scent,

Somewhere far in the distance,

dark clouds come rolling in,

as April rains come sprinkling down.

The grass is beginning to grow

and flowers are poking their heads out,

soon everything will begin –

to remind me of a fairy tale come true.

The sky has become a brilliant blue

and white clouds once again fill it,

like giant sailing ships –

across the skies.

The sea laps the shore,

starting to sparkle with tiny diamonds,

shining in the sun.

Seagulls once again,

are dancing upon the waves –

I salute you on this Earth Day.

This beauty is such a thrill,

it fills my heart with great joy –

to see the earth, the sky and the sea.

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Straight From the Heart

silver heart

Poem number twenty-one NaPoWriMo

It isn’t love unless,

it come straight from the heart.

It has to be right from the start,

that first feeling,

that just sends you reeling,

The touch of the hand,

the kiss like the most potent wine

and most importantly –

the love has to come straight from the heart.

Never can there be anything,

more special than a love,

that takes the heart to wing like a dove,

every time love enters the room.

No matter what happens,

no matter if there are smiles

or if tears fall,

the emotions that end in love –

must come straight from the heart.

After every storm,

when the sunrays shine through,

rainbows won’t be as bright,

if they don’t bring love

and love has to come straight from the heart.

All the prettiest flower bouques,

are already wilted,

if presented with no love,

any day that shines,

can be just as dark and gray,

if it brings no love

and if it brings love –

it has to come straight from the heart.

Often times we lose our way,

love seems to have gone astray,

all of that doesn’t matter –

as long as we find our way back.

There can be nothing we lack,

nothing that we cannot overcome,

as long as there is love

and as long as it comes –

straight from the heart.

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The Parade Passed Him By


Poem number  twenty NaPoWriMo


If he tried to catch that golden ring,

the carousel broke down,

if he tried so very hard,

his try was never enough.

So he lived on the edge,

just to make his time,

here on earth,

party time,

but still it always seemed –

the parade passed him by.

When the rains came,

he waited forever for rainbows,

that seemed washed of color.

Days drifted one into the other,

morning coffee always cold,

there was never anyone to hold.

Even the cash ran out,

of the ATM,

when he put his card in.

City life,

city strife,

the usual grind,

waiting for the night.

Day in and day out,

he drove like in the Indy 500,

ran like in the Olympics,

but never drove far enough,

running always fell behind.

One day he knew,

life would catch up to him,

but until then,

his fast pace,

kept the tears from falling,

kept loneliness at bay.

If there was one thing he knew for sure,

it was a safe bet indeed,

if one of these days,

he kept looking for love in all the wrong places,

if one more parade passed him by –

he’d be kissing angels instead.

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Drift Away

Just Recently Taken 078

Poem number nineteen  NaPoWriMo


Without his love,

she wanted to drift away.

Nothing left for her to say,

if he should go,

then her heart too,

would want to drift away,

to another place in time,

another day, another fantasy,

full of promise and rhyme.

If he should stay,

give her all his love every day,

then she would want to drift away,

on loving thoughts of him,

drift away to clouds with silver linings,

safe and sure,

with love all around.

Love like life,

is never really sure,

emotions and feelings,

make daydreams seem real.

As together they loved one another,

it didn’t matter,

if life hit some rough seas,

their boat of love was safe and sure.

So happily she enjoyed,

to drift with him,

to dream the dreams,

they dared to dream

and let their love,

give them the chance,

to drift away,

together loving one another,

drift away while love songs played,

drift away,

knowing that their love,

would always keep them,

drifting together,

side by side forevermore.

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