Shadows Of the Night


Poem number four NaPoWriMo

Purple twilight gives way,

to the dark of night.

Out come the twinkling stars

and the moon makes way –

for the shadows of the night.

Dark clouds blown by the wind,

come whipping in,

while somewhere up high,

flashes of lightning,

light up the night.

Across the moon,

the shadows of the night,

go dancing hand in hand,

while like the sound of drums,

thunder comes rolling in.

It is a passion,

like no other that such storms provide.

A show of light and dark,

of quiet and the crescendo of thunder,

booming up close,

meanwhile the shadows of the night,

go dancing while still in flight.

As the first streaks of dawn,

light up the sky,

the storm fast receding,

the shadows of the night,

like wisps of dark smoke,

slowly disappear,

until the night –

comes riding in again.


About RasmaSandra

I live in Riga, Latvia. I was born in N.Y.C. Love to write articles and poetry. Instruct people in the English language. Live in the suburbs with my wonderful cat Sid. I love rock and roll, cooking, reading, poetry and traveling.
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One Response to Shadows Of the Night

  1. This is lyrical and lovely.

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