Ghostly Horses in the Sky


The sky seemed odd

something about the color

I saw a steel gray sky, the smell of rain

not the inky black I knew


no stars and no moon

for now the clouds hide them

I see streaks of black clouds

as the moon tries to peek out


thunder was heard

heralding the approaching storm

first one this spring

as lightning began to flash


in the light the sky lit up

faces seemed to be looking down

and what seemed to be

a ghostly carriage and six white horses


it came riding by

and ghostly spirits nodded and waved

I could still hear the echo to the thunderous hooves

and then a wild storm broke loose


the wind picked up

and sent lightning flashing

wild Mustangs now came dashing

the sound of gallops mingled with the crash of thunder


the dark clouds were now smeared

in streaks across the entire sky

and that old moon

tried valiantly to hang on up there and smile


the smile kind of reminded me of a dear friend

now in the world beyond

giving me ghostly smile

a memory from years gone by


now it seemed that spirits

were have a ghostly good time

as they twirled and turned

blown through the stormy sky


somewhere it seemed

an old, sweet melody

could be heard

as the storm began to slow


at least the lightning lit the way

for the spirits up above

a star or two now appeared

like glowing lanterns flickering in the dark


then the melody I was hearing

was picked up by the wind once more

now sounding most mournful and howling

the storm came riding back in again


each thunderous boom

echoed in my mind

and my heart beat in time

as it all built to a crescendo


it then seemed like a door

to the world beyond was blown open wide

and I wondered what would happen

if I reached out a waiting hand


perhaps in my wildest imagination

I could climb up to the heavens

where the ghostly spirits

were dancing an endless waltz


up there where the clouds

fought with the moon

and the stars

lit up a sparkling path


then through the open window

the wild wind blew

caught up the curtains

that like ghostly hands reached into the room


thunderous hoof beats

signaled the approach of the ghost riders

and the melody of the storm

reached its highest peak


it filled each corner of the room

with light and deafening noise

there from the shadows

faces seemed to peek out


they looked and they seemed to be smiling

as I heard the whisper of voices so familiar

yet faded through all the years

leaving behind memories and silver tears


a dream or a reality

the storm had set my imagination dancing

along with the spirits up in the sky

someday perhaps I’ll understand why



for now the storm was blown away

left me to ponder and dream

under the bright yellow moon above

and everything was covered


with raindrops that like tiny pearls

glittered in the night



About Rasma R

I live in Riga, Latvia. I was born in N.Y.C. Love to write articles and poetry. Instruct people in the English language. Live in the suburbs with my husband Martin and my wonderful cat Sid. I love rock and roll, cooking, reading, poetry and traveling.
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2 Responses to Ghostly Horses in the Sky

  1. This was impressive! I enjoyed it very much, thanks for posting! Did you post it in the Oasis?

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