Voices From Afar


A man who was a poet

Sat upon the bank of a river

And thought how he was an outcast

So lonely without a friend nearby

His words were picked up by the wind

They were carried far and wide

A man who was a poet

Sat on his front porch

He was enjoying the sunset

Thinking of writing a poem

He was tired of his neighbors

Who fought all of the time

This moment of peace surely wouldn’t last

Then words drifted into his ears

They were sad, lonely but definitely poetic

And he took them to mind

Now the poem started to unravel

I sit by the river all alone and despondent

But there is such beauty in the sunset

That it gives me new hope

Together even though they were miles apart

They had begun a poem that worked together well

And the wind picked up their words once more

And blew them into every poetic heart


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Galloping Horses


Life like galloping horses

Moves on

We ride in the saddle

Wondering where we’ll be tomorrow

Life like galloping horses

Ever move us on

New places and new faces

New challenges before us

Life like galloping horses

Often leaves us in the dust

So we brush off the dirt

And bravely go forth

Life like galloping horses

Leave us breathless

Happiness and tears

Mingle with the fears

Friends and family

Always so dear

Life like galloping horses

Trying to stay on top

Never faltering

And wondering what the next day

Will bring us

Life like galloping horses

Can leave us at the crossroads

Wondering which way to go

Never let it be so

Take the reins

In you r hands

Be brave and strong

Life like galloping horses

Will lead us to a bright and new tomorrow




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My Melody


Melody you come

Unchain my soul

And set it free

Melody you’re like

A very good friend to me

Whenever I’m sad

So glad to hear you

The ones I like the best

Make me smile

Melody play on

So that I can be happy

Soft and tender

Or loud and rumbling

Melody you always

Fill my heart

With so much joy

Come play for me

Melody and be

A true blue friend

Melody keep playing

So that I can keep on dreaming

Just you and me

Note by note

Having so much fun

Never, ever go away

Fill my room

From wall to wall

So I can dance

Keep on playing

Never stop

Always be my melody


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The Day You Went Away

black rose

The heavens were crying

The day that you left

It was so gray and cold

My heart felt so heavy

Raindrops like tears

Splashed down from above

As I watched you from the window

No more loving smile

No wave of the hand

It was no longer see you

It was good-bye

Feeling caged inside

I walked out into the rain

No umbrella was needed

I was numb nothing to feel

The beach was empty

In this misty spring rain

Gulls overhead

Kept me company

The waves crashed to the shore

The wind blew their spray all about

My cheeks were wet

I wasn’t sure if it was the rain

Or the tears that came streaming down

Salty tears

Salty waves

Mingled with the pain in my heart

I wondered how I would go on

Returning to deathly silence

No one to say I love you

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Reflecting on the Moon

Sid Laptop 019

The full moon

Emerged from the clouds

A sprinkling of stars

All about

The soft, gentle spring wind

Blew sweet perfume through the air

For I moment I thought

I heard you call my name

Then I looked up and it seemed

I saw your image reflected

Reflected on the face of the moon

My friend it’s been so long

Since I saw your smiling face

There you were looking down at me

And it could have been yesterday

When we last said good-bye

Poignant thoughts and memories

In the dark of the night

What a lovely sight

I wonder if you’re really there

Comforting it seems

And the years slip away

The moon radiates its light

And the night

Becomes like a fantasy

Sure wish I could give you my hand

Just for a moment to feel you near

Like in times past so very dear

Reflecting on the moon

Brings back the good times

When you were mine

Close friends never forget

They stay in the heart

Though time moves on

And I’ll always remember you

As I reflect on the moon

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The Beat Goes On

piano keyboards

Moving on

Moving down the line

Always in motion

Never endingly

Moving on

Ever forward

Day in and day out

All the time

Perpetual motion

Season after season

On and on

No time to slow down

Moving on

Moving forward

Back and forth

Hour after hour

Backwards and forwards

Time after time

Moving on

All the while

Motion never ends

Moving on

Top to bottom

Or upside down

Moving on

Slowly at first

Then much faster

Beat after beat

Moving on

Every note

Every beat

The music never ends

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For Sentimental Reasons


For sentimental reasons

For all that’s good in this world

I love only you

And I’ll always remain true

For sentimental reasons

For all that’s special

Straight from the bottom of my heart

Always and always

I’ll be loving you

You are my heart and soul

The other half of me

And I’ll surely be

Lost if you would leave

So for sentimental reasons

I’ll keep on loving you

My hand in yours

Always feels so grand

A feeling that I can hardly stand

Making my heart beat in rhythm

Together I go through life with you

Reeling which each smile

And tender touch

For sentimental reasons

Through all the seasons

I’ll go on loving you

Always be true

My love and my life

I lay by your feet

I adore you

Miss you when we’re apart

Love you now

Love you always

For sentimental reasons

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