I Saw No Evil


I saw no evil in you

when you came to me

you captured my heart

right from the start

dazzled me with your style

made me step into your world

and leave mine behind


I saw no evil in you

when days came and went

with no call at all

long sleepless nights

wondering if you were thinking of me

wondering if you cared

and aching for you


I saw no evil in you

when you never replied

as I said I love you

when we danced

holding each other tight

I sighed but you seemed

miles away


I saw no evil in you

your sparkling eyes hypnotized

you spoke words

that dripped like the sweetest molasses

and your smile

was like the sun rising on a summer morning


I saw no evil in you

when you slowly broke my heart

not responding to my tears

my heart felt like a flower

that lies crushed beneath a thousand feet

your eyes now dull and unresponding

surely a glint so evil

how did I not notice before

surely you were the devil

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The Secret Suitor


He came like a secret suitor

unexpected and suddenly

he wasn’t dressed in a suit and tie

but he had a certain charm

and when he came

he swept me off my feet


He was the north wind

so majestic and powerful

blowing all about me

pushing me forward

with great big gusts

nearly carrying me

to the skies above


The north wind kept blowing

and I spread my arms

just like wings

and it seemed like my feet

were feather light

the north wind and I were dancing


We danced down the road

and when we got to my garden gate

I quickly stepped inside

and turned to make a bow

thank you for the dance

it was pure enchantment

and the north wind

swept off down the road

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The Poet and His Muse

me yellow rose

Like a bright, colorful butterfly

no one is as beautiful as you

once again I’m young and in love

and heady from your perfume


In your lovely face I gaze

completely mesmerized

and there like green emeralds

I see your eyes glitter and shine


Your rainbow arches over my sorrow

carrying all the colors in your hands

and I follow behind you

knowing you’ll take me to a better land


But my hands begin to tremble

I cannot reach out to you

for perhaps like a wonderful dream

like a butterfly that’s here and gone you’ll fly


That is why in my poetic thoughts

there is a touch of sorrow

because I am not your master, only a humble poet

standing before you and loving you my muse

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In the Garden of Love

Interesting Pics for Posting 042

A secret garden

lay hidden through the years

once entering through the arch

pushing the rambling bushes aside

it would seem that you were once here

thousands of years before

in just a moment of time

it seems like eternity has passed

time stands still

somewhere an unknown bird

seems to be calling your name

and you follow along

with the bird’s cheerful twittering

following and full of longing

as if thousands of years before

with the same brilliant smile

suddenly you stop in surprise

as you seem to hear

all of the colorful flowers

calling you back once more

the wind brings their perfume to you

making your head spin

memories of a lifetime of love

fond memories that bring smiles

holding up your hand

against the sun

golden rays come spilling through

golden rays of love and hope

and as you twirl about

it’s as if you’ve stepped back a thousand years

to a time when love was so real

here in the garden of love

you long to stray once more

and as you quietly close the garden door

a silvery tear falls

and you know that when

summer comes to this garden again

you’ll return once more

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Forest Harmony

Just Recently Taken 031

When the world crowds in

and the noise and turmoil

begin to tire me

then I seek shelter in the forest

where the dark green pines

greet me

their branches waving

in the soft wind

that blows through the winding paths

where others like me

have come to seek shelter

where my feet can walk

on a carpet of pine and leaves

and there is a hush all about

no sound at all

but for the chirp

of a bird high up above me

where I can laugh along

with a babbling brook

that makes it’s way

through the forest stillness

and my soul can mend

finding harmony

I know in the early mornings

I’ll be greeted

by the caps of mushrooms

that have sprung forth

in the magical silvery moonlight

of the night before

and as the sun’s rays

warm the moss

that covers the forest floor

there will be sweet and juicy

wild strawberries

I’ll store away to treasure

the songs of the wind and the birds

and the magical sounds

from the flutes

the wood nymphs play

I’ll delight in the designs

of silvery spider webs

still wet from morning dew

colorfully shimmering drops

glowing as the sun rays

come shining down

dark shadows play with sunlight

and the smell of pine is intoxicating

I feel as one with the bees on the buzz

happy to be part

of this forest’s harmony

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A Snowy Walk


City streets full of dirty snow

the cold north wind blows

but I know where to go

to see snow white and pure

the bare tree branches

outlined by powdery sugar

lanterns shimmer and glow

throwing golden light

on the newly fallen blanket of white

I love to take this wintry walk

in the park

away from the traffic

and the noise In the wintertime

the city looks

bleak and gray

and soon it seems

that I’m in a white world

alone as lacy snowflakes

softly fall

adorning my hat and shawl

a silvery white world

where I can walk and dream

where no one seems to rush

as the magic of the snowy paths

beckons to wander

ever farther into the park

all is quiet and still

the snow soft beneath my feet

somewhere a pale sun shines

the wind whispers

through tall pines

and tiny little sparrows

dance in the snow

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I Wish I Could


I wish I could fly

soar with the birds up above

able to see the wonders

from mountains high

oceans and seas so deep


I wish I could be like the sun

so warm and glowing

like a beacon from a lighthouse

shining far and wide


I wish I could be like a river

so wild and free

swiftly flowing

along with time


I wish I could be like a waterfall

tall and stately

standing bravely

then tumbling, tumbling down


I wish I could be like a star

shining in the black, velvet night

creating a sparkling path

along which spirits could dance in the dark


I wish I could be like the moon

a round, yellow orb

able to create a romantic glow

for lovers far down below


Sometimes I wish

I could be all these things and more

but I am just me

and perhaps that’s how it’s meant to be

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