Beauty of the Sea

Cyprus 29.10 - 11.11.07 369

Early morning

a hush still over the sea

brilliant blue reflected from the sky above

like a field of blue bonnets waving in the breeze

the wave caps glinting

in the sunlight

plaintive cries of seagulls overhead

looking to land upon the waves

watching the sea come alive

Comes the golden afternoon

casting a soft glow

over the rippling sea

while the water sparkles like diamonds

spread out on a blanket of sea green

such beauty that it could almost make you cry

as I walk along the shore

leaving footprints in the sand

that the waves will wash away

still leaving a part of me behind

seashells telling tales of ships and treasures

soon the sun begins to dip low

the greenish blue of the sea

mingles with an orange glow

as the sun slowly slips into the sea

nightfall and the water as black

as the star studded sky above

moonlight shining a silvery path

across the sea

stretching from shore to shore

the only sound waves lapping against the shore

time for dreaming

until the sea wakes to a new dawn

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Bridge Spanning My Mind


There’s a bridge spanning my mind

it leads me to you

whenever special memories

come flooding back

Whenever I think I can

still hear your voice

coming from the years past

There’s a bridge spanning my mind

from which I can look down

to see turbulent waters

with waves crashing below

in times of trouble

Knowing that sunny days

will soon be on the way

There’s a bridge spanning my mind

that I walk whenever I miss

the ones that I loved the most

It never lets me slip or fall

over the years that have come and gone

This bridge just keeps expanding

Stretching as far and as wide

as my memories will allow

First I’m crawling then walking then running

Life rushes past

like you can’t imagine

even in your wildest dreams

and it makes me breathless

Then it’s good

to stand once again

on that bridge spanning my mind

sparkling in the sun

with golden thoughts and memories

I see you somewhere

along the way

waving to me

as you get farther away

I know that someday

I’ll catch up to you

There over the rainbow

when that bridge

spanning my mind

comes to an end

and I find myself

in the world beyond

over the rainbow

where the bluebirds of happiness fly

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Blood Red Rose


The roses blood red

grew in her garden

Day and day out

their perfume wafted about

Blood red roses

that delighted the eye

Grew graciously

She’d often sit

in the garden

admiring their majesty

Summer came and went

quickly that year

The roses that were so dear

seemed to wither on the trellis

Until only one remained

as the autumn leaves fell

valiantly held position

All around it colors of

orange, yellow and red

One blood red rose

fighting to stay alive

as the north winds blew in

She watched from her window

as that rose swung along

with the winds swirling about

It didn’t wither

Didn’t lay its head down

She wondered when it would die

Sadly knowing that it must be soon

Then one day

the grey, leaden sky

opened up wide

Silvery, lacy snowflakes

came dancing with the wind

They swirled about

in a wild dance

Soon a blanket of white

was upon the ground

She went to see the last rose

There upon the white snow

was the last blood red rose

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When Love Changes

broken heart

It’s such a sad time

A bad time

When love drifts away

When sweet words

become lies on your lips

When kisses mean nothing anymore

Love seemed so very true

It never made him blue

but she began changing

Began losing the hold

that she once had on him

He knew how it would hurt

when she would go away

He knew that the sunny days

would become dark and grey

Now he was willing to hold on

to the love she was still willing to share

Hoping that she’d change her mind

Hoping she would stay

but his heart was bruised and battered

Hearing those sweet words

Seeing those brilliant smiles

that were now just words

Words with no meaning

Nothing he could say

would change the way

she looked at him now

To save himself from any more harm

He just let her drift away

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Loving You


I remember the day

that you came into my life

Everything that you say

Love your loving ways

Here I am loving you

always will remain true

Can you tell me?

What it is in your smile?

The sparkle of your eyes

that makes me always in love with you

Day after day

Is it some kind of magic?

Can you tell me?

Do you love me too?

Am I just dreaming?

While I’m loving you

come and take my hand

Hold me tight

Let’s dance beneath the moonlight

Whisper in my ear

tell me that you love me true

and I’ll never be blue

Loving you is easy to do

You bring me the sunshine

and bright rainbows

when a rainy day gets me down

Loving you through the years

Hoping that you love me too

Then I see the smile

that you flash my way

and I know what you’ll say

That you love me true

will never leave me blue

So together through this life

We go side by side

Loving you

Loving me

Loving life

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To My Delight


To my delight

I saw a shooting star

light across the sky

in the dark of night


To my delight

I saw a rainbow

bright against a sky if blue

after the sun chased the rain away


To my delight

I saw a flock of geese

flying high above the clouds

till spring saying good-bye


To my delight

I saw a path

of colorful leaves

beckoning me to follow


To my delight

I walked into the woods

and saw the little caps

of the mushrooms that grew there


To my delight

deep into the night

out came the October moon

shinning down so bright


To my delight

the changing of season

has brought so many wonderful things

like great big orange pumpkins


To my delight

I could see the ducks

in the park nestled on newly fallen leaves

while field mice still scampered about


To my delight

my cat jumps up

trying to catch the falling leaves

as they come down around him


To my delight

I can smile all the while

with surprise at all I see

and laugh with glee

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Shadows of the Past

Just Recently Taken 103

Shadows of the past

are ever following me

I can hear the soft whispers

of things that used to be


Shadows of the past

never fail to delight me

They remind me of gladder times

when together were we


Shadows of the past

on silent feet of the night

When the stars come shining up above

I know your smiling upon me


Shadows of the past

always welcome to me

I can almost see

the days that came and went


Shadows of the past

following me through the years

Making me remember and smile

drying all the tears


Shadows of the past

I wonder if you think of me

As much as I think of you

As much as my heart aches


Shadows of the past

will be with me always

Reminding me of the faces and places

the times that stay in my memory


Shadows of the past

always shine upon me

They comfort my soul

knowing someday we’ll meet again


Shadows of the past

photographs never forgotten

They seem to come alive again

as I gaze upon them


Shadows of the past

in the dark of night

As the moon shines bright

come out to dance with me

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