I Wish I Could


I wish I could fly

soar with the birds up above

able to see the wonders

from mountains high

oceans and seas so deep


I wish I could be like the sun

so warm and glowing

like a beacon from a lighthouse

shining far and wide


I wish I could be like a river

so wild and free

swiftly flowing

along with time


I wish I could be like a waterfall

tall and stately

standing bravely

then tumbling, tumbling down


I wish I could be like a star

shining in the black, velvet night

creating a sparkling path

along which spirits could dance in the dark


I wish I could be like the moon

a round, yellow orb

able to create a romantic glow

for lovers far down below


Sometimes I wish

I could be all these things and more

but I am just me

and perhaps that’s how it’s meant to be

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Perhaps to Dream

moon moon

Perhaps to dream

and escape for awhile

to be part of the bright stars

and dance along starry paths

to walk among the blossoms at night

that in the moonlight

magically open wide

and I like a night lily

pure and white

open up to this magic

feeling elated and happy


Perhaps to dream

and enter a world I’m not part of

to be one with the night

one with the stars and the moon at play

to swing on a star

and feel eternally happy


Perhaps to dream

and find a perfect world

where my heart and soul

can rejoice in all I see and hear

night music that fills the air

and I can dance and dance


When I awaken

still elated

I can better face the world

knowing that when night falls

I can return to the magic

quietly slip into the silvery moonlight

and dream

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There are times

when I look into the mirror

somewhere way back in there

I can see the faces

of my friends and me

perhaps they’re just faded memories

but the music sounds so clear

the laughter close and dear


The years may have flown

had I but known

that they’d pass by so quickly

with ups and downs

like on a wild roller coaster

I would have stopped

to treasure them more

but they just whizzed by

16, 20, 30 and more


The pictures remain

and they are stored in my mind

when I look at old photographs

it seems that the action

going on there

could begin again

if only there was magic in the air

and I could return to yesterday

for must a moment more


The road I’ve traveled

has had it’s twists and curves

surprises round many a bend

but I wouldn’t have it any other way

for then the friends I now treasure

wouldn’t be mine

and you and I my friend

wouldn’t be in this together


So throughout time

and all the tears and fears

all the years that have rolled along

bringing the silver threads

and golden memories

were worth it my friend

and I must say

let’s meet once more

and step into yesterday

relive the joys

hug and say, “I love you”

before the closing of our day

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The Loneliness of the Night

Sid Laptop 019

The sun set flaming orange in the sky

leaving bright streaks

that mingled with the purple twilight

and then the black of night came

creeping in

cold and dreary not a star up above

loneliness hanging as heavy as time


The minutes ticking by

ever so slowly

while I sit alone feeling

separated from the world

outside it was so dark

seemed as if there was nothing

but a black void

the world of spirits

that go flying about in the dark

if there ever was a creature

that felt so very small

I’d probably be a mouse


Eagerly awaiting the start

to a brand new day

to be able to say

Hey, maybe it’s not all so bad

I should be glad to look upon the sun

once more

and as the dark fades away

above a red sun pops up

to say good-morning

and head held high

I walked out the door

in the light of the rising sun

to be myself once more

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Galloping Horses


I wish that you and I

could ride madly

on galloping horses

that would just take us away

high up to a mountain top

with a view that would blow us away

perhaps looking over forests and meadows

or sprawling cities lying at our feet


Away on galloping horses

till we can’t catch our breath

riding like crazy

at the speed of light

along a churning sea

leaving hoof prints in the sand

kicking up the spray of the waves


Away on galloping horses

where time no longer matters

and we are free to be

in the wind and the sun

just you and me

as our galloping horses

keep on running

until we’ve had our fill


Then and only then

will we stop

where we like it best

let the horses roam about

shiny from streaked sweat

their breath misty in the air

nibbling at red clover

as we fall back into the grass

perhaps along a river

and then we’d laugh and laugh

from the sheer joy of it

and when the world seems

to be encroaching upon us


Off on galloping horses once more we’ll go

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Musical Notes

piano keyboards

Listening to my favorites

I imagined musical notes

like wisps of smoke

floating all about

filling the room

filling my soul

Musical notes

that made my heart beat

made me happy or sad

These musical notes

had a colorful hue

bright and shiny colors

I’d never seen before

as I closed my eyes

and just drifted away

Musical notes

taking away the drabness of the day

words filling my senses

and the door to my memory

opening in my mind

to let in these musical notes

let them in and make my afternoon

a golden one

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Life is like riding upon a carousel

Always seeking to catch

That golden ring

Riding about wondering

If tomorrow that ship will come in


Life is like a flowing river

Ever seeking to meet the sea

Ever seeking to find a way

Out of the gray and ordinary

Smiles few and far between


Life is like wanting to fly

Feeling captured in a cage

Looking to soar into the sky

Over the clouds

Perhaps take a magic carpet ride


Life is like music

The notes and tunes changing

Some are sad, some glad

Days when the good times are here

And days when we’re wondering

If we struck a wrong note


Life is full of color

Just have to mix it right

The dark with the bright

Exchanging smiles for frowns

Seeking a helping hand

When the world turns upside down

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