Sing Me a Song

piano keyboards

Sing me a song

tell me that you care

bring back the joy

of loving everyday


bang those drums

make my heart beat

strum that guitar

make my feet tap


bring some joy

into this world of mine

hold me and rock me

like in the days of old


never forget

that you and I

were born into this world

to walk it together


you know that together

we always make it better

so bring on the songs, the music

make me want to sing along


soon spring will be peeping

over the windowsill

the sun as warm as your love

and shining just as bright


chase away the gloom

bring the broom and sweep away the blues

compose a rock concerto

the way only you can do


let’s hear the music

fill the entire room

from corner to corner

as the shadows roll away


so sing me a song

as loud as you know how

bring on the happy times

for in our lives the best of times is now



About Rasma R

I live in Riga, Latvia. I was born in N.Y.C. Love to write articles and poetry. Instruct people in the English language. Live in the suburbs with my husband Martin and my wonderful cat Sid. I love rock and roll, cooking, reading, poetry and traveling.
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