Always a First Time

More roses 004

There’s always a first time,

when wide hungry eyes meet,

when two souls full of longing,

feel the heart-pounding rhythm –

of an old-fashioned love song.

Today we won’t go further,

further than some complimentary words

and self-introductions,

for what I feel cannot be said –

while my heart is aching.

Tomorrow will bring us ever closer,

with so much more to share –

that comes from a love-starved heart.

As the days like rivers start to flow,

if you’re still by my side,

our hands like fleeting birds will meet,

more suns and moon may rise and set –

until our seeking lips meet.

Looking  for a safe haven,

to seal a budding friendship,

that with time may turn into love

and carry us up so high.

While we sit under starry skies,

feeling our closeness melt into a warm embrace,

if we let our love like a thirsty flower bloom,

then we will know –

that passions embers begin to glow.

It won’t take long for me to want you

and you to want me,                     

we’ll meet somewhere halfway,

in love’s wild and crazy tango

and then we’ll become as one,

the future taking us ever onwards –

toward an everlasting love.

About RasmaSandra

I lived in Riga, Latvia and have returned to my homeland the U.S. and am presently living in Daytona Beach, Florida. I was born in N.Y.C. Love to write articles and poetry. I love rock and roll, cooking, reading, poetry and traveling. I live with my adorable cat Sid.
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3 Responses to Always a First Time

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