Of Days Gone By

Interesting Pics for Posting 042

We were so very young –

in a time of great change.

Our hearts were pure and true,

our dreams true blue.


We lived and loved –

friends to the bitter end.

Laughed and danced

and longed for true romance.


It was a time like no other,

strutting to a disco beat.

These moments come, but once in a lifetime

and then just in the blink of an eye it’s over.


High school ruled our hearts,

like rock and roll our souls.

Friendships never forgotten,

memories engraved forever.


We were like wild birds –

that could fly to the skies.

We had dreams

and hopes for a brighter tomorrow.


Now scattered everywhere –

but true friendships never die.

We had our special times –

that have bound us forever more.


Dreamy reflections tell the passing of time

and sometimes I wonder –

if the same stars,

are still twinkling in our eyes.


I know that, who we once were we still are.

My friends tell me we’re still the same –

where it counts in our hearts and souls,

only the firelight has become dimmer.


Oh, I know that still,

we could bend time to our will.

If only we keep on believing,

if only we keep on dreaming.


Days come and days go,

but I still know –

that rock and roll has that magic,

to bring me back to yesteryear.


No it hasn’t been so long –

I do believe they’re still playing our song.

I still have my best friends

and haven’t lost any hope,


Sometimes I wonder –

if growing old is a myth.

If we continue to be young at heart

and keep true to ourselves.


So I’ll treasure the days –

that have been.

The friends that I miss

and never forget my very first kiss.


About Rasma R

I live in Riga, Latvia. I was born in N.Y.C. Love to write articles and poetry. Instruct people in the English language. Live in the suburbs with my husband Martin and my wonderful cat Sid. I love rock and roll, cooking, reading, poetry and traveling.
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2 Responses to Of Days Gone By

  1. True friends can just pick up where they left off. After years. Which is lovely.
    Cherish those memories.

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