This Feeling Loneliness


Loneliness is like a spider’s web

with a design of its own

that grows and grows

not leaving you alone

it weaves its intricate

web of lace

lovely but oh, so fragile

like the lonely heart

it is like a sunset

in the golden afternoon

the sadness that takes over

as shadows grow long

knowing that night is riding in

like a gray sky

as dark clouds swirl overhead

then down comes the rain

raining in my heart as well

making wishes upon raindrops

to send a loving heart my way

like a sad song

that fills the soul with an aching need

as tears spring forth

smiles turned to frowns

like a lake in winter

that soon turns to ice

frozen in its splendor

it remains quiet and still

Just Recently Taken 021

Loneliness is hard to shake

and at times not easy to take

but if you remain your own best friend

you’ll get through the rough times

find the love that you are seeking

when two hearts start beating as one

leaving loneliness far behind


About Rasma R

I live in Riga, Latvia. I was born in N.Y.C. Love to write articles and poetry. Instruct people in the English language. Live in the suburbs with my husband Martin and my wonderful cat Sid. I love rock and roll, cooking, reading, poetry and traveling.
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2 Responses to This Feeling Loneliness

  1. I have never understood why lonliness and alone are so very different. I am much more likely to be lonely in a crowd than on my own.
    Lonely is a soul sucker. Alone can be bliss.

    • Rasma R says:

      People often choose to be alone because they can do so many things and find the quiet time they need. Loneliness comes when the need to want company or some contact with others overwhelms and there is no one to answer the call. But if you are your own best friend you can get through it and leave those feelings behind.

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