Love Takes Wing


Let’s make our love last

For more than just one day

Let’s fly together

Over the clouds real fast


Let’s make our love last

Make it better than it was yesterday

Let’s dance together

In the dark, starry night


Let’s make our love last

Through all the yesterdays and tomorrows

Let’s fly you and I as if our love had wings

Leaving fireworks trailing behind


Let’s make our love last

For all the years to come

So that our love can grow

More beautiful with each day


Let’s make our love last

Remembering the good times

Making the memories shine

Know that for always I am yours and you are mine


Let’s make our love last

Make it like diamonds shine

Upon the waters

That the moonlight turns to sliver


Let’s make our love last

As we go through the years

And our hair becomes peppered with strands of white

We’ll hold on to each other and cry happy tears

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Different Kinds of Hearts

elusive dreams

There are special loves

That come and go

Those we won’t miss

And those we’ll go on loving forever


Loves that hurt us

Others bring great joy

Finding a place

In the corridors of our hearts


Dispelling the loneliness

Taking away the falling tears

Bringing joy and contentment

Loving that just goes on and on


Hearts that we meet

Cold hearts with no warmth

Warm hearts that smile

Promising love forever more


Different kinds of hearts

In this world of ours

Those that take our hearts

And hold onto them


Hearts can break and hearts can mend

Always new messages they send

The best hearts are honest and true

Never making us blue


Love is always special

No matter what the season

The special thoughts that we always remember

Whenever love comes into our lives


Different kinds of hearts

They sparkle and shine

Different kinds of hearts

I’m glad yours is mine

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Come Dancing With Me

Summer 2012 084

Come dancing with me

While summer is here

Let’s enjoy the warm summer sun

And smell the new mown grass

Let’s enjoy these moments

That will bring us so much joy

Come dancing with me

Among the sunbeams

Along the path that summer

Has tossed beneath our feet

Let’s dance and greet

Each wonderful morning

While Indian Summer’s upon us

While we can still enjoy

The last of the summer flowers

And the emerald green of the grass

Come dancing with me

And let’s dance for the joy

That Indian Summer brings us

Because we know

That it will be a long road to go

Through the autumn and winter

That will follow

Come dancing with me

While the warm days are still upon us

So deep in the snowy winter

We can remember

We can dream and smile

Until spring sends us dancing again

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The Drifting Wind


The wind is my friend

It pushes me along

And makes me want

To spread my arms

And fly to the skies

Into a whirlwind dance

Bringing much joy

Just me and the drifting wind

Taking me over treetops

And making me feel so light

I love the warm southern breezes

But the cold north winds

Make me shiver

Love to breeze along

With the drifting wind

It always fills my heart

With the longing for adventure

Never liked a day completely still

When the drifting wind sleeps

Love open windows

That make curtains fly about

Always love spending time

In good company

The wind whispers secrets to me

And brings greeting from friends

Long gone but remembered still

Creating ripples of waves

Upon the surfaces

Of lakes, rivers, seas and oceans

Where seagulls dance merrily

Soon the drifting wind

Will bring in autumn

Sending colorful leaves

High into a crisp, clear sky

Windy days just right for

Dancing down the road

Just the drifting wind and me

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Unchained Unbound


Bound up and chained

To the work I have to do

Everyday a routine

The has me committed

And I sometimes wonder

When it will all end

But when I get out of doors

Then I feel so free

Nothing to keep me down

And I can dance down country lanes

Feel the wind on my face

Go down and see how the river flows

Twirl about as I look up at the treetops

Gently waving in the breeze

Living every day has got me uptight

Wondering how to make ends meet

The worry has got me down

And it oppresses my soul

I need something to make me smile

So I head on out the door

Where I can commune with nature

Where nothing is limited

And there’s a big wide sky

Above my head

And clouds that drift by

The sun warming me

And then I feel so free

I can laugh with glee

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A gray world outside

Raindrops beating

Against my window pane

Feeling sad

Crying along with the rain


A sleepy day

Raindrops pattering

On my roof

A blue day

All shrouded in gray


Suddenly the clouds all

Roll away

Out comes the sun

Chasing those blues away

A wet world looking all

Shiny and new


Raindrops everywhere

Colors reflected by the sun

Green drops on the leaves and red on the roses

While over head

Stretching across the sky

A rainbow appears


Red, blue, yellow, purple and green

In a clear blue sky

As far as the eyes can see

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My Friend Autumn


Last night I shivered

As the cold winds blew

It seemed that summer

Had ended much too soon

When I cuddled up in my blanket

I fell asleep wondering

If there’d still be some warm days

There he came in my dream

Across the fields

Waving to me

My old friend Autumn

Returning season after season

He waved and smiled

In a coat of many colors

His head crowned with leaves

Approaching he told me

Not to despair

Even though soon the summer would be over

The fall would bring new pleasures

Of colored leaves

And crisp cold air

Of delights like orange pumpkins

And the summer harvest

He took me in a happy dance

As we spun around

I looked at the clear blue sky

And the clouds whizzing by

I knew that it would be alright

It was time to embrace a new season

And as my friend Autumn

Turned to go

Just before he went over the hill

He turned to wave

And shouted, “See you in September!”


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