Little Red Riding Hood


She was all grown-up now

and they called her Red.

Grandma was a spry ninety-one

and had left the cottage in the woods.

Even though the forest wasn’t far,

Red and grandma,

lived in a condo,

by the sea.

There were times,

when Red longed for the old days.

The walks in the forest

and grandma’s cottage in the glen.

Lounging by the sea,

watching the seagulls at play.

Red and grandma soaking up the sun –

watching the shimmering waves.

Red was lost in thought,

she longed to see the forest once more.

But grandma said that nowadays,

who knew what lurked among the trees.

So Red daydreamed the days away,

wondering if the wolf was still there.

If he was just as handsome and debonair,

or if he’d become grey,

if he had had sons –

Who were all as handsome as he?

It set her imagination dancing,

along came a hot August night.

Hardly a breeze stirred the curtains,

at the open windows,

the full moon shone bright

and the sea was molten silver.

Red tossed and turned,

as sweat dripped down her body.

Her thoughts so full of longing,

full of the wolf of yesterday.

Finally she slept,

a restless sleep

and began to dream.

A dream so unreal,

it was dark

and took some time for Red’s eyes to adjust.

Before she realized she was in the woods,

back where she belonged.

Ever faster she walked onward,

the years seemed to run backward.

Then as the last branch and bush was pushed back,

Red stepped out into the glen.

Grandma’s cottage,

looked like something from a fairytale.

All aglow beneath the full moonlight.

It was abandoned,

the windows dark,

no sound all around

and Red moved forward.

She reached the door,

yanked it open

and stepped over the threshold.

Like stepping back in time,

everything was still.

Moonlight filtered from the windows,

dust particles danced in the air

and Red roamed about,

remembering the yesterdays.

Everything was the same

and startled she saw her reflection,

in grandma’s old antique mirror,

but it wasn’t a little girl shown there

and sadly Red had to admit –

that time had flown.

Suddenly a noise made her turn about,

there silhouetted in the doorway,

was the wolf.

Charming as ever,

a top hat tipped to one side.

Dressed in a tux,

looking ever so handsome was he.

Red stood eyes wide

and knees trembling.

The wolf gave a sly smile

and said, ”Been a long time Red. Looking good.”

Red gave a soft sigh,

the wolf extended a large paw,

”Come dance with me in the moonlight.”

Red moved forward as in a trance

and took the wolf’s paw.

The next thing she knew,

they were in the glen.

The moonlight shining so bright,

there was music playing

and she and the wolf began to dance.

Red danced as she had never danced before,

the wolf’s shiny eyes looking into hers.

Suddenly a loud clap of thunder was heard

and lightning flashed across the sky.

Red woke up and wondered,

her wolf had seemed so real.

Her heart still beating to the rhythm of their dance,

outside a storm was brewing,

rain pounded down

and beside her on the pillow,

was a single red rose.


About RasmaSandra

I live in Riga, Latvia. I was born in N.Y.C. Love to write articles and poetry. Instruct people in the English language. Live in the suburbs with my wonderful cat Sid. I love rock and roll, cooking, reading, poetry and traveling.
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2 Responses to Little Red Riding Hood

  1. A gentleman wolf. If only he would invade my dreams too.

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