She was his life

His reason for living

Every day she made him smile

She had captured his heart

Right from the very start

She was lovely

She was a joy to be with

He never saw it coming

Never even knew what hit him

There was only a note

That said she was going away

She left him

With a broken heart

Crushed to the very soul

She made him turn from love

Right on to hate

The days turned to gloom

After work

Always in his room

A shot of whisky

Numbed the pain

But in his dreams

She came back again

Every other woman

He felt was another she

He cursed the day he met her

And the day she left

He wondered

How love could go so wrong

Came the note

It said she was wrong

Wrong to have left him

She wanted to come back to stay

His answer was brief

Come home, I love you

He took a shot of whisky


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His Greatest Love

Moon niice

Sweeter than strawberries

In the summmertime

 More potent than grapes

On the vine

Was his love for her

Yet he couldn’t recall

A moment when

She loved him

As much as he loved her

The kisses they shared

Had lost their heat

Passion’s fires had left

Only smoldering embers

Or so he believed

Yet he was willing to hold her

To have her by his side

It was better than going on

Without her love at all

But a love that has gone cold

Is small comfort

On nights when there is frost all around

So with aching heart

He finally let her go

And watched as she left

Without one regret

It was when another love

Had found him

And filled his heart

With gladness
That she  returned to him

His most precious love

Crying silver tears

And without any fears

He put his new love

On a pedastal

Telling her she no longer

Had a home in his heart

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Leaving Yesterday Behind


Came a time in my life

That I thought I could do most anything

Then I stumbled and fell

And my world turned upside down

The colors all faded

No longer the same

The fast life of youth

Came crashing to a halt

Then I caught my reflection

In the mirror

And I saw that I was still the same

Perhaps a bit older but also wiser

It was then that the world

Continued spinning on

The colors came back

More brilliant than before

The pieces of the puzzle fell into place

Life goes on and life is for living

Youth may come and go

Like autumn leaves blown by the wind

Once summer has faded away

But what remains is very real

What remains is me

And my will to be

A part of the world

A part that enjoys

Laughter and gladness

A part that enjoys

Dancing and romancing

So say good-bye to yesterday

You are better than before

Keep the memories to treasure

Look forward to all the tomorrows

That shines bright upon you

And sail on into life

Smiling bright


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Let the Music Play

piano keyboards

Let the music play

Let it swirl about

Make me dream

And forget about the world

Drifting far away

From all the strife

Let the music play

Let it take me to a fantasy

A dream long forgotten

Let the music play

As memories come hurrying back

Of days that used to be

Of happy times

And treasured memories

Let the music play

Let me remember

The good days from the past

That will never come again

But that will always stay in my heart

Let the music play

Let it make me glad

Songs that I love

Words that remind me

Of love and happiness

Of times of tears and sadness

Let the music play

Let me dream sweet dreams

And drift away

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Smoke and Mirrors


Was it all smoke and mirrors?

That made your love seem so real

Was it all a dream?

Or did you love me for awhile?

It seemed but a moment in time

That you came into my life

You came and you took my love

And magically changed my life

So that my days began and ended with you

Your words wove about me

Like a spider’s web

And I could only see the good

Turning a deaf ear to the bad

You filled my world

With smoke and mirrors

The smoke left a haze

So my eyes couldn’t focus on reality

Into the mirrors I stepped

Like Alice in her wonderland

Seeking your kisses and words of love

While behind me the clowns were laughing

Knowing that you weren’t loving

You were just fooling around

Out of the haze I stepped

Out of that world of mirrors

To see the harsh reality

While I was loving you

You were just fooling around

And while my heart is breaking

Those clowns just keep on laughing

That I was fooled

By the world you created

Surrounding me with smoke and mirrors

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My Heart


I wondered long

I wondered and pondered

Where this unusual burst of happiness

Was coming from

I wondered why

Suddenly I wanted to do nothing but smile

Then in my heart I knew

What this burst of happiness

Was all about

It was you

You and no one else

You had brought love into my life

You had made my days brighter

And my nights full of passion

The day you came

And stepped into my life

Was also the day

That you took my heart

With you my days

Are full of happiness

The colors so bright

And the world full of song

Now that we are two

Together in love

You and I

Will have to forever be

Because if you should leave me now

You will be leaving with my heart

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Night Stars


Night like a curtain

Closes on the day

The night stars

Come twinkling over the city

They shine like so many glittering eyes

And I feel like I had too much wine

Wondering what my heart

Could wish for tonight

The night stars

So very bright

Trying to outshine

The neon lights below

And I climb up higher

To the rooftop

So that I can be

So much closer

To the night stars above

As I look over the millions of windows

All across the city

I see that in the dark ones

Night stars reflect

As the wind whips up

Clouds come drifting by

Playing with light and shadow

While the night stars

Keep twinkling merrily

The noises of the city

Seem so far away

And I look over toward the river

That the moon has made into a silver ribbon

My heart rejoices at the beauty

That the night provides

Keeping watch over the night stars

Merrily twinkling

Long into the night

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