To Dad in Heaven


Another birthday

And you’re not here

So many years have come and flown

But to me you’re still my daddy

‘Cause you left me

When I was only ten

Remember the tall man

With the friendly smile

Glasses reflected in the light

Deep rumbling laughter

Longing to tell you so much

Longing for your touch

Hope you and mom

Are having a birthday waltz

Up above across the stars

Remember the good times

Won’t think of the sad

Longing to raise a glass to you

And wish you a Happy Birthday

For now the memories

Will have to do

Happy times

A treasure trove of pictures

Love you dad

Until the day

We meet again

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Boogie Woogie


Shake off your shoes

Leave behind the modern day blues

Listen to the blare of trumpets

Boogie woogie your way

To the happiness of a different day

Nothing can get you feeling

Or even reeling

Than that beat

Of boogie woogie

From days gone by

Don’t ask me why

Just take those old records from the shelf

Or crank up the gramophone

Get your feet tapping

Your heart beating

To the blare of the trumpet sound

As you go dancing

Across the room

Feel you soul

Resound with every beat

You’ll see that the modern world

Will slowly roll away

Nothing like good old

Boogie woogie

Can make you feel so fine

Start your feet tapping

To that fantastic beat

Boogie woogie

Till the morning light

Then go to sleep

With a smile on your face

Until the sunlight finds you

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Soft Falling Rain


Soft falling rain

Pitter patted splashing

Down into the flowing river

Creating ripples

Upon which ducks and gulls bounced

Soft falling rain

Created splashes

Rising high up into the air

A ray of sun came peeping out

And created rainbows

The dark clouds parted

And the sun shone through the rain

There was such magic

All around

Then the rain gave way

To a golden afternoon

Making the river

Bright and sparkling

Along the river banks

Raindrops clung

To blossoms

And tree branches

Creating strings of shiny pearls

It became an afternoon

That was just perfect

For walking and dreaming

Of soft falling rain

And the spring

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The Child in You and Me


Remember me

Remember you

Remember when we were two

The stars were sparkling diamonds

High up in the night sky

The moon would wink at us

And we’d sing a merry tune

Remember me

Remember you

Remember when we were two

The sun would shine upon us

And so happy we would be

Just you and I

Building sandcastles

Hoping they’d last forever

When the tides came in

They  washed our castles away

We’d come back

To build some more the very next day

So never forget

And always remember

When childhood

Was a great adventure

The clouds in the sky

Were great big sailing ships

But no ladder would let us get so high

Strawberries were sweet

Dripping ice cream cones

And sticky hands

Chasing butterflies

Across the fields

Summer rains brought mud puddles

Just great for splashing

And sending toy ships

To foreign shores

Time has gone on

But inside we remain the same

So remember me

Remember you

Remember when we were two

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Voices From Afar


A man who was a poet

Sat upon the bank of a river

And thought how he was an outcast

So lonely without a friend nearby

His words were picked up by the wind

They were carried far and wide

A man who was a poet

Sat on his front porch

He was enjoying the sunset

Thinking of writing a poem

He was tired of his neighbors

Who fought all of the time

This moment of peace surely wouldn’t last

Then words drifted into his ears

They were sad, lonely but definitely poetic

And he took them to mind

Now the poem started to unravel

I sit by the river all alone and despondent

But there is such beauty in the sunset

That it gives me new hope

Together even though they were miles apart

They had begun a poem that worked together well

And the wind picked up their words once more

And blew them into every poetic heart


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Galloping Horses


Life like galloping horses

Moves on

We ride in the saddle

Wondering where we’ll be tomorrow

Life like galloping horses

Ever move us on

New places and new faces

New challenges before us

Life like galloping horses

Often leaves us in the dust

So we brush off the dirt

And bravely go forth

Life like galloping horses

Leave us breathless

Happiness and tears

Mingle with the fears

Friends and family

Always so dear

Life like galloping horses

Trying to stay on top

Never faltering

And wondering what the next day

Will bring us

Life like galloping horses

Can leave us at the crossroads

Wondering which way to go

Never let it be so

Take the reins

In you r hands

Be brave and strong

Life like galloping horses

Will lead us to a bright and new tomorrow




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My Melody


Melody you come

Unchain my soul

And set it free

Melody you’re like

A very good friend to me

Whenever I’m sad

So glad to hear you

The ones I like the best

Make me smile

Melody play on

So that I can be happy

Soft and tender

Or loud and rumbling

Melody you always

Fill my heart

With so much joy

Come play for me

Melody and be

A true blue friend

Melody keep playing

So that I can keep on dreaming

Just you and me

Note by note

Having so much fun

Never, ever go away

Fill my room

From wall to wall

So I can dance

Keep on playing

Never stop

Always be my melody


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